What’s on Your Wish List for The Writer’s Bundle 2016?

What’s on Your Wish List for The Writer’s Bundle 2016?

For the past two years, we’ve offered The Writer’s Bundle, an amazing package of writing resources for a limited-time low price.

It’s been a great opportunity not only for us to share top-notch courses, guides and expert knowledge; but also for you to make a major investment in your writing and business skills for a considerable bargain.

As we enter the new year, the TWL team is kicking around ideas for partnering with experts and creating more content to help you succeed as a writer.

But as we complete our own brainstorming exercises, we’d love to know:

  • Which resources would you love to see in a 2016 version of The Writer’s Bundle? Which guides, courses, or programs are on your professional-development wish list?(Check out The Writer’s Bundle 2015 and 2014 to see what we’ve included in the past.)
  • Is there a particular skill or concept you’d like to learn about, but can’t find a resource that covers it? Let us know what you’re searching for — perhaps we can serve as a continuing education concierge in the comments.

Share your thoughts in the comments so we can help you continue to create, connect and earn in 2016!

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