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The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2019

by | Jan 14, 2019

Editor’s note: Looking for our most updated list of best writing websites? Here’s our list for 2021.

Endless definitions of “writer” exist in the world. And they’re only growing with the proliferation of blogging and digital publishing.

Whether you’re a novelist, journalist, Ph.D. candidate, entrepreneurial blogger, self-help guru writing a book or some combination of creativity at the intersection of multiple ambitions, you call yourself “a writer.” Whatever kind of writer you are, a blog or online community probably exists to help you succeed.

Each year, The Write Life celebrates these vast resources available by releasing a list of the 100 Best Websites for Writers, and we’re excited to do it for the sixth year in a row.

Curating our list of go-to writing websites

Thanks to your suggestions over the years, we’ve been able to curate hundreds of websites to bring you the best of the best. Many are tried-and-true favorites featured in our previous lists, and this year we’re thrilled to feature several newcomers you recommended, along with two new categories: writing tools and inspiration.

Each website featured in this list meets the following criteria:

  • It was recommended by readers of The Write Life. More than 400 of you nominated sites this year — thank you!
  • It publishes content helpful to writers.
  • It has been updated recently and regularly.

We’ve broken our 2019 list into 10 categories: freelancing, inspiration, writing tools, blogging, creativity and craft, editing, podcasts, marketing and platform building, writing communities and publishing. All sites are listed in alphabetical order within their categories, with numbers for ease of reading (not ranking).

And if you want to start your own website or blog, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to start a blog. Your website could be next on our list!

Here’s our list of best writing websites in 2019.

1. A Selfish Poet

For poets and creative writers seeking publication, writer Trish Hopkinson shares writing tips and no-fee calls for submissions. Articles from Hopkinson and guest bloggers will help you become a savvier submitter and keep you abreast of the latest opportunities for writing contests, journals and other publications that pay.

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2. Creative Revolt

At Creative Revolt, Jorden Roper is leading a revolution to help freelance writers and bloggers make serious money. Don’t miss her free class on how to make your first $1,000 freelance writing in 45 days.

Post you’ll like: How to Become a Freelance Writer with No Experience, Degree or Money

3. Elna Cain

Elna Cain has helped thousands of writers find their first freelance writing job and go on to make a living from writing. On her blog, she shares tips and strategies to help new freelance writers succeed.

Post you’ll like: How to Write an About Page as a Brand New Freelance Writer

4. Freelance to Freedom

You love to write. But to be a successful freelancer, you need to work those business muscles. That’s where Freelance to Freedom comes in. Founder Leah Kalamakis offers articles, newsletters and a free Freelancer’s Toolkit to teach everything from client management to setting up your business website.

Post you’ll like: How to Build a Side Hustle While Still Working a Full-Time Job

5. Freelance to Win

At Freelance to Win, Danny Margulies believes you should get to do work you actually enjoy doing — rather than just working for a paycheck and waiting for the weekend to arrive. Danny is an expert at landing gigs on Upwork, and his blog shares all the latest tips on how to use this platform for ultimate success.

Post you’ll like: Can Attitude Beat Skills in Freelancing?

6. Freelancer FAQs

You have questions, they have answers. Team members and guest contributors at Freelancer FAQs address all the things you’ve ever wanted to know about freelance life, including writing, marketing, running your business, money management and more.

Post you’ll like: How Can I Find Profitable Niches to Make More Money as a Freelancer?

7. FundsforWriters

Where other websites provide guidance on how to write, FundsforWriters offers direction on funding streams, focusing on markets, competitions, awards, grants, publishers, agents, and jobs. Her free weekly newsletter reaches more than 35,000 writers, and includes semi-pro or higher paying markets and contests as well as grants, crowdfunding, contests, publishers, agents and employers.

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8. LittleZotz Writing

Lauren Tharp has found a way to write as a freelancer full time and is dedicated to helping other writers do the same. In 2018, she opened the site up to guest submissions, so if you have knowledge to share about writing, you’ll want to send Lauren a pitch!

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9. Make a Living Writing

At Make a Living Writing, Carol Tice helps writers move up from low-paying markets and earn more from their work. Whether you’re a new writer, mid-career writer or just thinking about becoming a writer, her blog, ebooks and paid community offer solid advice, support and resources to grow in your career.

Post you’ll like: How to Become a Freelance Writer: The Ultimate Answer Sheet

10. Pen & Pro$per

You’re in the “write” place when you visit Pen & Pro$per where Jennifer Brown Bank shares more than 15 years of professional writing experience to help others reach financial success with their writing. The site is devoted to supporting and advancing its community along their creative journey.

Post you’ll like: How to Onboard New Clients (And Why You Should)

11. Sagan Morrow

Recommended by readers, romance novelist and business-book author Sagan Morrow teaches solopreneurs how to build businesses. Her articles offer practical tips and step-by-step guidance for anyone who wants to make a living as a writer.

Post you’ll love: Identifying Your Ideal Client: Step-by-Step Guide

12. The Freelancer’s Year

In 2016, Lindy Alexander took on the challenge of taking her freelance writing career full time. The Freelancer’s Year documents the lessons she’s learned and features interviews with seasoned freelancers.

Post you’ll like: Are You Ready to Become a Full-Time Freelance Writer?

13. Goins, Writer

Best-selling author of five books, Jeff Goins believes you don’t have to starve to share your best work. He created his site to inspire others to awaken to their creative gifts and develop their true voices. Through his blog posts, podcasts and newsletters you’ll get an inside peek into the life of a successful creative professional, as well as practical advice for pursuing your own art.

Post you’ll like: Why the Story of the Starving Artist Needs to Die

14. Positive Writer

Bryan Hutchinson overcame writer’s doubt, and he knows you can too. In the pursuit of creating work that matters, all writers get stuck from time to time. Positive Writer offers motivating blog posts to help you move beyond writing paralysis and finish the work you set out to create.

Post you’ll like: Keep Writing Even When You Absolutely Hate It

15. The Write Practice

Here’s a little secret about writing: It takes practice! At The Write Practice, Joe Bunting and his team help you develop your writing rhythm and grow into your voice and identity as a writer through prompts, exercises and more.

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16. Write or Die

Writers can’t do it alone! Community is everything over at Write or Die. Wallace’s blog documents the writing lessons she’s learned and offers practical guides and tools for upgrading your own writing.

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17. Writers Helping Writers

Authors Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi are dedicated to empowering writers everywhere. Their books and blog posts focus on helping writers, editors and teachers become better storytellers.

Post you’ll like: Beginnings and Backstory

18. Duotrope

This resource for writers helps you find agents and publishers for your work. Browse up-to-date market listings, track your submissions and deadlines, and get valuable insight into the publications you’re pitching. Duotrope costs $5 per month or $50 per year, and you’ll start with a seven-day free trial. Users say the cost is worth it.

“You get pretty amazing statistics,” literary magazine editor Jerrod Schwarz told The Penny Hoarder, “that are as specific as percentage of people they publish, percentage of people they reject, how many people they publish per issue. Sometimes contact information.”

Try out the tool here

19. Journalist’s Resource

Run by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center, Journalist’s Resource offers write-ups on the latest scholarly studies, reports and data. This is a great place to find reliable research as well as inspiration for your next freelance article.

Browse the latest research here

20. One Stop for WritersIt’s here! Did your favorite site make The Write Life’s list of best writing websites?

One Stop for Writers by Writers Helping Writers is a “storehouse of creative information.” Grab free resources to help you write and plan your story or upgrade to to one of their subscription offerings for even more support.

Browse the resources here

21. ProWritingAid

Tons of our readers recommended this site last year! ProWritingAid offers manuscript editing software to help you analyze and self-edit your writing. You can sign up with an email address to use the free tool to analyze 500 words of text for style, grammar, overused words, readability and more. You can pay for a membership to get desktop software and eliminate the word-count limit.

Try the editing tool here

22. Where to Pitch

Created by freelance writer Susan Shain, this awesome resource helps you decide where to pitch your articles, based on a topic or publication. The free Where to Pitch newsletter offers monthly freelance writing tips and resources.

Try out the tool here

23. Who Pays Writers?

“Who Pays Writers?” is a crowd-sourced list of publications that pay freelance writers and how much they pay. Just search for a publication in the tool, and you’ll see an average pay per word, a list of assignment descriptions and how long writers waited to be paid.

Try out the tool here

24. Writers Boon

A one-stop destination for everything a writer needs, Writers Boon is a book publishing and marketing directory where you can connect with other authors, publishing and marketing experts and resources for authors. Membership is $89/year, but you can follow the Writers Boon Blog for ongoing free advice and news.

Sign up here

25. Be a Better Blogger

Blogger Kevin Duncan created Be a Better Blogger in 2014 to help you — you guessed it — become a better blogger. His articles show bloggers how to get better engagement, increase traffic and choose the best tools to run your blog.

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26. Be a Freelance Blogger

Sophie Lizard and her team at Be a Freelance Blogger shows you how to increase your income, build an expert reputation, and regain your freedom by blogging for hire. Through her blog posts, job board and Facebook group, you’ll increase your blogging income and become an expert in your niche.

Post you’ll like: 6 Get-It-Done Tips for a Fairytale Freelance Blogging Career

27. Copyblogger

Since 2006, Copyblogger has been teaching people how to create killer online content. They’ve been around the block a time or two! Take your content marketing and copywriting skills to the next level with Copyblogger’s free membership, including an online-marketing e-course, free ebooks, forums and more. It’s a leading resource for professional blogging and digital marketing.

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28. Craft Your Content

This editorial agency founded by Elisa Doucette offers proofreading, editing and coaching services for entrepreneurial writers. Its free email course and articles motivate and educate writers to create better content.

The Write Life readers say, “Elisa and Craft Your Content are one of the best kept secrets on the internet.”

Post you’ll like: Responding to Edits as a Professional Writer

29. How to Blog a Book

In 2010, author Nina Amir developed the challenge to “write a blog post a day and a book a year” by blogging your nonfiction book from beginning to end. Now her site shares tips for blogging in general, including “booking blogs” — repurposing your blog content into books.

Post you’ll like: How to Become a Prolific Author by Blogging Books

30. ProBlogger

Founder Darren Rowse and the ProBlogger team bring you the latest news and tips to build a better blog. This site, which has been around since 2004 (!), offers extensive resources on how to monetize your blog, as well as a robust job board constantly updated with new blogging opportunities.

Post you’ll like: 3 Ways to Give Your Readers a Fresh Take on a Well-Worn Idea

31. See Jane Write

A website and community for women who write, See Jane Write, founder Javacia Harris Bowser seeks to empower women to be “authors of their own lives” and “live a life worth writing about.” Consistently recommended by many of our readers, See Jane Write is a great place for women who want to dive into the worlds of writing, blogging and entrepreneurship.

Post you’ll like: Rediscovering the Joy of Blogging

32. The Blogsmith

Sales and marketing pro Maddy Osman shares SEO writing advice and content marketing expertise to help writers get more eyeballs on their sites.

The Write Life readers say, “I always go to The Blogsmith when I need the most up to date information on industry changes that impacts writers.”

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33. Aliventures

Master the art, craft and business of writing with Ali Luke. Her blog provides practical and motivational advice on writing books, blogging and building a business around your writing. Check out her Writer’s Huddle Self-Study Packs to learn more about time management, self-publishing, freelancing and more.

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34. Almost an Author

Almost an Author offers a deep archive of useful content focused on helping writers at any level. Blog posts, interviews and resources help writers learn the craft and launch their careers.

Post you’ll like: Microblogging for Authors and Writers

35. Ann Kroeker

Ann Kroeker, an author and writing coach, helps established and emerging writers be more curious, creative and productive so they can overcome hurdles and reach their writing goals.Her website is home to numerous blog posts, podcasts and resources for writers.

Podcast episode you’ll like: 4 Simple Ways to Put Your Own Writing First

36. Bang2Write

Calling all screenwriters (and novelists)! Bang2Write is for you. This site offers tons of advice on how to develop great stories and pitch your scripts, along with best practices for writing research.

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37. C.S. Lakin’s Live Write Thrive

Novelist, copyeditor and writing coach C.S. Lakin loves writing, teaching and helping writers. At Live Write Thrive, she writes about proper scene structure, character development, editing and crafting a fantastic story.

Post you’ll like: How Writers Can Spot Those Pesky Flaws in Their Fiction


According to the folks at DIY MFA, the typical MFA (Master of Fine Arts) boils down to one simple formula: Writing + Reading + Community. And you can do that yourself, accessing the benefits of a Master of Fine Arts degree without having to go the traditional (expensive) route.

Post you’ll like: Using Fiction Writing Techniques to Enhance Your Creative Nonfiction

39. Elizabeth Spann Craig

Mystery author Elizabeth Spann Craig blogs about all things relevant to a writer’s life, including public speaking, productivity, gaining visibility and connecting with the wider author community. Her weekly “Twitterific” roundup of writing articles is a reader favorite.

Post you’ll like: Pushing Ourselves in 2019

40. Eva Deverell

Eva Deverell offers tons of resources for readers, writers, poets and people who just love learning. With worksheets, blog posts, writing prompts and ebooks, this site offers practical ways to deepen your craft. Don’t forget to grab your free novel outline!

Post you’ll like: How to Write Fast

41. Fiction University

There’s no “right” way to write. So instead of giving advice on what writers should do, Janice Hardy explains how to make industry rules work for you. Take your writing to the next level with new articles and guest columns published regularly on Fiction University. You’ll gain valuable insight into the book-writing and publishing process.

Post you’ll like: An Easy Tip for Tightening Your Novel’s Plot

42. How to Write a Book Now

Author Glen C. Strathy shares tips on everything about the writing and book publishing process, from where to start, to story model analysis, to creating compelling characters. At How to Write a Book Now, readers can also submit their questions about writing.

Post you’ll like: Plotters vs. Pantsers: How to Make Sure Writer’s Block Doesn’t Kill Your Dream

43. Inky Girl

Inky Girl is the place for children’s book writers and illustrators. Debbie Ridpath Ohi shares original comics, interviews with industry experts, and advice on telling unique stories.

Post you’ll like: My Biggest Piece of Creativity Advice for Writers & Illustrators (All Ages): Make Time to PLAY

44. Lauren Carter

A writer and creativity coach, Lauren Carter offers one-on-one coaching and online courses to help writers focus and build a writing practice. Her blog posts turn life lessons into writing inspiration and motivation.

Post you’ll like: Doubt

45. Nicole Bianchi

Writer, editor and web designer Nicole Bianchi shares practical and personal advice about writing, copywriting, and marketing strategies Her tips help writers boost their productivity, improve their writing skills and build their online presence.

Post You’ll Like: Use this Strategy to Craft Captivating Blog Post Introductions

46. PsychWriter

Pyschology and writing have a lot in common. Over at PsychWriter, Tamar Sloan explores the intersection of psychology and writing, specifically as it pertains to character development and reader engagement. This blog covers the art of making your characters and story believable.

Post you’ll like: 5 Free Motivational Posters for Writers

47. Re:Fiction

Re:Fiction believes the great writers of tomorrow are out there even now, honing their skills and polishing their yet untold stories. This online magazine, filled with useful resources, is devoted to helping fiction writers thrive.

Post you’ll like: How to Start Writing When You’re Stuck

48. The Craft of Writing

Creative writer Anne Skyvington blogs on the craft of writing and her life as a writer in Sydney, Australia. Her articles distill the research she does for her own creative writing and explore the fundamentals of writing and publishing.

Post you’ll love: To Plot or Not to Plot?

49. Tweetspeak Poetry

The team behind Tweetspeak Poetry are committed to helping people become who they really are. Here, readers and writers alike can indulge in beautiful poetry, writing workshops, book clubs and more. This is also a great place to find resources for teaching poetry.

Post you’ll like: What Hemingway Can Teach You About Professional Loneliness

50. Write to Done

Write to Done is all about learning to write better. Founder and chief editor Mary Jaksch brings the age-old advice to keep writing to a whole new level, noting that it’s not practice that makes you a better writer — it’s practice directed in a positive way.

The Write Life readers say, “It’s practical and covers all topics.”

Post you’ll like: How to Create an Easy Habit of Daily Writing Without Willpower

51. Writer Unboxed

Writer Unboxed is dedicated to publishing empowering, positive, and provocative ideas about the craft and business of fiction. Founded in 2006 by Kathleen Bolton and current editorial director Therese Walsh, the site featured many guest voices and is well known robust comment section, where the conversation further evolves with the input of community members.

Post you’ll like: The Different Types of Editing Explained

52. Writerology

At Writerology, Faye Kirwin combines her expertise in writing and psychology to help you hone your craft, understand people and write amazing stories. She believes that to write a spellbinding book, you need a handle on more than just storytelling technique. You need to understand something that saturates every part of the writing process: people.

Post you’ll like: How to Get Into ‘The Zone’ (When The Words Aren’t Flowing)

53. Writers Write

The motto at Writers Write is ‘Write to communicate.’ This site offers a vast archive of informational and inspirational articles on creative writing, blogging and business writing.

Post you’ll like: 7 Really Good Reasons to Write a Memoir

It’s here! Did your favorite site make The Write Life’s list of best writing websites?

54. Grammar Girl

The English language can be quite a mystery. Grammar Girl is the go-to guide for all things “grammar, punctuation, usage and fun developments in the English language.” She has a popular podcast, too.

Post you’ll like: How ‘Trolloping’ Became a Word

55. Kathy Steinemann

If anyone loves words, it’s author Kathy Steinemann. On her blog, she shares master lists of adjectives and offers tips for avoiding overused words and being more descriptive and original in your writing.  

Post you’ll like: 600+ Ways to Describe Breath & Breathing: A Word List for Writers

56. Scribendi

Scribendi is focused on the art of editing and proofreading. Their resources for writers cover everything from grammar to finding inspiration to the mechanics of writing.

Post you’ll like: How to Use Social Media to Improve Your English

57. Writership

Allow your writing to shine. The Writership “Captain’s Blog” is run by a team of editors with Executive Editor Leslie Watts at the helm. Through the blog and podcast of the same name, they offer self-editing tips for fiction writers.

Post you’ll like: Figuring Out Why Your Scene Doesn’t Work: Scene Values

58. Create If Writing

Want to build an online platform without feeling smarmy? That’s where the Create If Writing podcast comes in. Host Kirsten Oliphant shares tips and tools on how to build an authentic platform for your creative brand.

Episode you’ll like: How to Brand Your Writing Voice

59. Self Publishing Formula

Featuring interviews with million-selling indie authors, breakout stars from traditional publishing, industry insiders and tech geniuses, author Mark Dawson and James Blatch hosts this weekly podcast. Listen for tips on writing, publishing, marketing and more.

Episode you’ll like: Hitting the Right Notes With Non-Fiction

60. Story Grid

On the Story Grid podcast, author Shawn Coyne and “struggling” writer Tim Grahl discuss the ins and outs of what makes a story great. There’s a blueprint for great novels — and these co-hosts seek to crack the code.

Episode you’ll like: How to Spreadsheet Your Novel

61. Writing Class Radio

It’s all about stories on Writing Class Radio. Writing Class Radio is for people who love stories, who get inspired by hearing other people tell their stories and who wants to learn a little bit about how to write their own stories.

Episode you’ll like: From Writing Prompt to Published Story

62. Writing Excuses

Writing Excuses is a fast-paced, educational podcast for writers, by writers. With weekly episodes, usually less than 20 minutes long, get quick tips and advice from experts who want to help you write better.

Episode you’ll like: What Writers Get Wrong

63. Bakerview Consulting

Helping authors, one at at a time. That’s consultant and book blogger Barb Drozdowich’s motto! On her blog, she tutors authors in the technology they need to build a platform through social media.

Post you’ll like: The Perfect Guide for Effective Social Media Automation

64. Enchanting Marketing

Want to become a more confident business writer? You’re in the right place. In 2012, writer Henneke left the corporate world and grew a freelance copywriting business. Don’t miss her free 16-part writing course!

Post you’ll like: How to Start (and Finish) Your Dream Writing Project: 5 Battle-Tested Tips

65. Kikolani

If it’s something the modern day entrepreneur might need to know, chances are, it’s on the popular Kikolani blog. Best of all? You can contribute!

Post you’ll like: What is a Blog?

66. Shelley Hitz

Everyone has a message. At least that’s what Shelley Hitz believes, and she’s on a mission to help you reach your target audience and build your author platform. With her blog posts, podcast and Author Audience Academy, you’ll find tons of content on book writing, publishing and marketing.

Post you’ll like: Is Your Book Launch the End or Just the Beginning?

67. Terribleminds

New York Times–bestselling author Chuck Wendig shares writing craft tips, inspiration, motivation, and just plain rambling entertainment for readers and writers at his popular blog.

The Write Life readers say, “Chuck Wendig is the perfect blend of write-craft mastery and rabid fruitbat.”

Post you’ll love: 25 Reasons to Keep Making Stuff

68. The Creative Penn

Bestselling author, publisher, speaker, entrepreneur. Joanna Penn wears many hats! Her site, The Creative Penn, offers information and inspiration on writing, self-publishing, book marketing and how to make a living with your writing through articles, podcast episodes, video, books and courses.

Post you’ll like: Trends for Authors and Creative Goal Setting

69. A Writer’s Path

Author Ryan Lanz started this writing community to help authors find book reviewers and publishing services, and offer free resources, critiques and coaching. For $1 a month, you’ll get access, plus exclusive discounts on services and other freebies.

Join the Writer’s Path community

70. Alessandra Torre Ink

Writers touted this community by New York Times-bestselling author Alessandra Torre. She teaches courses in writing and publishing and offers a space for you to connect with more than 6,000 fellow novelists.

Join the community of Alessandra Torre Inkers

71. Chronicles

Chronicles is a thriving community and forum for science fiction and fantasy writers. Community members gather to discuss favorite books, authors and common themes in science fiction and fantasy writing.

Join the Chronicles community

72. Critique Circle

Want to get your work critiqued? You’re in the right place. Members of the Critique Circle community have given more than 600,000 critiques since the site’s founding. Getting critiqued isn’t always easy though, so be prepared for constructive feedback. As one member of The Write Life’s Facebook community suggests, “Get your armor on.”

Join the Critique Circle community

73. Fiction Writing

With more than 82,000 members, the Fiction Writing Facebook group allows writers to post their work for critique or reviews. This robust group has regular threads for sharing social media accounts, poetry and more, too.

Join the Fiction Writing community

74. Inked Voices

Want to get feedback on your WIP? Inked Voices is a platform for small workshopping groups. Connect with other writers in your genre, share work in a private workspace and exchange feedback and critiques. Cost is $32/quarter or $85 annually.

Join the Inked Voices community

75. Insecure Writer’s Support Group

From unpublished aspiring authors to bestsellers, the Insecure Writer’s Support Group is for writers at every stage of the game. The robust community is designed to help you overcome whatever doubts and insecurities might keep you from creating your best work.

Join Insecure Writer’s Support Group

76. NaNoWriMo

Yes, this is the annual event all the writers you know participate in every November — National Novel Writing Month. You can visit the NaNoWriMo site for tons of resources to help you win, along with finding other writers taking on the challenge.

Join the NaNoWriMo community

77. Now Novel

Endorsed by Oprah Magazine, the Now Novel program offers a structured, straightforward way to get your book done. With a step-by-step process that takes the guessing out of what to do next, personalized mentorship and community groups for even more support, you’ll be an author in no time.

Join the Now Novel community

78. Scribophile

Looking for a beta reader or feedback on your latest work? A respectful online writing workshop and writer’s community, Scribophile invites writers of all skill levels to join to improve each other’s work with thoughtful critiques and by sharing their writing experience.

Join the Scribophile community

79. She Writes

More than 30,000 writers of all levels of expertise have joined this buzzing community, founded by author Kamy Wicoff. At She Writes, you can create your own profile, build your network and join any of the more than 300 groups with topics spanning from women who write about trauma to location-based groups to get to know writers in your area.

Join the She Writes community

80. Storywrite

This community for short-story writers has more than 50,000 active members. Share your writing with the whole community, or in private forums to connect with smaller critique groups.

Join the Storywrite community

81. The Masters Review

The Masters Review is an online and in print publication celebrating new and emerging writers. They publish works from writers who don’t have published novels and haven’t been featured on larger platforms yet.

Join the Masters Review community

82. The Writing Cooperative

The Writing Cooperative is a community of writers helping each other write better. You can reader (and contribute!) free articles through Medium or reader paywalled articles as a Medium member; paid articles let contributing writers get paid for their contributions.

You can also join the community through Slack or Patreon and join frequent writing challenges for prizes.

Join The Writing Cooperative

83. Two Drops of Ink

The team behind Two Drops of Ink believe strongly in the power of collaboration. This literary blog accepts submissions from writers of almost any genre. The editors also post book reviews and blog posts about writing and the publishing industry.

Join the Two Drops of Ink community

84. WritersCafe.org

This writing community lets you post your work for feedback and reviews, and connect with other writers by joining a group or even starting your own. If you find writing you enjoy, you can save it to build your own library of up-and-coming authors!

Join the WritersCafe.org community

85. Writing.com

This social network for writers has been around since 2000, and it’s free to join. Join for peer-to-peer reviews or just to make writerly friends. You can even create a portfolio of your work, sharing up to 10 pieces of writing.

Join the Writing.com community

86. YeahWrite

YeahWrite started in 2011 as a community for “writers who blog and bloggers who write.” It offers free weekly writing challenges for fiction and nonfiction writers, plus resources, writing contests and workshops to help writers connect and work on their craft.

The Write Life readers say: “Free content, fun challenges, amazing editors, and a great writing community, with paid options for classes and editing at reasonable prices.”

Join the YeahWrite community

87. Anne R. Allen

Publishing veterans Anne R. Allen and Ruth Harris want to help writers avoid the pitfalls of the ever-more complex publishing world. Whether you’re an indie author or looking to land a traditional publishing deal, check out their archives and resources.

Post you’ll like: Stupid Writing Rules: Why to Avoid One-Size-Fits-All Writing Advice

88. Authorstech

Bestselling self-publishing author Brian Berni created Authorstech to share news, advice and resources for writers at all steps in the author’s journey.

Post you’ll like: Types of Editing: Which Is Best for Your Masterpiece?

89. Cooks & Books

Cookbook literary agent Maria writes this blog about books, food, life and writing. Cooks & Books is a community of book lovers, writers, and creatives who can’t stop stop talking about what they’re reading, what they’re working on, and where they want to go next.

Post you’ll like: Introverted? Here’s How to Promote Your Book

90. Helping Writers Become Authors

Consider award-winning author K.M. Weiland your writing and publishing mentor. With hundreds of blog posts, instructional ebooks, vlogs and a podcast, her website is the perfect place to find the answers to all your questions.

Post you’ll like: 4 Steps for How to Turn an Idea Into a Story That Rocks

91. Inkitt

Inkitt’s mission is to discover talented writers and turn them into globally successful authors. They’re the world’s first reader-powered book publisher, offering an online community for talented authors and book lovers. Plus, you can enter cool contests and win money!

Post you’ll like: Marketing Your Book in 2019

92. Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman knows a thing or two about the business of being a writer — she even wrote a book about it! With 20 years in the publishing industry, Friedman knows her stuff — and her blog is a wealth of information on how to embrace the ever-evolving industry.

The Write Life readers say: “Comprehensive, all encompassing, information, guidance and help for authors at all stages of their career.”

Post you’ll like: 10 Ways to Build Traffic to Your Author Website or Blog

93. Nail Your Novel

At Nail Your Novel, bestselling author and editor Roz Morris shares her best traditional and self-publishing tips as well as musings on the writing process.

Post you’ll like: I’ve Finished my Manuscript! What Now? 16 Ultimate Resources to Make Good Decisions About Your Book

94. Novel Publicity

The team at Novel Publicity believes every story deserves to be told, and every story deserves its very own base of readers who will love and cherish it. With that core belief in mind, the growing team, led by president Melissa Storm, it provides guidance on writing, marketing and publishing.

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95. Publish a Profitable Book

Writer and coach Elizabeth Lyons is a bestselling self-published author who shares her secrets with aspiring authors through her blog and flagship course of the same name. Her blog offers motivation and education in writing, publishing and self-promotion.

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96. Self-Publishing School

Self-Publishing School is an online education company geared toward aspiring authors, and those that are already self-published. They help you save 100’s of hours in the process, save $1,000s of dollars on key investments for success, publish a book you’re proud of, and sell 1,000+ more copies in the first year. All while allowing you to maintain control of your book–and its royalties.

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97. Standout Books

You’ve written your book. Now what? This dynamic, family-run company prides itself in providing exceptional services to ambitious authors and publishing companies worldwide. Check out their tons of articles, templates, tools and resource recommendations for getting your book published and marketed to the max.

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98. The Book Designer

At The Book Designer, Joel Friedlander uses his background in book design, advertising, graphic design to create an impressive collection of over 700 articles meant to help guide you through the publishing process. Along with his extensive blog archive, check out his book design templates and Book Launch Toolkit.

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99. Well-Storied

It took Kristen Kieffer two and a half years to finish her first draft — then she realized she had made every mistake in the book. With free resources, workbooks, tutorials and a podcast, Kieffer’s site wants to help you avoid those mistakes — and make your writing dreams a reality.

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100. Writer’s Relief

Helping authors reach their publishing goals since 1994, Writer’s Relief has helped creatives successfully submit their writing to literary journals, book publishers, agents and more. The staff’s blog is full of publishing tips, and a paid-subscriber-only classifieds section lists contests, conferences and residences.

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