Get Paid to Blog: 6 Obvious Signs Content Marketing is A Fit For You

Get Paid to Blog: 6 Obvious Signs Content Marketing is A Fit For You

Your writing career has you pitching articles to print magazines and online publications, self-publishing informational ebooks and even earning some cash from your fiction writing.

You’ve got all your bases covered, right?

Wrong. There’s one big writing income stream you’re missing out on: paid blogging.

Paid blogging, known in the industry as content marketing, is creating blog posts that attract a company’s ideal customer and potentially generate new leads. It’s not about selling products or services — it’s about offering value to readers to increase brand awareness and build trust.

Content marketing could offer a significant boost to your freelance writing income. This writing niche is expected to be a $300 billion industry by 2019 — and many companies are seeing the opportunity to outsource their blog work to freelance writers.

If you can write novels and magazine articles, you can probably write paid blog posts. Here are six signs you’d make a top-notch content marketer.

1. You’ve mastered conversational writing

This is one type of corporate writing where jargon isn’t welcome.

Companies are paying for posts that engage readers and make difficult information easy to understand. Writing doesn’t have to be formal to be professional!

You won’t be rewarded for your oversized vocabulary in this field. If you can simplify sentences, use contractions and slang, and maybe even add relevant GIFs to your blog posts, you’d make a great content marketer.

2. You can grab readers’ attention

Readers often find a company’s blog because they searched for an answer to a problem.

Your client’s blog is one of many they could choose to help them. Your job as a content marketer is to keep them from heading back to Google to search for answers elsewhere.

Your essay-writing skills will come in handy here. You already know the ropes of crafting an attention-grabbing hook. Why not put that talent to use as a paid blogger?

Your clients will thank you when they see their site visitors sticking around!

3. You’re a natural storyteller

You have one blog post to make a new site visitor care about your client’s company.

How do you do it? Tell a story.

Content marketing is about forging a connection between readers and a company’s brand. If you can write compelling fiction, you can craft an engaging brand story.

Good storytelling is the difference between a distant corporation and a friendly business that cares about its consumers. Who said writing fiction was a non-transferrable skill?

4. You have an area of expertise

Companies in nearly every industry work with writers to improve their blogs…and some of those industries are pretty complex.

Part of a content marketer’s job is to make confusing information simple to understand.

Companies need writers who understand complicated topics so they can explain those ideas to potential customers- — without relying on industry-specific jargon (remember that conversational writing voice we talked about?).

Having an area of expertise gives you a huge leg-up as a content marketer, especially in certain industries like the legal or medical fields.

Potential clients can glance at your past experience and feel confident in your ability to simplify their subject matter.

5. You can meet deadlines

If you’ve ever written a journalistic piece, you’ve probably bowed down before the almighty deadline.

Content marketers may not be rushing to get a piece submitted in time to make a print deadline, but making your deadlines is still crucial in the world of paid blogging.

Most corporate clients have well-thought-out editorial calendars that dictate the ideal date to publish a particular post. If you submit a piece late, you could throw off their publishing schedule.

Companies are often juggling a team of freelancers to meet their content marketing needs. If you stand out from the crowd as the one whose work is always on time, you’ll set yourself up for recurring writing assignments.

6. You’re a decent editor

You’re not submitting your blog posts to a magazine with a full-time editorial team to catch typos and hold your hand through big-picture edits.

Freelance content marketers typically work with the in-house marketing team at a company. Unlike magazines, marketing teams often don’t have the skills or the time to polish your work.

Part of the value you bring a company is the confidence that their blog will be professionally written. If you can be your own editor, you’ll win major points with your content marketing clients.

It’s well worth your time to explore freelance content marketing. It could be the next big break in your writing career!

Have you ever thought about getting into content marketing? If not, what’s holding you back?

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  • Andres says:

    As someone who just started his own blog to help all kinds of freelancer get their business going, I never really thought that something like you mentioned in number 1 and 2 was content marketing. That’s exactly how I’ve been writing for f4freelance and I’m loving it

  • sundararajan says:

    Thanks a ton 🙂 Never thought about this. I do have a blog but this seems quite cool

  • Rachel Recustodio says:

    Wow! Im very interested to this. I used to be a feature writer when i was in my elementary grade in our school paper. I miss writing so much. Hope to have an opportunity to write again 🙂

  • Duke Stewart says:

    My 9-5 is Content Marketing but I want to make it happen more on my personal site, which focuses on destinations and travel stories. Would love to tap into the secret sauce that makes this work, as I feel like I’m just leaving journal entries sometimes. I’ve gotten paid for a few things on my own site and others but want to make this happen in such a BAD way, it’s not funny. It certainly takes a lot of work and planning (probably most important) and I just wish I’d done more of the latter in the beginning stages.

    I love your point about being more than a writer and just submitting things to editors. That’s one of the many hats we wear as CM and I wish some companies would realize that. I think there are many that do but some just don’t see the value in good copy. I look forward to finding more of them and thank you, Ashley, for showing me that I’m meant for this. Awesome post!

    • Hey Duke! Since you already work in content marketing, you’re in a great position to apply those same content strategies to your blog. Approach your blog as you would if it were a project for your 9-5. What topics would you focus on? Who would your target readers be? Do the market and SEO research, and then put that info to work in your posts. I’d be surprised if you didn’t see major results from applying the content marketing skills you already have!

  • There’s a lot of great advice in this post, but I’d have to say the definition of content marketing in broader than paid blogging. It’s also thought leadership articles, video, infographics, white papers, etc. — basically any content a company creates to engage customers with their brand and market their products and services. There are so many opportunities in content marketing, but paid blogging is usually the way most writers get their foot in the door.

    • True, content marketing covers a lot more than just writing blog posts—it’s an entire industry! Many companies have a segment of their marketing team devoted to content, such as SEO research, creating graphics, video editing, etc. I focused on the writing aspect here, but there are plenty of opportunities for writers who want to dive further into content marketing.

  • Tina says:

    I’ve had a blog for so many years, but I’ve let it go. I want to revive it and these are great tips.

  • James says:

    I really, really want to get into Content Marketing. I have a blog, and have been published in a popular military transition magazine. I’m ready to take my writing to the next level.

    • That’s great to hear, James! Your past writing experience has given you many of the skills you’ll need in content marketing. Best of luck as you push forward with your writing career!

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