How Pinterest Can Turn Your Boring Writing Portfolio Into a Lead-Generating Machine

How Pinterest Can Turn Your Boring Writing Portfolio Into a Lead-Generating Machine

By now you’ve probably spruced up your LinkedIn profile, polished your personal website, and maximized your Twitter feed. But what about using Pinterest to highlight your writing talents and gain more work?

Becoming active on this explosively popular online bulletin board is a great way to break from the mold and highlight your accomplishments online. Because of Pinterest’s visual focus, it can be far more effective than a stuffy list, boring paragraph or dated profile. Even better, it allows you to link directly to all of your work on the web, which is especially helpful for us online writers.

Not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should build a Pinterest portfolio RIGHT NOW.

1. It will set you apart from the crowd

For a traditional portfolio, whether it’s paper or online, there are certain industry rules about what you should include and how it should look. But who wants to look like everyone else? By creating a Pinterest portfolio, you show you have the capacity to grab onto new trends and break the mold.

Depending on what types of clients you want to land, that uniqueness might be just what they’re looking for.

2. Direct links to your work are built into the platform

With a Pinterest portfolio, you’re not just telling people what you’ve done, you’re showing them.

On Pinterest, you can avoid the fluff and show people the real deal: your actual sweat and tears work of blogs, articles, and high profile guest posts. Showcasing your work on this visual platform can also drive traffic to your blog or employer’s website, an extra perk especially if you’re compensated for website traffic.

3. You can showcase your personality

Your clients don’t just want to hire your resume and accomplishments; they want to hire YOU.

You come loaded with a lot more than a list of blog posts and infographics. You are a whole person with hobbies, interests, and quirky habits. All of those things about you affect your work, and you should be proud of them.

With a Pinterest portfolio, you can highlight some of the aspects of your personality that make you uniquely you. A new client might find this as a way to connect with you, and we all know employers hire people they like.

4. It proves your social media fluency

In online writing especially, it’s critical that you have a proper understanding of social media. Being connected virtually and understanding how to market your work are highly attractive attributes to potential clients.

Building a Pinterest portfolio shows you are fluent in the social media language and on top of the the next trend for professional portfolios. Clients want online writers who understand their industry as a whole, and knowing social media is an important component of that.

5. It looks damn good

Have a look at Pinterest. It’s so easy to look good on this social network!

For example, take a peek at my Pinterest portfolio. You think I could look this good on LinkedIn? This visually-focused platform makes a portfolio board instantly appealing. Plus, there’s no coding, no formatting, nothing complicated to worry about — just pinning.

What do you think? Do you use Pinterest to showcase your writing? If so, share a link to your profile in the comments!

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