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22 Health and Fitness Magazines That Want to Publish Your Work

by | Feb 15, 2024

America is obsessed with health and wellness.

Despite being described as one of the unhealthiest countries in the world, the American people take in an abundance of information on ways to improve their health, get fit and just feel better.

To satiate those needs, there is no shortage of magazines dedicated to the topic — and that means ample opportunity for freelance writers looking to break into the consumer health market.

Whether you’re writing about the latest dieting trend sweeping the nation or hoping to share your experience trying out a new fitness regimen with like-minded individuals, the 22 health and fitness magazines below are great places to get started.

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22 health and fitness magazines to consider pitching

Below are 22 health magazines that cover everything from fitness and nutrition to holistic medicine, spirituality, and living with challenging health conditions.

1. IDEA Publications

The IDEA Health and Fitness Association has four publications targeting fitness professionals including personal trainers, fitness instructors and health and wellness professionals: IDEA Fitness Journal, IDEA Trainer Success, IDEA Fitness Manager and IDEA Pilates Today.

Check out the author guidelines and submit a query that includes why your article is important, why you’re the right person to write it, a brief outline of what you’ll cover and an explanation of how you’ll include “practical how-to information” within the article.

While the site does not specify pay rates, it does confirm it will pay “within 60 days of final acceptance.”

2. Inside Fitness Magazine

Qualified industry professionals can pitch their ideas to Inside Fitness Magazine. This Canadian publication covers everything from training to food and nutrition.

The magazine’s website offers more information for contributors, but is mum on pay rates.

3. Healthy Living Magazine

Healthy Living Magazine covers the full gamut from health and anti-aging to beauty and parenting content. While it doesn’t include specific pay information on its site, varies based on the department; amount of editing required; and pageviews.

4. Vibrant Life

This bimonthly lifestyle magazine “promotes physical health, mental clarity and spiritual balance from a practical, Christian perspective.” The publication looks for everything from exercise and nutrition articles to interviews, self-help, environmental stewardship, spiritual balance and family-related articles.

Payment ranges from $100-$300.

5. Radish

This magazine focuses on “healthy living from the ground up” and covers natural foods, products and services in Illinois and Iowa with a focus on healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

Radish typically pays $50-150 per article.

6. Whole Life Times

Freelancers write most of the articles that appear in Whole Life Times, a magazine that targets the holistic community. It addresses everything from natural health to yoga, spirituality, the environment and “anything that deals with a progressive, healthy lifestyle.”

Whole Life Times is based in Southern California and wants local angles. The writers guidelines specify pay of $35-$125 for shorter stories and $75-$150 for longer ones; Who Pays Writers reported one person making 13 cents per word.

7. Poz

Poz’s audience is the HIV+ community, but it accepts submissions from any qualified writer, regardless of HIV status. Topics cover everything from treatments to nonprofits to people living with the condition. Back issues are available online.

8. The Health Journal

This magazine covers a wide range of topics related to health, fitness and wellness, including parenting, senior health and natural healing.

Writer guidelines are available online. The Health Journal told TWL that pay rates “vary based on experience and skill level” and that the publication is “always looking for fresh voices.”

9. Cure

Health writers, especially those with experience writing about cancer, may wish to pitch Cure, which focuses on people with the disease. The publication requires a medical writing background and offers specific writing guidelines covering everything from queries to fact-checking procedures.

10. Spirituality & Health

Writers looking to cover topics ranging from Eastern philosophy to mainstream religion to social justice and wellness-related issues can pitch Spirituality & Health.

Its guidelines say it will pay up to $500, depending on the type of piece submitted. 

11. Natural Awakenings

Natural living and sustainable lifestyle topics are the focus of this publication, which especially seeks to provide facts and statistics that will keep readers engaged. Additionally, it is looking for global briefs and health briefs in addition to regular articles.

12. The Aquarian

The Aquarian is a Canadian print publication that publishes the first week of March, June, September and December. It focuses on “holistic health (natural, complementary, alternative) and progressive environmental, social, cultural, political and spiritual issues” to “shed new light on the path to greater meaning.”

While its pay rates vary, its newspaper article rates typically range from $25 to $50 and online articles from $10 to $25.

13. Eating Well

EatingWell is a national food magazine publishing 10 times a year that focuses on healthy eating, from the standpoints of cooking, nutrition science and food network-related social issues. It pays up to $1 per word.

14. Mother Earth Living

Mother Earth Living focuses on maintaining a healthy, environmentally conscious lifestyle in the home. While it doesn’t list specific payment information, Mother Earth does pay upon publication.

15. Men’s Health

Men’s Health is a leading lifestyle magazine offering authoritative advice on fitness, nutrition, style, and relationships for men worldwide. With expert insights and cutting-edge content, it empowers men to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

16. Women’s Health

Women’s Health is a premier magazine dedicated to empowering women with the latest insights on fitness, nutrition, beauty, and wellness. Through expert guidance and inspiring content, it equips women with the knowledge and tools to prioritize their health and lead vibrant lifestyles.

17. Runner’s World

Runner’s World is the ultimate resource for running enthusiasts, providing expert advice, training tips, gear reviews, and inspiring stories for runners of all levels. With a passion for the sport and a commitment to helping readers achieve their running goals, Runner’s World is the go-to destination for everything related to running.

18. Shape

Shape Magazine is a leading authority in women’s fitness, offering expert advice on workouts, nutrition, beauty, and overall wellness. With a focus on empowering women to embrace a healthy lifestyle, Shape provides inspiration and practical tips for achieving fitness goals and feeling confident in mind and body.

19. Muscle & Fitness

Muscle & Fitness is a premier publication catering to bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts, providing expert guidance on strength training, nutrition, and supplementation. With a legacy of over 80 years, Muscle & Fitness continues to inspire and educate readers to achieve their fitness goals and unlock their full potential.

20. Prevention

Prevention Magazine is a trusted source for wellness advice, offering insights on nutrition, fitness, natural remedies, and preventive healthcare. With a mission to empower readers to lead healthier lives and make informed choices, Prevention equips individuals with the tools they need to thrive both mentally and physically.

21. Outside

Outside Magazine is the ultimate guide to adventure and outdoor lifestyle, inspiring readers with captivating stories, expert advice, and breathtaking photography. With a focus on exploration, conservation, and pushing boundaries, Outside fuels the spirit of adventure in its audience, encouraging them to embrace the wonders of the natural world.

22. Healthline

Healthline is a leading online health platform providing trusted medical information, expert advice, and actionable insights to millions of readers worldwide. With a commitment to empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health, Healthline covers a wide range of topics, including fitness, nutrition, mental health, and medical news.

What’s your favorite health or fitness publication? Have you submitted any pitches to them?

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