Darren Rowse and Glenn Murray’s The Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers: Review

Darren Rowse and Glenn Murray’s The Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers: Review

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Ebook: The Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers

About the creators: This premium ebook is available under the ProBlogger brand and was written by Darren Rowse and Glenn Murray.

Darren is the well-known founder of ProBlogger where he helps other bloggers learn how to earn from their blogs. He’s been blogging since 2002 and has since grown ProBlogger and his other site Digital Photography School into the go-to blogs for their respective audiences worldwide.

Glenn is a top-notch copywriter. He’s been providing copywriting services since 2002 and has worked with over 300 clients including leading brands like IBM, Toyota, Telstra, and Virgin. On his portfolio and blog Divine Write, Glenn helps both business executives and his fellow copywriters understand what the craft and business of copywriting is really all about.

Price: $29.99

Who It’s For: The Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers is for you if:

  • You’re looking for a formula to follow in writing blog posts

  • You’re building a personal brand via your blog

  • You’re trying to sell products through your blog or your clients’

  • You want to improve your blog writing skills

  • You want your writing to be both web- and reader-friendly

What’s Included: This 101-page ebook touches on the similarities and differences of copywriting and blogging but at the same time explains why basic copywriting rules apply to blog post writing. You get guidelines for writing, a checklist and a digital and printable scorecard, as well as a sample scored blog post with explanations on why it got its particular score. The authors also give tips on SEO best practices to make your post search engine-friendly.

The Best Part: I especially like the questionnaire for planning a post before writing it. It helps you get clarity on the purpose of your post — what you want readers to do after reading it — and helps you find the appropriate writing tone or style for your post and for your blog in general.

What Would Make It Even Better: It’s a great tool to follow when you want to ensure you write posts that hook readers’ interests and are found by search engines at the same time. But I’d like it better if it discussed writing blog post headlines in more detail, since headlines are the first thing readers see.

How It Changed My Life: This ebook helped me become more confident in writing blog posts and so I’ve made it a primary offering in my services list. Using the scorecard alone, I can ensure that I write high-quality posts. It’s taken the guesswork out of writing blog posts.

Our Recommendation: If you’re looking for a blueprint for making your blogging skills better and you want to write blog posts that will stir your readers to a certain type of action, then this ebook is for you. As Darren and Glenn say in the ebook, the rules they’ve outlined are not set in stone but are a great foundation to writing well.

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  • Pat W Coffey says:

    I read your review. I wanted to buy the book. When I went on the book’s site, it advertised for 14.99. Added to my cart, and the price was 29.99. Now, the price wasn’t the issue. It is the company you are supporting. The information must remain current. If the pricing changed, then the blog should be updated. I notice the ebook company stated the price would be until Jan. 1, but they did give a year. Correct dating is very important. I loved your review. I didn’t buy the book because of the company’s lack of clarity.

    • Hi Pat, thanks for letting us know. You’re right, the page is confusing and it looks like they forgot to remove the note about the sale from the book’s page. I’ve emailed Darren at ProBlogger to let him know about the discrepancy.

    • Just wanted to follow up on your comment, Pat — I spoke with Darren and he has fixed the page. Thanks for letting me know and helping solve the confusion!

      TWL Assistant Editor