Young-ha Kim on Being an Artist, Right Now: TED Talks for Writers

Young-ha Kim on Being an Artist, Right Now: TED Talks for Writers

Looking for some writing inspiration? One fantastic source is, home of “Ideas Worth Spreading.” This series of posts features notable TED talks related to writing, storytelling and creativity. Enjoy!  

In this TED Talk, successful novelist Young-ha Kim addresses the concept of being an artist in today’s world. He explains that as adults, we invent all sorts of reasons why we can’t be artists — we’re too busy, we have a full-time job, we need to take care of the kids.

While we are born artists who began practicing art in childhood, Kim describes how we repressed that part of us as we grew up. He argues that we can all be artists, just by doing our art in whatever time and space we have.

Kim draws parallels between a child’s lies and storytelling, explaining that all writing is just connecting one sentence to the next: “Art is about going a little nuts and justifying the next sentence.” (Like this idea? Click to tweet it.)

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How do you incorporate art and writing into your life?

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