For 3 Days Only, Get $2,000 of Freelance Writing Trainings for Just $99

For 3 Days Only, Get $2,000 of Freelance Writing Trainings for Just $99

For the next three days only, we’ve got an epic offer for you… 

The Writer’s Bundle 2020: Freelance Writing Edition

This one-of-a-kind bundle is focused on a topic that’s super relevant given the economic climate: earning money as a writer.

We’ve bundled together 12 courses and products on freelancing. If you purchased all these resources separately, they’d cost $2,000. But for the next three days only, we’re offering the entire package for just $99.

Here’s what’s in The Writer’s Bundle 2020: Freelance Writing Edition

✴️ Kickstart Your Freelance Writing Career, from Stephanie Land and Andrea Guevara (course value: $49)

✴️ Freelance Blogging in a Weekend, from Elna Cain (course value: $95)

✴️ How to Make Money Self Publishing Non Fiction, from Yuwanda Black (course value: $397)

✴️ Master Self-Editing, from Bryan Collins (course value: $297)

✴️ Breaking Into Media Q&A, from Kristin Wong and Alex Webb (event value: $99)

✴️ 38 Tips for Expert Writers on Medium, from Dave Schools (course value: $49)

✴️ ProwritingAid license, valid one year (editing tool value: $79) 

✴️ Pitching 101: How Writers Find Better Client Leads, from Carol Tice (course value: $97)

✴️ Turn Content Into Cash, from Heather Lloyd Martin (course value: $297)

✴️ 30 Days to Freelance Freedom, from Craig Cannings / FreelanceU (course value: $147) 

✴️ The Social Media Starter Kit, from Andréa Jones (course value: $297)

✴️ Productivity Power for Writers, from Tim Leffel (course value: $99)

Grab The Writer’s Bundle 2020: Freelance Writing Edition

Why we’re offering The Writer’s Bundle this year

If you’re a longtime reader of The Write Life, you might remember us offering a bundle of digital products several years ago. Since then, readers keep asking when we’re going to run this sale again. To be honest, we weren’t sure we would ever offer another bundle.

And then 2020 happened…

It’s no secret this hasn’t been a particularly easy or fun year for anyone.

With so much uncertainty, we noticed more and more people in The Write Life community expressing interest in earning money through their writing. 

That’s why we decided to focus this year’s bundle on exactly that: freelance writing. This bundle provides practical advice and support from experienced freelancers that will help you earn money from your craft.

Even if you’re only interested in one or two of the trainings, it’s worth grabbing this bundle at such a reduced rate. Once this three-day sale is complete, we’ll never offer this combination of products again.

Plus… We’re giving back

Because it’s a tough year for so many people, we’re using The Writer’s Bundle to give back. We’re donating 10% of the proceeds from this sale to charity.

The coolest part? You helped us choose the charities! Two organizations got the most votes: Feeding America (supports food banks) and Together We Rise (supports children in foster care). We’ll split our donation between these two charities.

When you choose to invest in yourself through The Writer’s Bundle, you’re also giving back to others. Thanks for joining us in this effort.

Grab your bundle by Wednesday, September 16 at 11:59 p.m. PST


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  • Maurice Dana says:


    I ordered the above course 2 days ago. Just wondering when to expect the download.


    PayPal details:
    Description Unit price Qty Amount
    The Writer’s Bundle 2020: Freelance Writing Edition
    Item# 1673601 $99.00 USD 1 $99.00 USD
    Subtotal $99.00 USD
    Shipping and handling $0.00 USD
    Total $99.00 USD
    Payment $99.00 USD
    Charge will appear on your credit card statement as “PAYPAL *WRITELIFEAL”
    Payment sent to
    Payment sent from
    Funding Sources Used (Total)
    x-2671 $99.00 USD

    Invoice ID: 121896813

  • Susan says:

    I purchased this bundle yesterday (Wed, Sept. 16) but haven’t received a receipt or link to this. I emailed but haven’t heard a reply either. If someone from your team can help me, that would be great, thank you!

  • Do I need any coupon code for this training?

  • Jessica & Alexis: DISREGARD my previous request. My apologies. I forgot to check my junk mail prior to reaching-out to you, which is where I found the link to access the bundle.

    Again, my apologies.


  • Dear Jessica and Alexis,

    I purchased the bundle Transaction ID: 4ET61951C0647494W, which is an awesome deal. However, I’ve not received notification about how and where to access.


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