Nora Dunn’s Working on the Road: The Unconventional Guide to Full-Time Freedom: Review

Nora Dunn’s Working on the Road: The Unconventional Guide to Full-Time Freedom: Review

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Guide: Working on the Road: The Unconventional Guide to Full-Time Freedom

About the creator: Nora Dunn is a travel blogger and freelance writer who’s been traveling full-time since 2006. She’s also a former financial planner, so she knows her stuff when it comes to money.

The guide is available under the Unconventional Guides brand created by Chris Guillebeau, a popular blogger and traveler who writes about living an unconventional life and builds products that help others do the same.

Price: The guide comes in three price points, depending how many extra tools you’d like.

  • $49 for the “Exit Ramp,” which includes the guide (what I review in this post) and its companion checklist
  • $79 for the “Escape Plan,” which includes the guide and the companion checklist, plus information on what to do with your stuff, how to manage and pay your bills, and the ups and downs of building a freelance business on the road
  • $147 for the “Road Warrior,” which includes everything in the Escape Plan, plus an interview with founder Jim Wang on blogging as a business, information on working on the road with a family and special considerations for property owners, and The Big Bad Guide to Insurance Coverage Abroad.

Who It’s For: Anyone interested in creating a location-independent career so they can work while traveling around the world.

What It Will Help You Do: This guide will show you how to make your location-independent dream a reality. Just a warning: Once you buy this book, you’ll have no excuse not to take your business on the road!

What’s Included: The main component of the guide is an ebook with eight chapters:

    1. Location-independent ways to work on the road: Location independent career options like blogging, freelancing, online tutoring and passive income businesses
    2. Non-location-independent ways to work on the road: Travel jobs like teaching English, working on boats and international working holidays
    3. The cost of living on the road: Travel budgets of three different full-time travelers and tips for determining your own budget
    4. The challenges of life (and work) on the road: How to balance your time between work and travel
    5. Embarking on the travel lifestyle: How to deal with documents, finances and visas
    6. Before getting down to your work on the road: How to quit your day job and properly file taxes
    7. Tools for the road (regardless of how you work): Hardware, software and gear that will help you run your business
    8. Tools and overhead costs for running a business on the road: The expenses you should expect

In addition to Nora’s wisdom, tips and insights from more than a dozen other digital nomads are sprinkled throughout the guide. More interviews, checklists and resources are available in the “Escape Plan” and “Road Warrior” packages, as well.

The Best Part: I enjoyed learning exactly how much money (down to the dollar) that three different travelers spent while traveling full-time for a year. Not only do I find it fascinating, as a location-independent worker and traveler myself — but I think it’s important for readers to see that long term travel is not as expensive as they might think it would be!

What Would Make It Even Better: Though I found the guide to be quite comprehensive, a chapter about the logistics of travel itself would be a nice addition. I realize the book’s focus is on working from the road — and not traveling itself — but my guess is that many readers would appreciate information about booking flights and hotels, getting vaccines, etc. It wouldn’t have to be a long chapter; just some basic tips and resources from Nora and her interviewees would probably prove really helpful.

How It Changed My Life: Like Nora, I’ve been traveling and working around the world since 2008 — and I now have a location-independent business that supports me. People often ask me how they can live like me, and I’m glad I now have a resource to point them to.

Our Recommendation: This guide walks you step-by-step through the logistics of creating your own location-independent lifestyle, and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a little more adventure in their life.

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  • Nancy Arensdorf says:

    Well, I’m not planning on traveling the world, just my own state. I’m wondering it this book would help me too.

    • The focus is on working while on the move and developing a location-independent business, so it likely won’t matter whether you’re traveling locally or worldwide. Best of luck!

      TWL Assistant Editor