Sophie Lizard’s The Freelance Blogger’s Client Hunting Masterclass: Review

Sophie Lizard’s The Freelance Blogger’s Client Hunting Masterclass: Review

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Course: The Freelance Blogger’s Client Hunting Masterclass

About the creator: Sophie Lizard is a freelance writer, editor, and content marketing specialist who shows bloggers how to make money through her site, Be a Freelance Blogger. She also mentors bloggers one-on-one and in small groups.

Price: Sophie limits the number of students that can take the 8-week guided training courses to give students the individualized attention they need to succeed. The next available guided training starts on May 9th, 2014. The self-guided option may be chosen at any time. Here are the 3 options Sophie offers:

Self-Guided Client Hunting Masterclass: $98

You get instant access to all eight lesson videos and a downloadable copy of The Freelance Blogger’s Client Hunting Handbook to walk you through them. You don’t get access to the full library of bonus resources or direct one-to-one support from Sophie, but you will be invited to the students-only forum to discuss the lessons and get your questions answered.

Entry Level Client Hunting Masterclass: $197

You get instant, lifetime access to the Client Hunting Masterclass lesson videos, resources and online group meetings, with personalized support via the students-only forum during and after your training. You’ll be emailed a lesson reminder every week for eight weeks, and Sophie will answer all your questions so you never feel stuck or confused about how to apply this training in real life.

Kick-Ass Client Hunting Masterclass: $397

You get everything from the Entry Level Masterclass, plus:

  • a 60 minute one-to-one mentoring session with Sophie

  • an in-depth review of your business website and online portfolio to boost their impact

  • a copy of The Freelance Blogger’s Client Hunting Handbook

  • a direct line to Sophie’s brain — email her any time for private advice

Who It’s For: This course is great for writers who love blogging and want expert tips and advice on how to blog better, stronger and faster. While you aren’t sure how to best approach potential clients, you want to maximize your efforts and you’re committed to spending at least 20 hours on this course in order to find higher-paying clients.

What It Will Help You Do: This class will help you get results. So many training courses are designed to help you learn the information intellectually, but don’t show you how to put it into practice. Sophie makes you take action throughout every step of the course so you can earn what you truly deserve within three months of completing the course — often even sooner!

What’s Included: The course contains exclusive video tutorials, downloadable resources, real-life examples and expert tips from Sophie and other successful freelance writers. These experts include:

  • Blogger and copywriter Francesca Nicasio of Credible Copywriting

  • Blogger and entrepreneur Tom Ewer of Leaving Work Behind

  • Blogger and social media consultant Alexis Grant of

  • Expert in the Art of Influence Gary Korisko of Reboot Authentic

  • Web content writer Sarah Russell of Write Your Revolution

Here’s a lesson-by-lesson breakdown of what you’ll be doing:

Week 1: How to Put Your Freelancing “Tent” Up

  • Impress potential clients with your website or online portfolio

  • Look professional even if you don’t have any paid blogging samples

  • Bonus resources: Simple checklists of what to include and how to show it off

Week 2: How to Know Where to Find Job Ads

  • Avoid wasting time: find out which job boards and freelance markets are worth checking

  • Learn how to spot a loser client and avoid getting ripped off

  • Bonus resources: Examples and ready-written templates for writing a winning application

Week 3: How to Make the Most of Social Media

  • Hunt out new clients on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks

  • Create strong social media profiles that attract clients to hire you

  • Bonus resource: Join the free private forum for Client Hunting students and alumni!

Week 4: How to Know What to Say to Potential Clients

  • Write queries, pitches and letters of introduction that get you noticed

  • Learn to describe your blogging service in a way that sells itself

  • Bonus resources: A free ebook on simple sales strategy, plus email templates you can copy for awesome queries

Week 5: How to Make Your Client Hunt Work

At this point, you’ve got everything you need for a successful and lucrative client hunt. Now we use what you’ve learned and start firing off some messages to the potential clients you’ve discovered so far.

Week 6: How to Hunt Down Hidden Gigs

  • Learn how to identify your ideal clients and find them online

  • Figure out what they need and how to approach them

  • Bonus resources: Step-by-step guides to analyzing potential clients and turning one-off posts into regular assignments

Week 7: How to Know What You’re Worth

  • Figure out exactly how much to charge for your freelance blogging services

  • Learn how to calculate your rates for different types of projects

  • Bonus resource: The Be a Freelance Blogger Rate Guide, an exclusive report on market rates for blogging services

Week 8: How to Be the Bait

  • Build a solid reputation that brings clients to your door

  • Attract your ideal clients to your website or blog

  • Live event: Client Hunting Masterclass “graduation” meeting online for all students

The Best Part: The best part of Sophie’s course is the templates she provides. Sophie takes out all the guesswork and gets you focused on implementing each step with clear-cut directions. You are never left feeling confused. Plus, Sophie makes herself available to answer any questions you may have at any time.

What Would Make It Even Better: There is honestly nothing I can say that Sophie could add to make this course any better. My honest opinion is that she could charge more for her course than she does. I have taken many other writing and blogging courses and none have had the depth and quality this course has. If you do the steps, you will get immediate results.

How It Changed My Life: I use the material Sophie provides in the Client Hunting Masterclass as part of the training freelance writers receive in the Freelance Writers Academy membership community. I consistently hear from members how Sophie’s course gave them the confidence to approach potential clients and know what to say. Those who have taken the course are no longer intimidated by the process and have been able to land successful freelance writing gigs and guest posting opportunities on major websites with ease.

Our Recommendation: Sophie’s Client Hunting Masterclass should be required training for every freelance writer. If you are a new writer who wants to be serious about your career, then I highly recommend you take this course. Take action and earn what you deserve!

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  • A very robust review… !

    I think I’ll go check this out, (I am especially interested in week 3 ‘How to Make the Most of Social Media’).

    • Valerie says:

      Thanks Katherine! I am extremely passionate about Sophie’s course. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from writers that before taking herr course, they were spinning in circles not getting anywhere. Then after they finished her training, everything clicks and they start seeing massive results.

  • Neil Eldred says:

    A very helpful review Valerie. The breakdown of what’s included each week is a motivating factor in me considering taking the class. Thanks for all the details.

  • Lynn Silva says:

    How in the world do you put a price on something that builds confidence, completely removes fear, promotes motivation and is easy to follow in step by step form? It’s a win-win scenario.

    The templates alone save me time repeatedly.

    The 2 best decisions I’ve made in my freelance career are joining the Kingdom of Paidalot and taking Sophie Lizard’s Client Hunting Masterclass.

    I’m truly grateful and it pays off every single day.

  • Jane de Bat says:

    I’m new to blogging and I don’t know what direction I want to take. If I’m stumbling around trying to find my writing style, do I need more experience before I start a course? I appreciate any advice you have for me.
    Thank you!

    • Valerie says:

      Absolutely not! Being such a new blogger, it’s important that you hone your skills by taking courses that help you pursue your goals. Sophie’s course will help you immensely no matter if you are brand-spanking new to blogging or a blogging experienced blogging veteran..

      My advice would be to enroll in her course immediately. I would also suggest you join the Kingdom of Paidalot if you can afford it (to find it click on the link in my bio). Sophie and I, along with a few other well-respected successful freelance writers, provide an immense training ground of knowledge and support for writers just like yourself.

      • Jane, there’s guidance on finding your voice and niche in the Client Hunting Masterclass but it focuses primarily on going out and getting paid for your blogging.

        If you don’t feel you’re ready for that yet, I run a training for beginners called “Get Started for Freelance Blogging Success” that covers setting up your business, choosing your niches, how to blog for clients and how to manage your business relationships. (To find out more about that training, click my name at the top of this comment.)

        And I second Valerie’s recommendation: the Kingdom of Paidalot is a great place to go for all the advice, support and infotainment you’ll ever need in your writing career. 😀

  • Adam Bailey says:

    Wow, great review Valerie! Yeah, I love the breakdown of what’s included; there’s so much I wasn’t aware of! I love the idea of having templates and that the class is over an 8 week period, but to be able to work one on one with the amazing Sophie, who is a personal blogging hero of mine, would be amazing. Thanks for comprehensive look at this masterclass.

  • Harish Desai says:

    The courses offered above are actually very valuable. But, they are very pricey for me at this juncture. I am not even earning enough in my full-time job to be able to afford them at one go. I work for a bpo in the night shift and am pursuing my writing dream as a side hustle. Can any of you suggest any books which I can read in lieu of taking these courses. The books will be affordable for me.

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