Leah Kalamakis’ Stress Less & Impress: Review

Leah Kalamakis’ Stress Less & Impress: Review

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Product Name: Stress Less & Impress

URL: http://www.stresslessandimpress.com

About the creator: Leah Kalamakis has an interesting story. Just a few years ago, she was in a corporate job that she says left her “bored, unmotivated and unfulfilled.”

Like many of us who have bravely built online businesses, Kalamakis hit a point when she realized she needed to make a change. She starting by teaching herself web design and online marketing. She picked up clients and served them on nights and weekends before jumping to full-time solopreneurship.

At the Freelance to Freedom Project, another one of her projects, Kalamakis says that within her first year of business, she tripled her income compared to her previous corporate gig.

Price: $247

Who It’s For: Stress Less & Impress is made for service-based solopreneurs who want to level-up their business. It will help you put an automated system in place, which makes it easier to manage your workflow on your own.

What It Will Help You Do: The course focuses on Kalamakis sharing the automation and systems secrets she learned in her first year in business. The goal of the course is to walk you through how to work with a client, from start to finish.

The course tackles two main tasks: How to get rid of those pesky back-and-forth emails, and how to keep clients happy so that they’ll refer you to others.

To accomplish that, Kalamakis helps you streamline your “hire me” form and calendar so you know everything about your potential client that you need before you schedule a discovery call. You’ll also work through welcome and goodbye packages, and see some examples of a few pretty awesome ones.

She even gets you thinking about how you can thank clients after you work together. That piece is one of the fine tuning-bits that encourages referrals.

What’s Included: Stress Less & Impress contains nine modules with videos from Kalamakis, and downloadable worksheets. There’s a comments section inside the course where you can converse with Kalamakis and other course participants.

You’ll also receive access to a private Facebook group for Stress Less & Impress course members, and there’s great sense of community there. The culture of the group is a really safe, fun place to share your wins and ask questions. The group members are happy to help others work through their sticking points.

The Best Part: The user interface of the course is lovely and streamlined. When you log in, you won’t feel too overwhelmed with a hectic color scheme or loads of information. You receive just enough, and it’s clean and organized.

I love the self-paced structure, as well. Because you have lifetime access, you’ll be able to log in as needed to rewatch a video or download a resource again. (I do this all the time!) Now that I’ve been through the course, it feels like having a library of resources at my fingertips. I like that.

What Would Make It Even Better: When I was first going through the course, I only noticed a few things that would have made it better for me. The biggest thing that I would have liked to see would be, what I’ll call, more scripts.

You will definitely get real examples, as I mentioned. However, the worksheets in each module mostly asked open-ended questions. While this method was helpful, I expected that I would see more concrete examples.

But it didn’t color my satisfaction of Stress Less & Impress. Once I adjusted my expectations, I still found the worksheets helpful.

How It Changed My Life: I took Stress Less & Impress earlier this year when I was transitioning from weekend hustle to full-time self-employment. Having Kalamakis and the course community behind me was absolutely invaluable.

I didn’t feel alone. I had a sense that I was interacting with my clients like a pro. It really helped give me a self-confidence boost and move my mindset from freelancer to business owner.

After the course, I noticed that potential clients interacted with my intake process in two ways. One group would ask how I designed the onboarding process and remark that they felt well cared for. (I guess I really am impressing them!)

Then there’s a much smaller, much rarer, group of clients who show resistance to it. I’ve only encountered these folks a few times. I had one person tell me that I “lost their business” because they didn’t want to fill out a hire form. I also had another person complete the form, but ask for a service I don’t offer.

I’ve realized it’s okay to know who my ideal client is, and let go of ones who don’t fit into that category. The person I want to work with is someone who needs the services I provide and isn’t afraid to help me use time and effort efficiently.

The process I learned from this course actually steered some potential clients toward someone else who was a better fit for them. That means more satisfaction for me, because I’m working with “right fit” people on projects that bring joy to my life and business!

Our Recommendation: You’ll get the most out of this course if you’re a service-based solopreneur or small business.

If you’re working with clients regularly and feel overwhelmed by too many emails and back-and-forth during the project, you’ll benefit from Stress Less & Impress. It totally changed the way I do business.

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Stress Less & Impress

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Stress Less & Impress

This online course will help you streamline your freelance process, manage your clients and spend less time in your inbox.


  • Hello Julienne,
    Stress Less and Impress seems to be a very lovely and useful book for writers. Having self confidence is really very necessary as a business owner and freelancer because if you do not trust yourself in the first place, you will always find it much difficult to get clients.

    Its good to know that this book helped you to boost your self confidence.

    I will check it out and will also recommend it to few friends whom i know might need it.