Want to Freelance Around the World? Take a Remote Year

Want to Freelance Around the World? Take a Remote Year

Why spend the next year writing at home when you could be out exploring the world? That’s the thinking behind a few programs that help get digital nomads out and about in the world — and connecting with like-minded peers.

Check out these programs to learn how to work from the road alongside others or design your own DIY globe-hopping adventure.

Remote Year

Remote Year lets you travel the world with up to 75 like-minded peers for a year while working remotely. The current crew is made up of people from 15 different countries.

Participants spend a month in each of 12 different cities around the world, while networking and building relationships with peers and locals.

This program costs $2,000 per month, and you have to plunk down an initial $3,000 to reserve your spot. The fees cover travel between destinations, accommodations, an internet-equipped workspace and special activities and events.

You’ll have to provide your own job, though. You can be self-employed or work for an employer that allows telecommuting, but it’s your responsibility to find work for the duration of the program.

You’ll also need to commit to the full year, since they want people to fully participate in the program. But you’re not locked into a rigid schedule. You can head out on your own for a vacation or trip home at any time and rejoin the group upon your return.

Stephanie Walden is one of Remote Year’s participants. She writes about her experiences on Mashable, including how she prepared for her year-long trip, from securing visas to storing her stuff while she was away.

The next Remote Year cycle (which begins February 1, 2016) covers three continents, starting in South America (Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru) before heading to the European leg of the voyage (Turkey, Czech Republic, Serbia and Croatia), and ending with a final four-month stint in Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam).

Applications are open for the next cycle here.


Water lovers who want a shorter co-working journey might consider joining a Coboat trip. This new program is set to debut in November, and its inaugural voyage will depart from Southeast Asia.

Up to 20 digital nomads will stay on the 82-foot catamaran “Coboat” at a time. Its itinerary features stops all around Southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, Caribbean and other locations.

People typically sign up for week-long stints, which start at 980 Euros or about $1100 USD, but you can combine destinations or even sign up for an ocean-crossing voyage for a more intensive and longer trip.

With Coboat, your fees cover not only boat passage, but shared accommodations, food, internet and even watersports equipment for your downtime. To peruse available dates and itinerary options, check out Coboat’s website.

DIY your own remote year

While many people long to travel the world, some are wary signing up for a year-long program with a set itinerary. Others prefer to avoid boats. If neither of these programs is quite what you’re looking for, why not design your own DIY remote year?

Plenty of people opt for a DIY version of Remote Year by working while traveling the world, staying in appealing places and moving along when they feel like it. This is a great option for people without a full year to spend traveling around the world, and those who want to focus on an itinerary of their own creation.

Those who plan their own working trip can plan it out in advance or decide on stops one at a time.

Options such as VRBO and Airbnb let you rent accommodations with full kitchens and all the comforts of home for a day, week or even longer along the way. Sites like Nomad List can help you scope out the best places to connect, both in terms of WiFi access and local freelance communities.

You can find plenty of places to work while you travel, but be sure to have the tools you’ll need to succeed. Spend some time figuring out your hardware, software, connectivity and which gadgets you’ll need on your self-directed journey. Once you’re ready to embark, you’re sure to have the experience of a lifetime.

Have you worked while traveling for a long period of time? Would you sign up for one of these programs?

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  • Gwyn says:

    These are great tips! I’m dream-planning a RTW trip and like the concept of specific cities for one-month stays. My travel blog niche opens doors for worldwide connections and it would be a lot of fun to work on yarn and crochet projects native to each country. Thanks for the article!

  • This is probably my ideal post….It’s been on my mind to just go ‘walkabout’ next year, probably not until the middle of the year, and I expect it’ll be DIY but, this will give me some great ideas……thank you!

  • Josh says:

    Thanks for the post, Kristen!

    My wife and I have been taking a serious look at a semi-permanent digital nomad lifestyle. While a program probably isn’t for us (we have an almost 2-year-old), we’ve been looking at different destinations that may suit our freelancing.

    It’s been enjoyable just to think about, but I get the feeling we are ready for a change. Posts like this definitely help. Thanks!

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