I studied public relations and journalism back in college (shoutout to Drake U!). As you can imagine, there was a lot of writing involved: press releases, newspaper articles, client pitches, etc., etc. We were writing nearly every day. And yet, I never really thought of writing as a career. Sure, the skill would come in handy, but it would certainly never be a primary job function.

At the time, journalism seemed like a dying industry. Public relations seemed more about marketing and business than writing. Writing and publishing books seemed so far out of the realm of possibility that I never even considered it.

But here I am, a dozen years later, doing what I love to do. The possibilities when it comes to writing are so much greater than we tend to think. Whether you want a career in wordsmithing or simply want to gain mastery over your favorite hobby, this field has so much to offer.

Here at The Write Life, as we enter a new season, the team wants to know what this site means to you. What sort of content are you looking for when you venture to thewritelife.com or open one of our emails? What does your ideal writing life look like?

We are here to serve our readers, so the more we know about your writing goals, hopes, challenges, hobbies, and career aspirations, the better we can do that.

Does the write life, for you, mean:

  • Full-time income from freelance?
  • A fiction writing career?
  • Selling even more books?
  • Having a successful side hustle?
  • Fulfilling a lifelong passion?
  • Finally finishing your book?
  • Getting a book published (or doing it yourself)?
  • Finding a career in copywriting?

Or maybe it’s something else entirely.

Whether it’s one of these, all of these, or a dream not listed, let us know in the comments! Next week, we’ll feature your responses in order to provide motivation, inspiration, and hope for all of us writers out there—myself included.