10 Resources for Anyone Who Wants a Career as a Writer

10 Resources for Anyone Who Wants a Career as a Writer

Career reinvention is a hot topic; who doesn’t want a career they actually enjoy?

But it’s never easy to transition to a new field. If you’re looking to start making a living off your writing skills, Nancy Collamer at My Lifestyle Career just ran a great post on resources for creating a second-act career as a writer.

She writes:

Traditional media outlets, like newspapers and magazines, have seen a drastic drop in advertising revenues. As a result, many organizations have been forced to cut staff. That means there are a lot of experienced journalists scrambling for jobs — and sadly, the remaining gigs often pay less than they once did.

So if your goal is to earn income as a freelancer working for traditional media outlets, you’ll likely find this a frustrating task.

But if you’re willing to explore other ways to monetize your writing – as an author, blogger, corporate writer or niche-publisher – you might find some very satisfying outlets for your writing talents. Learning how to prosper in this new world takes time, but if you’re willing to learn, I think you’ll discover some interesting opportunities.

This idea of being open to other avenues of revenue is KEY if you want to reinvent yourself as a writer. But Nancy doesn’t stop there. She offers 10 great resources for anyone looking to transition into a writing career. (And she includes The Write Life on the list!)

And let us know in the comments: Have you managed to create a career for yourself in writing?

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