Self-Publishing Mistakes So Many New Authors Make

Self-Publishing Mistakes So Many New Authors Make

Self-publishing your book is no easy feat. Your hard work isn’t finished when you type “The End” — you still have to think about book design, marketing, and sales.

Then, if you want to write another book and self-publish it, the process starts all over again.


Chandler Bolt says he fought for every C-minus in English class. But he became a best-selling self-published author.

How? He studied. A lot.

And now, he’s teaching others how to successfully self-publish.

Our editor Lisa Rowan sat down (virtually) with Bolt to talk about the biggest mistakes he sees self-publishers making — and how this year’s summit can help you avoid those mistakes.

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If you attended last year’s free Self-Publishing Success Summit, you know how valuable this event is. This year, more than 40 speakers will share tips and advice for writing, marketing and publishing your first book.

In fact, you’ve probably heard of some of the writers and marketers who are presenting: Barbara Corcoran from ABC’s Shark Tank; Gretchen Rubin, author of best-seller The Happiness Project; and entrepreneurship expert and author Gary Vaynerchuk.

The summit begins Sunday, June 12, and since it’s both free and online, you don’t have to feel guilty about only attending talks that fit into your schedule.

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  • I want to thank Chandler Bolt for his generous offer! Unfortunately the sound is out on my computer. Luckily I have a netbook with mics for backup.

  • random person says:

    Monday is June 13.

  • Neil Larkins says:

    I signed up with Bolt about two years ago when he was first offering this. Can’t remember what it was that he did that turned me off, but I ended up cancelling. He’s a smart guy but not for everyone. Then again, who is?

  • Stephen Anderson says:

    This is the second time I have attempted to sign up for this training. Both times I read in multiple places that the ticket is FREE! However, when I hit the “sign-up/enter” link I am greeted with a charge for $97 ! Where did I miss the fine print about the “not free” entry fee ?? Wouldn’t be my first mistake if I did.

    • Lisa Rowan says:

      Hi Stephen,
      When you click on the link and input your name and email address for your “free ticket,” that’s all you have to do — you’ll get instructions for viewing all the presentations and interviews by email closer to the start of the summit. You only need to purchase the $97 package if you won’t be able to watch the presentations of your choice within the 72-hour window after they’ve been published each day. So you should be good to go for the free event – just check your spam messages in case a confirmation email got trapped.
      Thanks for reading!
      Lisa Rowan

  • Diane says:

    I have watched a few videos of Mr Chandler Bolt and am not really a supporter of the focus in his concept – “the long term earning potential of your books”. All his videos emphasize on that. With all my respect, writers write because they love to write, not because they expect their book to hold the reserves of BB&T. The “second type of people” who would rather skip the writing part but are all about the marketing part are not writers. They are simply not writers. Writers write because they want people to read their stories, or because they want to help, educate, teach people (depends on what the book is about). With having said that I don’t mean that marketing is not important. I mean that the message Mr Bolt sends is wrong to me – it should not be “hey, I will help you earn money”, “long-term, profitable product”… It should be “I will help you to make your book stand out”, “I will show you how to get your message to more and more people”. Because if I want to put a book out in the market, I’ll put something that I won’t be ashamed of after 2 or 3 or 10 years regardless of how many people would have read it or will read it.
    And the time of judging a book by it’s cover is long gone, because we have all had enough of wasting our money on poorly written books just because their cover looked nice.
    Wishing you all the best!

  • Susan Abraham says:

    I can’t wait to get into listening to the summit. I purchased the $97 so I can watch it at my leisure. Haven’t been able to watch anything this week so… I’VE BEEN BUSY LAUNCHING MY BOOK… Best seller on day 3… all with the help of Self-Publishing School… THANK YOU CHANDLER BOLT AND SPS Community. I’m on vacation next week and will jump into listening to all the summit speakers I missed! Yeah! I love this group!