Danny Margulies’ Secrets of a 6-Figure Upworker: Review

Danny Margulies’ Secrets of a 6-Figure Upworker: Review

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Course: Secrets of a 6-Figure Upworker

About the creator: Danny Margulies is a long-time sales guy, but a relatively new freelancer. When he quit his job to “go freelance,” he had no idea what he was doing. But within a few months on Upwork (formerly Elance), he was charging premium rates.

Now a successful copywriter, he’s created the course Secrets of a 6-Figure Upworker to walk you through the step-by-step process he used to ramp up his career and make bank doing it.

Price: $297 for the whole thing. Includes the full course videos, worksheets and forum access.

Who It’s For: Any freelancer who wants to learn how to position and sell themselves. The course is specific to Upwork, but these tactics are useful for anyone, new or established, looking to charge more and bring in better clients.

What It Will Help You Do: The self-paced course takes you through everything from your profile to your portfolio to your proposals.

Each section features a handful of videos ranging from just a few minutes to over half an hour. Each video is a simple PowerPoint with Danny’s voice walking you through his strategies, while also showing you real-life examples. All the content is available to binge-watch in one day, but be sure to watch them in order since they do build upon each other.

This is not, however, a course about how to use Upwork. Because I’d never used the platform before, I had questions about things like tests, reviews and setting my rates as a newbie. Danny does not address website specifics, probably because platforms like these change all the time.

But after finishing the course, I’m glad he didn’t go into these aspects. His strategies really aren’t about Upwork at all — he really teaches you how to sell yourself as a freelancer no matter where you go to find clients. Upwork’s idiosyncrasies are easy enough to learn on your own.

What’s Included: Secrets of a Six-Figure Upworker is broken into four main sections: Your Business (positioning yourself), Your Leads (tapping into the Hidden Upwork Economy), Your Proposals (selling yourself) and Your Results (keeping clients for life).

There is a small on-site community forum that’s pretty active, but I didn’t get a ton of benefit from talking to other members. For me this was a heads-down, do-whatever-Danny-tells-me type course.

What Would Make It Even Better: My only real complaint is that Danny isn’t a natural presenter. He recorded a few calls as part of the bonus section and he’s charming and engaging. But his videos? It’s very obvious he’s reading from a script. The result was a lot of rewinding when I’d find myself dozing off.

The content is compelling, don’t get me wrong, but I wish the videos themselves were a little more lively.  

My tip: Find something else to do while listening. You don’t really need to watch the videos so I had fun with markers and a coloring book while I listened.

How It Changed My Life: I started this course just a few weeks ago. I had no Upwork experience and assumed the platform was full of low-balling freelancers and low-quality clients.

But within just three days I landed my first job, though a private invite, at $95/hour (double my usual rate). Just a few days after that? I was hired through a proposal just a few hours after sending it. Both new clients have now hired me for ongoing work and I’m in the process of interviewing for three more projects.

I took this course because my clients weren’t lighting my fire. I attract tech companies, but I much prefer working for lifestyle businesses. When I found Danny’s course I figured it could help me both branch out and and also increase my rates. In just two weeks I’ve done both.

Danny says, “The moment you try to win on Upwork by doing what seems natural, you’ve already lost.” After taking his course, I couldn’t agree more.

I thought I was pretty good at attracting and keeping new clients, but I see now I was doing everything wrong. Whether on Upwork or not, I will never go back to how I was pitching before. I think Upwork and I are going to have a beautiful relationship.

Our Recommendation: Secrets of a Six-Figure Upworker should be required watching for freelance copywriters. Danny’s positioning and pitching advice is the most comprehensive and fascinating I’ve ever experienced. The format is clear and his strategies are easy to implement. To be honest, I’m nervous about publishing this review because I’m scared of additional competition.

So, you know, stay away. Shoo!

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  • Albertini Siverigo says:

    The man is a fraud and his course seems to be sanctioned by Upwork in a bid to raise enrollments onto the platform. Anybody who reads of people charging $250/hr on Upwork will definitely want to join Upwork. I have gone through soem of the materials in the course and there’s nothing ground breaking, nothing that is not freely available on the Internet. Such courses are a hot cake in a world where everybody wants to earn $20,000 per week freelancing.

  • Martina says:

    Hi Marian!

    Last week I subscribed for the course and paid the first of 3 installments.

    I work as a freelance translator and have been in business for 6 years, never really used Upwork, and in the off Upwork world I’m quite happy with my 50-90€ / hour clients.

    November has been a little slow though, so I’ve started thinking of ways to vary my income and try out new things – and bumped into Danny’s course.

    I quickly went through almost all modules and for the first half, didn’t find any info to be groundbreaking. However, the second half of the course was quite interesting and I made a few changes to my profile and approach to writing proposals.

    One day I get a €€€ client’s reply who – to make a long story short – eventually tells me he can only afford to pay 10 € / hour.

    I was a bit puzzled and wrote a post in the private forum, explaining what happened and asking what I’d done wrong there. I also threw in a super short 1-sentence rant about having to keep from asking the client “Why the heck did he say he wants €€€ freelancers then!?”, and asking why it seems that all €€€ clients have a very weird concept of what a €€€ budget is (e.g. 5 $ for 10.000 words). Are they al in the hidden economy, or do you think Upwork €€€ translation clients aren’t as aware of what it take to do a good translation as it does with producing good copy from scratch?

    Before I knew it Danny had closed my thread with a reply I found to be pretty arrogant, saying “there is no reason to complain and in our course we have modules tackling EXACTLY this situation”, etc.

    Well, I wasn’t 100% convinced of the course (being right for myself) anyway, so asked for a refund. I mean, he markets his product saying we can ask for a refund within 30 days if we’re not 100% happy.

    So I send him a nice email saying 1) the course was really outstanding, but it wasn’t right for me 2) I didn’t particularly appreciate the way he handled my post / question 3) I’d like to know if it’s possible to get a refund.

    A few hours later I get the refund confirmation email in my inbox, and this email from his assistant Ashley:

    “Hello Martina,

    I’ve cancelled your Secrets of a Six-Figure Upworker account and issued you a full refund based on your refund request […].

    After reviewing your account and your needs as a student, we have decided that you are not the right fit for our company. You will not be able to purchase products from us in the future.

    Please keep in mind that Danny still produces free information[…].”

    Wow. Seriously? I’m speechless! You know, companies will normally go like, ‘Hey Martina, we’re sorry you didn’t like our course, blah blah’. But this nazi-approach literally had me drop my jaw.

    And I’ve NEVER left a bad review for a product od a service before, but I think this one really deserve it.

  • thanks Marian. I am looking for a successful overloaded freelancer who may appoint me as a junior writer to shed his/her workload at a feasible rate, wonder if you can refer someone.

    I will rather prefer that (working on a lesser pay) than investing money on a course that may or may not work out 🙁

  • Richard says:

    Hei Marian.

    Thanks for your posts here.
    I came across here from an ebook about this site.
    I learn much here, especially from you.

    Thanks for you best shared.


  • Robert says:

    The reviews with regards to Upwork are varied. It looks like this is one of the better experiences. Thank you for sharing your story!

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