What Just 2 Hours Can Do for Your Writing Career

What Just 2 Hours Can Do for Your Writing Career

It can be difficult to find time to write.

Especially for those of us with day jobs or businesses or freelance gigs — and let’s face it, that’s most of us — it’s not easy to make progress on the writing projects we really care about.

If you can relate, have a look at this post by business coach Charlie Gilkey on the two-hour rule.

Charlie says you don’t need to dedicate an entire day or week to your creative project. Instead, set aside just two hours — and you’ll make impressive progress.

Why does the two-hour rule work? Because it’s doable; most of us can carve two hours out of our day without falling behind on other responsibilities. It also fits into the ebb and flow of our creative energy; it’s enough time to get into a groove, but it’s also a good end point, since a lot of us can’t concentrate for more than two hours anyhow.

Think this approach could work for you? Check out Charlie’s full post here.

And let us know in the comments: Does two hours sound like the perfect amount of time to create? Or are you more productive with shorter or longer chunks of time?

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  • Barbara Tuttle says:

    This is great and couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I was just feeling down and anxious about having gotten off track with my writing. I’ve been feeling fragmented trying to get back to my projects in stray bits of time: a half hour here and there. I just couldn’t settle down or settle into it.

    The idea popped into my head that if I could just carve out two hours a day to “be a writer” again, to really sink into my projects in manageable chunks of time, it could make a huge difference. And I liked that the principle is *simple.*

    And then I saw this post, which felt like confirmation from the heavens — or better yet, from a fellow writer 🙂

  • Mande' says:

    My day job is charge nurse-educator of an open heart cardiac unit. I work 40-60 hrs a week as I’m only 1 of four charge nurses-we have 1 for each shift. But, I still find 1-2 hrs a day to write. Of course that’s making my #NaNoWriMo project difficult, but I’ll get it done.

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  • Came at exactly the right time! Just finished up a 2-hour gig and was ploughing my way through emails.
    Yes, get to work instead of being on someone else’s timeline. Sometimes it takes time to crank up and wind down, but two hours seems just about right.

  • Ali Luke says:

    Awesome to see Charlie featured here! His whole blog is well worth a look, particularly writers looking for positive productivity advice that actually works for us creative types.

  • Thanks for the link! I’m glad it landed.

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