Kristi Hines’ Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Course (Review)

Kristi Hines’ Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Course (Review)

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Course: Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Course

About the creator: Kristi Hines of has been providing marketing advice to businesses and professional bloggers since 2009. Her articles on different aspects of online marketing have been published on Social Media Examiner, Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Watch.

Kristi’s considered a bona fide blog and social media marketing expert: her more than 400 posts across the web have generated 300,000+ shares, and her social media profiles have almost 100,000 followers as of this writing.

Price: $197

Who It’s For: Anyone looking to get more exposure for their blog posts and other online content will benefit.

What It Will Help You Do: If you’re wondering why your blog posts or other types of content aren’t getting the attention you were expecting, you’re probably falling short of marketing it. This course will teach you strategies to better share your work and get more eyeballs on your content.

What’s Included: In this course, you’ll learn how to effectively promote your content using resources like social media, email lists, promotion and curation networks, Q&A sites and forums, and many more. Each module provides step-by-step instructions and supporting screen caps explaining how to best use a resource. Here are the details:

  • Prereq: Create Promotable Content. This module is essential because, as Kristi puts it, “Before you can promote content, you have to create great, promotable content.” The seven lessons in this module explain how best to do this.
  • Module 1: Influencer Marketing. Finding, connecting, and reaching out to influencers in your niche who can help you promote your content can be intimidating, but the tips here will help make it easier.
  • Module 2: Email Marketing. I discovered email marketing is not limited to sending messages to your list of subscribers. This module explains other ways to use email to connect with more people.
  • Module 3: Promotional Networks. Here you’ll be introduced to four communities of people who want to promote great content. In these communities, you’ll be able to market your own work — and help share other bloggers’ content as well.
  • Module 4: Social Media Marketing. This is a course in itself — this module contains five smaller modules showing the best ways to use the top social media sites to promote your content. Is your favorite social media channel not listed? Suggest it in this module’s survey and it may be added in a future update.
  • Module 5: Social Bookmarking. This module will teach you the secrets of leveraging social bookmarking sites to draw traffic back to your post.
  • Module 6: Curation Networks. Here you’ll learn about three online tools that help you collect and share valuable information from other bloggers in your niche. By sharing these posts, you help your readers and followers learn more — and build your authority at the same time. And the best part is, all of these tools are free!
  • Module 7: Q&A Networks. This module explains how to develop your profile in Yahoo Answers, Quora and Klout Questions. Developing your profile is about more than just filling in your personal details — it’s all about how helpful you and your answers can be.
  • Module 8: Forums. Promoting your content in a straightforward manner in forums is often a violation of the membership site’s guidelines. But in this module, you’ll find creative ways to share your work while helping other forum members.
  • Module 9: Competitive Research. You’ll learn about three tools that help you find more people interested in sharing the content you’ve created.
  • Module 10: Google Alerts. Do you use Google Alerts? This module explains how to use them to find more sharing opportunities for your content.
  • Module 11: Blog Commenting. Kristi explains blog commenting strategies, focusing particularly on CommentLuv and Livefyre.
  • Module 12: Blogger Outreach. This module explains how to find opportunities to connect with other bloggers and have them link to or share your post.
  • Module 13: Guest Blogging. Here you’ll learn about the two best spots to promote your content within your guest post.
  • Module 14: Content Repurposing. Your old content doesn’t have to collect dust in your site’s archives! In this module, you’ll learn three ways to repurpose old content — and these ideas go beyond just turning your old posts into ebooks.
  • Module 15: Paid Syndication. If you’re willing to shell out some cash to push your content to bigger networks like CNN and the New York Times, this module will show you the ropes.
  • Module 16: Cheap Tricks. Buying traffic, social engagement and comments is not a new strategy in online marketing. While Kristi doesn’t recommend these practices, she explains them in this module so you’ll be aware that these shady practices exist.
  • Graduation: Track Your Results. To make sure all your efforts are paying off, it’s best to track all the engagement on your content. Here, Kristi explains how to use Google Analytics and four other tools to see your results.

The Best Parts:

Kristi’s personal support: Though she’s busy, Kristi takes the time to connect with you and answer your questions. I have yet to take the free blog review she offers as part of the course, but just getting responses from her has made the concepts easier to understand and implement.

The free prerequisite course: Writing online has its own nuts and bolts. In this prerequisite mini-course on content creation, Kristi walks you through what it takes to write likable and shareable blog posts. This content helps you write great posts and other content, and sets you up for success once you start promoting it.

The sample outreach messages: These are messages Kristi used to pitch guest posts and ask influencers to share her content to their networks. I use these as templates for my own outreach messages and it makes my writing faster – so I can finish more work in less time.

The list of over 550 blogs: This list includes blogs spanning a wide variety of topics and niches cuts my research time making finding blogs to connect with easier.

What Would Make It Even Better: I enjoyed the course as it is, since I learn best by reading, but other participants have asked for videos or audio files for faster consumption of the course materials. I think eventually this could be added to support people who learn best by watching or listening, but even without it, the written course is immensely helpful.

How It Changed My Life: Kristi’s course taught me that I not only have to write high-quality content, I have to work to get it in front of those who need it. If not, I’m doing a disservice to those readers. I apply the strategies I learned in this course both in my personal posts and in those I write for clients. This added service makes my clients happier because they get better results from the content I created for them.

Our Recommendation: If you want more people to read your posts, you’ll find this training invaluable. You’ll want to go back to it again and again – so it’s a good thing you’ll have lifetime access to the course, including any future updates or new content.

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