How This Freelance Writer Went From Earning Zero to $10k/month

Freelancer Nicole Dieker outlines nine strategies for increasing your income.

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True story: For years, we sold this ebook.

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We sold this ebook on The Write Life for years, and readers who purchased it told us they got immense value.

But not enough people bought it. Maybe the headline wasn't catchy enough. Maybe we didn't market it enough. Or maybe we turned off readers by telling them it isn't for beginners, that the advice in this ebook is for freelancers who already have a good start and are ready to level up.

Whatever the reason, this ebook wasn't getting read by enough writers. That bothered our team, because Nicole's advice is REALLY GOOD. This is one of the best pieces of content on our site, an ebook that has the potential to help thousands of writers earn more money!

So we decided to do something drastic. We decided to give it away.

That means you have the opportunity to use Nicole's advice to improve your freelancing game — for free. Her strategies will help you increase your rates and land better-paying clients, so you can earn more while working less.

These tactics are so effective that they helped Nicole grow her freelance income from zero to more than $10,000 a month.

So go ahead! Use this ebook to increase your income, too.

9 Strategies for
Earning More Money as a Freelance Writer

Nicole earns $10k/month. Could you?

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