10 Free Ebooks to Motivate and Inspire Your Writing Adventures

10 Free Ebooks to Motivate and Inspire Your Writing Adventures

I started putting together this list of free ebooks for writers for my blog and intended to share an epic list of 100 free resources. Impressive and exciting, right? Shareable? Sure.

But also — let’s be honest — kind of too overwhelming to be useful. And, admittedly, probably padded with some fluff, those ebooks about writing that everyone is always talking about and you’ve all heard of already.

Instead, I pared the list down to these 10 that I think you should really check out. They’re written and published by my friends and colleagues you ought to learn more about, and they offer unique advice to guide you through different parts of the writing journey.

Inspiration to Start Writing

1. Releasing the Words: Writers on Writing, by Rhonda Kronyk and friends

Authors and freelance writers share essays on how they tackle one of the scariest plights we face — writer’s block. (Look for my piece “Fear and the Divine Motivation to Write”!) Get it free in the DIY Writing Bookstore.

2. Your Guide to Calling it Quits, by Kelly Gurnett (a.k.a. “Cordelia”)

This guide from Kelly of Cordelia Calls it Quits is all about living intentionally — how to decide what to quit and tips to help you get started. Pick it up for the kick in the butt you need to live the life you want to live.

3. The Anti-Meh Manifesto, by Career Meh

This manifesto from the newly-launched Career Meh offers smart, actionable advice that gets results — for Millennials, by Millennials. Career Meh is “your cure for the common career” for go-getting young professionals.

Self-Publishing Tips and Tricks

4. After the Writing: A Short Guide on Navigating the Self-Publishing World, by Kylie Dunn

dinkylune founder Kylie Dunn wrote this ebook to share some hard-won advice on the self-publishing process — the details she wishes she had known before publishing her first ebook. Get advice on ebook formatting, conversion, distribution, and more.

5. Author 2.0 Blueprint, by Joanna Penn

No one knows better than The Creative Penn founder Joanna Penn what an exciting time this is to be an author. But it can be hard to know where to begin if you’re just getting started. She created this blueprint to guide you with writing tips, how to self-publish, and how to market your self-published books.

6. The Weekend Book Marketing Makeover, by Duolit Self-Publishing Team

The ladies at Duolit understand that author-publishers are busy people with lives outside of writing. With the tips in this ebook, they’ll help you save time, build confidence, and have fun growing your fanbase in just 48 hours.

Freelancing Guides and Advice

7. 25 Types of Writing Gigs That Pay Well (and How to Find Them), by Francesca Nicasio

Freelance writer Francesca Nicasio wrote this guide to help you find out what you should do to land lucrative writing gigs and get paid what you deserve. If you’re not sure where to start, or you’re tired of getting paid peanuts for your writing, grab this free ebook to find out where the lucrative gigs are and how to get them.

8. LittleZotz Writing Adventures in Freelancing, by Lauren Tharp

Lauren Tharp of LittleZotz Writing offers two free ebooks for freelance writers: LittleZotz Writing Adventures in Freelancing answers the question, “How can I become a successful freelance writer?” and The Freelance Writer’s ABCs is a comprehensive guide with 26 timeless lessons for freelance writers.

9. How to Land Your First Paying Client, by The Write Life team

Read real-life examples from writers and bloggers who make a living working with clients to learn how they broke the seal and got that first paying client. (Including my first-client story!) [Editor’s note: thanks for including our ebook, Dana!]

10. ASK for Help. ASK for Referrals. ASK for Business., by Jennie Mustafa-Julock (a.k.a. Coach Jennie)

Want to grow a strong solo biz? You’re going to have to ask for it! Learn three powerful tactics to get clients and get money in your bank account, from Coach Jennie, The Audacity Coach.

Have you read any good, free books lately? Share them in the comments!

This post originally ran on DIY Writing. Photo by Mike Licht under Creative Commons.

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