Calling All Foodie Freelancers: 20 Dining and Food Magazines to Pitch

Calling All Foodie Freelancers: 20 Dining and Food Magazines to Pitch

When you savor a meal, are you dreaming of the words you’d use to describe it? Do you salivate at the thought of writing about food for a living? If so, why not try your hand at writing for food magazines?

Below is a list of 20 publications that accept all sorts of stories about food, ranging from recipes, to pieces examining the sustainability of certain practices, to articles exploring the junction of food and travel.

But don’t limit yourself strictly to “food” magazines and publications. Many other publications, ranging from travel to regional magazines, include a food or dining section, and even more are open to food-related pitches, so keep an open mind when trying to place stories about the culinary world.

20 food publications to pitch

Check out these 20 food writing jobs.

1. Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit is a well-known fine food magazine, and they also publish regularly online. While they rely on in-house writers for recipes and cooking tips and don’t feature traditional restaurant reviews, they’re open to conversational, funny and passionate freelance pitches on all other things food.

To pitch, send a summary paragraph, proposed headline, and clips to WhoPaysWriters reports rates ranging from 30-50 cents per word.

2. Catalyst

Salt Lake City, Utah-based Catalyst Magazine focuses a wide variety of lifestyle topics, including healthy and organic food, dining out, food security and more.. Features in this publication typically range from 2,000 to 4,500 words, though it also uses smaller 600-1,500 word pieces.

Send your query, along with a resume and clips, to Greta deJong. And be warned: if your article is accepted, you’ll be expected to write it on spec. It could still be worthwhile, though! Click here for full submission guidelines.


An online magazine with today’s home cook in mind, TASTE seeks a wide variety of freelance material including original recipes with “colorful headnotes” as well as reported stories, chef profiles and more.

Send your email with the text of the pitch pasted in the body to Editor in Chief Matt Rodbard at

4. Clean Eating

A “clean lifestyle” is the focus of this magazine covering health and nutrition. “Clean eating is all about consuming whole food in its most natural state,” Clean Eating’s website explains. The magazine covers everything from recipes and how-tos to advice on weight loss.

Editorial inquiries can be directed to

5. Disney Food Blog

If the only thing you love more than food is all things Disney, this blog might be the perfect place for you to show off your skills. Focused primarily on the dining and drinking options around Orlando’s Walt Disney World, Disney Food Blog welcomes original articles and photos covering the constantly-changing world of Disney cuisine.

And while it doesn’t appear to be a paid opportunity, the editors will allow you to thread one link into your byline.

6. Eating Well

Where Good Taste Meets Good Health” is the motto of this national food magazine dedicated to healthy eating. Articles focus on cooking, nutrition science, culture, food origins and traditions, and even social issues related to food networks.

This market pays up to $1 per word, and starting with the short, front-of-the-book sections is the best way to break in.

7. Edible Communities

The Edible franchise features food-related publications in towns and regions all over the country and beyond, from Edible Brooklyn to Edible Northeast Florida to Edible Vancouver. Each publication has different submission requirements and pay rates, so be sure to click on the individual publication you’re interested in for more details.

For example, Edible Cleveland includes two to four features per issue and is also looking for a variety of 250-1000 word “department” stories ranging from land-related articles to first-person pieces.

However, you can also pitch stories specifically for Edible by contacting Molly Watson at The website looks for pieces that focus on the intersection of food and place, and you’ll stack the odds in your favor by writing a detailed, concise pitch summary.

8. Epicure & Culture

“Food, Wine & Culture for the Ethical Traveler” is the tagline for this online publication. Recent articles include proper dining etiquette while traveling in France and how to visit and adopt a baby elephant in Kenya. (Seriously.).

The submission page notes contributors receive a link to their website, social media promotion, and the possibility of cross-promotion via other networks. Payment information isn’t published, however, so be sure to coordinate with the editor directly.

9. Roads & Kingdoms

A travel magazine that often explores new places through the lens of food, Roads & Kingdoms has enjoyed publishing partnerships with Explore Parts Unknown, the digital home of Bourdain’s famous CNN program.

Their Breakfast column is particularly freelancer-friendly, requiring only a few hundred words and giving you a great excuse to nosh on something lovely tomorrow morning. (Be warned, however, that the pay averages a paltry 10 cents per word, per Who Pays Writers.)

Full editorial contact information available here.

10. Eater

A national magazine that focuses on reporting on and critically examining all things food and drink, Eater actively seeks pitches from external contributors and pays a competitive rate. (Who Pays Writers reports an average of about 38 cents per word, with some writers having seen rates of up to 67 cents.)

Be sure to read the lengthy submission guidelines in full before you query the magazine, and be doubly sure you’re not pitching something the magazine’s not looking for…especially since they specifically spell it out. And while we recognize that the guidelines are from 2016, we do have it on good authority that writers have been successfully pitching this outlet within the last couple of years!  

11. Kashrus Magazine

Kosher eating is the focus of this magazine covering everything from preparing for Jewish holidays to new Kosher products and even Kosher marijuana.

You can reach out to an editor at


This daily web magazine sees an audience of more than 17 million people, so it’s an understatement to say it would be pretty cool to be featured amongst its colorful, clever posts. And while the bulk of the writing is done by a small, steady team of freelancers, they do accept kitchen projects and recipe links from food bloggers — and also hire freelancers from time to time, so keep an eye on their job listings.

13. Menuism

A blog that’s all about dining education for foodies, Menuism is looking for guest posts from food bloggers who can whip up strong, original, engaging content about food, cocktails, and wine.

To pitch, send a short paragraph and suggested headline to, and be sure to paste them into the body of the email rather than adding attachments.

14. Plate Magazine

Plate is dedicated to everything that goes on your plate and driven by a mission to “take food further.” This food-focused print mag has a secondary focus on creative culinary styles.

Who Pays Writers noted one writer reported a rate of $1 per word for a 3,000-word feature, and also mentioned that their points of contact were “very professional.” You can find direct email addresses for the managing and senior editors of Plate at the staff directory page.

15. Food52

With recent articles running the gamut from the history of ants on a log to a killer crock pot recipe for brown sugar and balsamic-glazed pork, Food52 makes food approachable, fun, and fascinating — and if you have an idea for a story that might fit its mission, you can contact the editors at

Click here for full submission guidelines.

16. Saveur

Saveur covers the junction of food and travel, featuring everything from recipes and cooking tips to features on specific ingredients and cookbooks.

To submit ideas, email the editors at with a summary of the article you’d like to write along with some information about how you’d like to put the article together, such as who you’d like to interview and what angle you’d take.

17. Extra Crispy

“Why does anybody in the world ever eat anything but breakfast food?”

If you were nodding in agreement with Ron Swanson during that particular episode of Parks & Rec, Extra Crispy might be the perfect spot for your food writing. This breakfast-focused blog publishes opinion pieces, serious reported stories, works of humor and more, and is actively open to pitches from outside contributors.

Check out the submission guidelines for full details.

18. Tenderly

Committed to the cause of animal activism by way of veganism? If so, you can share your passion for compassion by writing for Tenderly, a new blog published through Medium. The blog publishes every day, which means the editors are hungry for strong pitches from freelancers, and they offer competitive, variable pay rates starting at $200. 

Be sure to read the submission guidelines in their entirety before you pitch!

19. Whole Life Times

This bimonthly magazine depends on freelancers to fill its pages and focuses on holistic and integrative health stories, organic food, sustainability, and other topics related to a healthy and progressive lifestyle. Rates vary and can go up to $150 for a 800-1,000-word feature, with shorter departments paying less.

One writer said they earned 13 cents per word for an unreported editorial that ran back in 2014. Submission guidelines are available here.

20. YAM Magazine

Greater Victoria, Canada, is the focus of this lifestyle magazine covering food and wine, health and fitness, culture, and other topics. Features are typically in the 1,000 to 3,000-word range, though shorter pieces are also welcome.

Full submission guidelines, including the most up-to-date point of contact, are available here.

Writers, what are your favorite food publications to work with? Tell us in the comments below.

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