Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners: Get Paid to Write

Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners: Get Paid to Write

When you’re a new freelance writer, it can be intimidating to read blog posts from writers further along in their careers. “How did she get her byline on that site?” you might wonder. Or “Wow — she’s making $5,000 per month just from writing assignments? I’ll never get there.”

Take a deep breath. You might not earn the big bucks right away, but you can definitely start landing decent-paying freelance writing jobs.

How? As you dip your toes into freelance waters, don’t limit yourself to certain kinds of work, like only writing blog posts or fan fiction. Instead, consider all your options for making money as a freelance writer before settling on the ones that best fit your skills and interests.

What are the best freelance writing jobs for beginners?

The short answer is “just about anything.” The long answer is, well, too long for a blog post — which is why we’ve compiled it into an ebook.

71 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer walks you through a ton of different options for earning an income as a writer, from writing blog posts and ebooks to drafting obituaries and restaurant menus.

Each entry includes a description of the skills you’ll need, a plan for getting started and links to more helpful resources. Plus, since we know you probably like real numbers as much as we do, we give you a sense for how much you might be able to earn for each writing gig.

As FundsforWriters editor C. Hope Clark said, this ebook “is a newbie’s dream, telling people who love to mesh words together how to start from scratch.”

When will you get paid to write?

Sound up your alley? Here’s where you can find more information about 71 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer. Happy writing!

What’s the most unusual way you’ve made money as a writer? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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  • Jon Hunter says:

    I want to become a blogger and hopefully get paid for this. I have had two articles put on websites by a fashion company but would love to do writing and get recognised for it. Can you advise me in any way. I am on Tumblr and WordPress under the name writer1710.

  • Robbin says:

    Which website has car freelancing jobs… anyone who knows let me know please.

  • Ananya Agarwal says:

    hii my Ananya Agarwal I have just completed my 12th with commerce as my main stream. As I am free these days so i was going through various websites so that i can search for some good jobs and i got your website. I want some good topic for me like for fashion,food,environment. So i will be highly obliged if I can get some content writing jobs related to these topics. Can you please help me out??

  • When there is anyone who can repair me with an organization which will handle a newbie article writer who didn’t offer an training, but contributes articles full-length books, very little children’s publications, analysis paperwork, as well as other types of composing that individuals have loved, i was asking yourself. I really need assistance getting posted and obtaining much more encounter beneath my belt to have my brand on the market is important to my and me profession like a novelist.

  • soumaiya says:

    I guess most of us are in the same boat on this site.
    I m a student of journalism from the writers bureau college of journalism based in the UK. all this time I have only been writing but never gathered enough wits to get anything published. any advice

    • Susan says:

      I am also with the Writers Bureau. I started off doing the small stuff with Tips, Readers Letters, Photo’s etc. Small money but usually got between £10-£50. I have had 22 published so far. Certainly small beginnings but can boost your confidence to do bigger things.

  • Val says:

    Hi there!any online writter job on matters of geography … Secondary school assignments ,research or articles?i am a secondary school teacher and interested in writting.any vacancy on that let me know.thanks

  • Victoria Macwan says:

    Warm greetings
    I am a B.Sc.,B.Ed. teacher in a Private School. I don’t have any experience of writing any content but I do share some of my and other known experiences to encourage the students in their lives.
    I am glad to find you online where I can start my career of a writer online.
    A big thank you
    God bless !

  • Bob Linaberry says:

    I want to write something I feel will help me and those in like situations. I am 60, in a nursing home, have multiple sclerosis. Want to write for those with a disability, stuck living in some type of in-patient situation, who want to comunicate with others in like maters.

    Any ideas?


    • Elisha says:

      I would think a blog for people to communicate back and forth would be right up your ally. I’m thinking about doing one on chronic illness and pain myself. I have fibromyalgia and some other issues. I want to help people through writing.

  • payal jain says:

    Hey m novice in this field…don’t know how to begin…is there any job to write sme inspirational n motivational sort of article … M still a college student so smethng like a part tym job like of writing an article a day or like that…if there please informe me…

  • Shannon Colouratuta Valeriana Aurora Nevaeh Faith Miri Marinella Buccieri Mogilevich Montana Harmon says:

    I was wondering if there is anyone who can fix me up with a company that will take on a rookie writer who didn’t have an education, but writes full length novels, little children’s books, research papers, and other forms of writing that people have enjoyed. I just need help getting published and getting more experience under my belt to get my name out there is important to me and my career as a novelist.

  • Kiara says:

    I want a job to do fiction writing and on the other hand I am a student in school . i want to help my parents .

  • Jeff says:

    Hi guys, another great resource as usual.
    I’m fairly new to the writing game but I’ve lots to say on a wide variety of topics.
    For now I’m just writing for my own site.

    I suppose what I want to know is, if I want to write a similar article to one I already have published on my own site how musch would I have to change it if I was writing a guest post for another blog?
    Could I copy my article word for word? As a guest post, that is..

  • iamamystery says:

    this is such a wonderful platform for the young writers to come up with their blooming ideas…!!!

  • I’m learning that you have to start low but competitive in the payment process and that’s a bit of a dance. Experiment within the areas or genre you’re working in or interested in most. It can take a while (I’m still learning) but you’ll eventually find trends in what works and what people will pay.

  • Victoria Primavera says:

    This is a great site! Thank you for all the great tips! I have no problem accepting all kinds of writing gigs, I’m pretty confident in my writing, what I feel needs more polish are the little details, such as format, fees, ins and outs of copywriting, content, and blogging for others, I want to especially write for a specific industry and without any other jobs to show them, except bring a past full time staffer, how do I go about it! My situation right now begs to be at home and I need the income. Any thoughts?

  • kate says:

    What about using Elance? One downside I see is you are precluded from working for that client for a period of time after taking an Elance job with them.

    • Ghorroj says:

      Again with the pay, and this time you have to compete with people who need much less to live on than you. Being paid a nickel a paragraph isn’t going to put food on the table for most people.

    • Deena says:

      With Elance and similar sites, you rarely get to write about what you really want to write about. You’re hired to write for a client/company, whatever their business is, their products, using their voice – not your own. And the pay usually sucks BIG TIME! A lot of work for a small amount of money.

      • Eva North says:

        Good afternoon, I was just perusing the comments here, I agree with the pay not being worthwhile enough to support a family, however, for complete newbies like myself, I’d be willing to do just about anything to get my foot in the door. If there is anyone who is willing to give a newbie a break into the writing world, I’d be greatly appreciative. Have a great night guys.

  • Judy says:

    Even with some of the more ‘structured’ sites for writers, getting paid can be tricky. Make sure you set up a system where you get at least 1/3 of the cost of the job up front.
    You and your client are building trust – neither one knows the other person and they are entering into a payment agreement and a relationship based on trust so don’t be afraid to ask to be paid (FAIRLY) for at least part of your work up front.

  • Shannon says:

    Hello, I am pretty novice at this. I’ve found the more I write the more I want it to be my job. Are there any opportunities to do Christian writing and maybe Christian fiction? I can write other things as well, just have many Christian writings stacked up.

  • brown says:

    I am very interested,…

  • Pimion says:

    Yeah, being a freelancer is not as simple as it seems. It’s a quite shaky but interesting road: you’re independent,choose the job you want, pick the employer you like. But you need to be careful when it gets to payment.

  • Elke, That’s a cool story. You never know where opportunities will come from.

  • Elke Feuer says:

    I pitched an idea to an airline magazine to get more local talent (to help out authors in my community) in the magazine. They offered me a writing job. I wasn’t looking to write articles just highlight a gap I saw in their magazine. I debated long and hard but it was the best decision I could’ve made.

    I got a byline in their magazine, and was offered jobs with other local magazines as a result. So freelance writing kind of dropped into my lap.

  • Hi will you please hook me up with commissioning editors?

    I am a budding freelance writer and a News Reporter, let me know if I could pitch ideas.


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