We’re Live! Welcome to The Write Life

by | Jul 1, 2013 | Blogging | 25 comments

We’re live! And truly excited to see you here.

I’m Alexis Grant, managing editor of The Write Life. This site has been a vision of mine for more than a year, ever since I realized just how many writers are looking for solid guidance, advice and community. Thanks for stopping by to find out what we’re about!

Our Mission

Know that uneasy feeling of trying to figure things out all on your own? Of blindly feeling your way along an unfamiliar wall in a dark room? Of wanting so badly to succeed in your quest to grow a blog or publish your work or make your ebook available to the world — but not being sure how to make it happen?

Yeah, we’ve been there.

It’s scary, going it alone. But something changes when you add community to the mix, when you start walking alongside other writers in your quest. Something big changes.

That unease turns to excitement. Not all of it — you’ll never feel completely confident when you push yourself to create something great — but most of that nervous energy becomes exhilaration. As you learn and grow and hone your craft, the journey becomes fun.

We want your journey to be fun — and successful. To get you to that place, the place where you feel like all your efforts are finally paying off (and yes, we mean literally), we’re here to help you learn.

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How We’re Different

While plenty of blogs and publications focus on one particular aspect of the writer’s journey — freelancing, trying to get published or marketing your work — we’re a one-stop shop, covering everything from fiction to productivity to promotion.

We understand that integrating writing into your life is about more than sitting down to write, whether you’re trying to make a living or find time to practice as a hobby. Succeeding as a writer in today’s digital world takes so much more: figuring out how to work with clients, navigating the changing landscape of traditional publishing, learning the ins and outs of social media, growing a following for your blog and finding a community that will support you along the way.

Each of these components will help you move toward a big goal so many of us dream of: making a living as a writer.  

That’s why we created The Write Life, to help writers create, connect and earn.

The posts you read here aren’t from one “guru,” because no one writer can be an expert in all the challenges of the modern writing world. Instead, we offer voices from throughout the community, featuring contributors who specialize in ebook promotion, blogging, finding an agent, and more. We give writers with experience and knowledge a place to share what they’ve learned, so we can all keep moving forward.

Think you have what it takes to become a contributor? Here are our guidelines if you’d like to submit a post.

We look forward to learning with you and from you!


Managing Editor Alexis Grant & The Write Life team