46 Incredible Writing Retreats to Attend in 2020

46 Incredible Writing Retreats to Attend in 2020

Since COVID-19 has drastically changed the world we live in, many of these retreats may be canceled, postponed or moved online. Check with each individual retreat for details.

Dream of getting away to write, but need some guidance on the next steps for your novel?

Want to meet and work with other writers, but in a more intimate setting than a writing conference?

A writing retreat might be just the ticket.

Why you might want to attend a writers retreat

Whereas writing residencies are mostly about working in solitude, and conferences focus on networking and lectures, writing retreats fall somewhere in between.

Most are in beautiful locations (where, presumably, your creative juices will flow more easily), and offer a combination of workshops, tours and interaction with a small group of writers.

They’re a great way to combine a vacation with inspiration, networking — and, of course, lots of writing.

They can be pricey, but some offer scholarships (so always ask!), or consider creating your own writing retreat with friends.

And remember: A writers retreat is an investment in your career, as well as an opportunity to get away. If they’re out of your price range, then perhaps a writing residency would be a better fit. Or, check out this list of grants for writers.

Incredible writers retreats to attend in 2020

The writing retreats below take place in 2020 — and are organized by location, in order from least to most expensive.

(Hint: If there’s a particular country or month that works best for you, command-F to search the page for it.)

Unless otherwise noted, the prices include workshops, shared accommodation, activities and most meals. None include airfare to and from the destination.

If your chosen retreat has already happened, don’t despair; click through to check out next year’s dates, as many of them are annual affairs.

Please keep in mind that The Write Life team has not attended these retreats. While we’ve gathered as much information as possible to share with you, consider this a starting point, and do your own research before committing. To ensure you’ll have an enjoyable experience, we recommend reading testimonials and reviews, or asking the host to connect you with past participants.

USA & Canada

1. Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Retreat

If you’re a fiction writer looking for a quick and affordable getaway, this retreat might be for you.

Set in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains from April 2-5, 2020, it offers workshops, critiques and readings. The organizers promise you’ll “find inspiration in the natural beauty that will surround you.”

The retreat has a handful of Facebook reviews, with Diana Williams writing, “Everything – the people, the training – I am so impressed!” and Corinne O’Flynn adding, “The best group of writers I have had the pleasure to work with.”

Cost: $299–$399 per person. Or $65 per day if arranging your own lodging. 

2. Willow Writers’ Retreat

This three-day retreat in southwest Georgia offers quiet time away to immerse yourself in the writing process, plus a supportive group to cheer you along.

It’s March 27–30, 2020 in Americus, Georgia. Guests stay at the Americus Garden Inn, a gorgeous B&B with sumptuous breakfasts, and retreat events are across the street.

Willow Writers’ Retreat is facilitated by Susan Isaak Lolis, a published and award-winning writer. Attendees have access to workshops, including one with creative writing instructor Margaret Harrington, plus a reading on the last evening to celebrate your work.

Cost: $280 before Jan. 31, $300 before Feb. 10, $350 before Feb. 24. Attendees reserve accommodation separately, tapping into a block of rooms at the Americus Garden Inn. You can also add a one-on-one manuscript critique for the first 20 pages of your novel, short story or a creative nonfiction essay for $50.

Disclosure: Willow Writers’ Retreat is a partner of The Write Life. We hold our advertisers to high standards and vetted this retreat just like the others on this list. 

3. The Genuine Writer’s Retreat

For all you east coasters, this four-day, three-night retreat in Annapolis, Maryland, is a budget-friendly option. 

From April 2-5, 2020, authors Lia Mack and Jeannette DiLouie will lead “group write-ins” and workshops on everything from platform to elevator pitches. You’ll also get a one-on-one session with DiLouie, who’s a professional editor. If you’re tight on cash and local to the area, you can even sign up to attend just for one day. 

Though verified reviews are limited, Cathryn Leigh, a two-time participant wrote this on the retreat’s Facebook page: “The Genuine Writers Retreat is an [sic] lovely cozy writing retreat with plenty of time to write and chat with other writers. The one-on-one sessions with Lia and/or Jeanette are amazing. If it wasn’t for them I might never have gotten out of my writers block and finally publish [sic] my first novel!”

Cost: $425–$1,095 per person, based on occupancy and booking date (does not include lunch). 

4. Find Your Story: A Therapeutic Life Writing Retreat for Older Women

Are you in the second half of your life? Are you a newbie writer who wants to tell your story? Then this women-only retreat in Dallas, Texas, from September 14-15, 2020, was designed for you. 

Over the weekend, psychotherapist and writing coach Jennifer Westrom will help you get started (or unstuck) when it comes to your memoir. 

After attending Westrom’s 2019 retreat in Santa Fe, Judy Cooke Armstrong wrote on Facebook: “I found so much more than I expected. I found my voice, I found a circle of like-minded women, and I found a path forward into the next stage of my life.”

Cost: $595 per person (does not include dinner). 

5. Writing With Care

Picture a charming converted church by the ocean in Newfoundland, and something like Ochre House Retreat comes to mind.  From July 19 to 24, 2020, this retreat welcomes a small group of creative artists from all disciplines.

Under the guidance of “extraordinary” instructors, you’ll discuss writing techniques and tools, as well as “the place of writing in one’s life.”

“This is an amazing treasure, a gem, the best,” wrote Bernardine Stapleton in a 2017 Facebook review for Ochre House. “The Writing With Care retreat really WAS all about care, thought, being gentle, and guiding the participants.”

Cost: $1113-1525 CAD ($858–$1154US) Meals and accommodations included.

6. Writing Round the Trees: A Transformational Writing Retreat

At this Colorado retreat from October 14-18, 2020, you’ll “immerse yourself in the wilderness and your writing.”

Using her background in publishing, editing and astrology, host Cassandra Leoncini will lead you through workshops, one-on-one sessions and experiential ceremonies, all the while gaining inspiration from Lilith, the “ancient Tree of Life spirit who seeks embodiment and dramatization in our lives.” 

There aren’t a lot of public reviews for this retreat — though one written by Madonna Kettler on Facebook said, “Great people, great food, and plenty of time to create and BE!” 

Cost: $800 per person for a private room. 

7. The Writer’s Cruise

Cruise your way to writing success with Melinda Copp, a ghostwriter, developmental editor and writing coach. From October 12–17, 2020, you’ll sail from Charleston to the Bahamas and back again. 

Along with a small group of writers, you’ll attend workshops on creative writing, getting published and productivity. On your days in port, you’ll have the chance to explore gorgeous beaches before reuniting with the group for dinner. Best of all: When you’re on the boat, you’ll be free from distractions, ready to do what you came to do — write! 

“One of the most exciting parts about working with Melinda was gaining momentum,” Amy Menna said in a testimonial on Copp’s site. “Melinda was a resource that helped me get my thoughts from my head to the paper… Without Melinda’s program, I would never have had the motivation to move forward.”

Cost: $827–$1,056 per person (when booked before December 13, 2019). After that, rates rise $200 per person. 

Disclosure: The Writer’s Cruise is a partner of The Write Life. We hold our advertisers to high standards and vetted this retreat just like the others on this list. 

8. Writers Who Run, Retreat & Race

OK, so this retreat isn’t happening in 2020, but if you’re reading this late in the year, take note it will be running (get it?) again in April 2021 in the mountains of northeastern Georgia.

After a two-mile run each morning, you’ll have a full schedule of workshops, critique groups, writing time and social events. The culminating event is a scenic 5K and 10K race on Saturday morning!

For testimonials, check out these YouTube videos from past participants. 

Cost: $1,400–$2,400 per person.

9. Retreat & Create

A new offering from The Write Life founder Alexis Grant, this retreat launches in May 2020. It’s held in the beautiful, historic mountain town of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, about an hour from Washington, D.C.

This retreat is for women only, and it’s a small group, about 10 attendees. It’s not just for writers; it’s open to all career-focused women who need space and quiet to focus on their work. 

In addition to plenty of work time, the retreat includes an easy-to-moderate hike each morning and a group dinner each night at a local restaurant. Grant emphasizes on the website that all activities are optional, so you can choose to be energized by group conversations or dive deep into solo work time.  

Cost: $1,650 for the first retreat, which includes four nights accommodation, three meals a day, hikes and a massage. (Grant says the price is expected to go up after the May retreat.)

10. Autumn Writing Retreat in the Berkshires

Let autumn in New England be your muse on this retreat with Page Lambert, an instructor of creative writing at the University of Denver’s graduate school.

From October 4-8, 2020, you’ll stay at a historic inn, participating in group writing sessions and individual manuscript consultations — and drenching your creativity in the beautiful fall colors. Alternatively, check out Lambert’s 13-day women’s retreat in Peru in late April ($4,200).  

Lambert has a lengthy page of testimonials on her website. In one, Paula Hagar said Lambert was “the most awesome writing teacher I’ve ever studied with.” In another, Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus called the Peru trip “one of the most inspirational, spiritual and transcendent experiences of my life.”

Cost: $1,695 per person.

11. TLC Women’s Writing Retreats

Want something a little different?

Schedule your own private retreat with Tammy L. Coia, a memoir-writing coach who lives in Bellingham, Washington. You’ll stay at her house, in a private bedroom with water views. Each day, you’ll have one-on-one coaching alongside home-cooked meals. She offers this at her home in Palm Springs, as well.

Or, if you’d rather work in a group setting, Coia holds retreats in Mexico in February ($1,950–$2,250), Bali in March ($4,295–$4,995), Greece in May ($3,900–$4,400), and Italy ($2,800–$4,500) and Vermont in October ($1,500–$2,500). 

“Tammy gently leads you through what are often difficult memories to put on paper, but it can prove to be a very healing experience,” Joni Padduck wrote on Facebook. “I highly recommend Tammy! I guarantee it will be a wonderful experience.” 

Cost: $1,800 per person for three days.

12. Wake Up and Write Writers Retreat Workshop

For three decades, this retreat — in one form or another — has been providing an immersive learning experience for people writing novels.

It will be held on a 15-acre retreat center outside of Boise, Idaho, from May 22-31, 2020. You’ll participate in workshops, intensive writing and one-on-one meetings with industry professionals.

Though the retreat doesn’t have any testimonials or social media reviews, we’re including it because of its longevity. One anonymous testimonial on its site said, “My friend says any workshop/retreat/conference that offers one nugget of insight is worth its weight in gold. If so, the Writers Retreat Workshop made me a wealthy woman.” We’ll just have to take her word for it! 

Cost: TBD (2019 rate was $1,895 per person for a single room).

13. The White Mountain Book Writing Retreat

Editor’s note: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this retreat now offers an online option.

This retreat in the mountains of New Hampshire focuses on two things: self-nurturing and nonfiction book writing. If you keep putting off your book because of, well, life then host Dorothy Holtermann might say this retreat is for you. 

From July 6-10, 2020, you’ll learn her “Birth a Book system” through group classes and private coaching, all while feeding your body with farm-to-table organic food and daily yoga classes. 

On the retreat’s website, a testimonial from Linda Frisone Gamber said: “This retreat was a remarkable and transformative experience. If you have ever dreamed of writing a book, Dorothy guides you through from thought to actionable authorship.”

Cost: $2,495 per person for a private room, or $1,495 per person for tuition only.

14. Wide Open Writing: The Coast of Maine

Interested in spending a week writing from an Adirondack chair on the shores of the Atlantic? This retreat in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, will take place from June 20-26, 2020.

It includes writing workshops, an individual coaching session, a Thai massage, daily yoga — and membership in a “writing community that is devoted to co-creating magic.” Hosts Dulcie Witman and Nancy Coleman offer a January retreat in Costa Rica and September retreat in Italy, as well.

On Wide Open Writing’s website, Robin Gaines, author of “Invincible Summers,” wrote: “I came to the retreat expecting a similar experience I’ve had at other writing retreats, the classic workshop style of sharing work and critiquing, but this retreat allowed participants to open up their imaginations to new work, new ideas, all with the support of other writers urging you on. It was dream-like. It was special. I’ll be back.”

Cost: $2,500 per person (does not include all dinners).

15. Unplug and Write: An All-inclusive Writing Retreat in Colorado

Not only is Jess Lourey a tenured writing professor; she’s also the author of 19 books. When you join this women-only retreat from May 18–23, 2020, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, you’ll get her tutelage via group workshops and a private coaching session. 

Mornings will feature meditation, yoga and writing, and afternoons will be yours to read or relax (or keep writing). This retreat is open to female writers of all stripes and stages, including bloggers, novelists, nonfiction authors and memoirists. 

“I had the opportunity to take a workshop from Jess before I was published,” Lissa Marie Redmond, author of “A Cold Day in Hell,” said in a testimonial on Lourey’s site. “Her honesty, encouragement, and knowledge of the craft helped me make the leap from aspiring writer to published author. I still take the lessons I learned from Jess and apply them to my daily writing routine.” 

Cost: $2,880 per person for a private room, or $2,440 per person if you arrange your own lodging.

16. The Taos Writer’s Retreat

Want to get away, but not too far away? Try this women-only retreat in Taos, New Mexico, hosted by author Jennifer Louden from April 26 to May 2, July 26 to August 1 or October 25-31, 2020.

Your fee includes everything: “All lodging and all meals, daily writing seminars, daily yoga classes, on-the-spot writing coaching, plentiful snacks, and love love love.” 

In a testimonial on Louden’s site, Sarah K. Peck said the retreat “was a gift: a nourishment to my creative self, to the words and the mystery on the page that was beckoning me, and to the story that I know needed to be told. One of the best parts of the experience was finally carving out enough generous space to do the writing I know I need to do in this world.”

Cost: $2,990 per person.

Mexico & Latin America

17. Costa Rica Retreat for Writers and Families

Bring your partner and niños along on poet/children’s writer/playwright Julie Hartley’s creative writing retreat from February 8-15, 2020.

You’ll stay at a gorgeous lodge in the heart of the rainforest, with easy access to both hammocks and hikes. Each morning, you’ll participate in creative writing workshops, and each afternoon, you’ll have time to write or explore. In the evenings, you’ll reconvene with your group for readings and other writerly activities. 

In a 2018 Facebook review, Sara Kislev wrote: “Everything was perfect, from the weather, the lodge, food, to the stunning natural setting and animals and most importantly the people, our instructor Julie and the writing we produced. I loved that there was such a variety of genres taught and read. Can’t wait to return next year.”

Cost: $1,049–$1,874 CAD (~$802–$1,433 US) per person (does not include lunch or dinner); $450 CAD (~$344 US) per child if sharing a room with two adults.

18. VSW Writing Retreats

Run by the Vancouver and Victoria Schools of Writing and hosted by writing coach and author Kathrin Lake, this retreat isn’t a bad deal — especially for Americans. 

It offers group classes and one-on-one coaching in writing and publishing, plus optional dancing and tours. Dates include January 6-12, January 20-26, February 17-23 — and, if those fill, March 16-22. Lake hosts one retreat in Canada from August 23-29, too.

In a blog comment, Jill called this the “best retreat ever,” saying: “Lake creates a very safe, supportive & fun writing environment that gets the creative and imaginative juices flowing… She sees the strength(s) in each writer and shows how each of us can get even better!” 

Cost: $1,360 CAD per person (~$1,039 USD) (does not include lunch or most dinners). 

19. Journey Into Sacred Expression Women’s Retreat

I love the sound and attitude of Aimee Hansen’s women-only writing retreats in Guatemala — and from her glimmering reviews, they live up to their promise.  

You’ll stay on Lake Atitlan and enjoy daily yoga, meditation and writing sessions. Guest facilitators will also lead you in Mayan fire, cacao and dance ceremonies. She has two dates on the calendar for 2020: January 3-11 and August 1-10, 2020 (plus a September retreat in Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains for $1,295).

“Aimee Hansen’s retreat was wonderful from start to finish,” Jill McGrath wrote in a Facebook review. “I was looking for a women’s retreat to recharge my poetry writing and to connect to my spirituality via yoga, meditation, and nature. The retreat far exceeded my expectations.”

Cost: $1,575–$1,895 per person (private rooms are an extra $300–$400).

20. Story Quest — Costa Rica

Make progress on your novel or memoir while staying on the lush beaches of Nosara, Costa Rica. 

From November 8-14, 2020, authors Doug Kurtz and Dan Manzanares will teach you their “Story Map” curriculum, which covers characters; plot; and theme, setting and voice. The retreat includes more than 30 hours of instruction, plus group and individual coaching sessions, happy hours and yoga. 

On Facebook, Jean Suffin Unger wrote, “One of the most productive and best weeks of my ‘writing’ life. Doug and Dan are awesome instructors and provided a really workable model… The whole experience was outstanding. I made new friends, and I came home motivated to write!”

Cost: $1,595–$2,995 per person. 

21. Under the Volcano

This respected nonprofit program will hold its 17th annual retreat from January 9-19, 2020 (and, for a sneak peek, its 18th from January 8-18, 2021), in the Mexican village of Tepoztlán. The program, which is highly selective, requires a writing sample for admission. 

As an “incubator of literary talent,” it’s intended for “committed writers with projects underway.” You’ll attend six three-hour workshops — with master instructors — in fiction, poetry, memoir or journalism, and can also opt for a two-week residency following the 10-day program.

“Under the Volcano is not just about the writing,” said Natalie Hart, according to the program’s website. “It is a personal journey. Never has a combination of place, people and programme felt so powerful and inspiring.” 

Cost: $1,995 per person (does not include accommodation and some meals). Financial aid is available.

22. Creative Revolution Retreat

Leigh Shulman invites you to choose your own retreat dates — and join her anytime in 2020 in Salta, Argentina. This retreat is meant for people at any stage of writing a book, or for those who want to start writing but need some guidance. 

Over eight days, you’ll enjoy intensive writing workshops tailored to your project, yoga, cultural activities, a massage and a private apartment in a bustling city center. Up to three people can participate at once, so grab two friends and book a date.

“The retreat met and exceeded my expectations,” Kathleen Evans said in a testimonial on Shulman’s site. “Each day I could feel the progress during this retreat, and I feel that I’ve really grown. My writing has matured, and I have a solid plan and an idea of where I want to go with my writing project.” (She tweeted about it, too.)

Cost: $2,500 per person.


23. Retreats for You

Debbie Flint, owner of a picturesque 17th-century thatched house in southwest England, runs a variety of retreats throughout the year. (Importantly, they all come with home-cooked meals and resident labradors you can walk through the countryside.)

Author Alison May, for example, is running two “Developing Your Novel” retreats from June 15-19 and October 5-9, 2020. 

The center, which welcomes groups, has a five-star rating on Facebook with more than 80 reviews. “The house is gorgeous and comfortable; the food is delicious, and there is always home-made cake,” Anita Chapman wrote. “Alison is a fantastic tutor who knows a great deal, delivering it beautifully; and she has a real interest in her students’ projects.”

Cost: £595 (~$763 US) per person. If traveling with a group of five, then the sixth person is free. 

24. Alpine Writers’ Retreat

If you’re looking for basically a writing residency, with a bit of tutelage thrown in, this new retreat might be of interest. 

From January 18-24 and February 29 to March 6, 2020, published novelist Valeria Vescina will lead small group retreats — max of four people! — in the Swiss Alps. You’ll enjoy a 90-minute writing workshop in the morning, then have the rest of the day to conquer those blank pages. After dinner, you can also participate in readings or group discussions. 

Though she doesn’t have any reviews yet, Vescina’s creative writing workshops at a library and high school have received positive feedback.  

Cost: £600 (~$769 US) per person for your own room. Dinners will be prepared by the host, with your help. Other dates may be available; inquire with Vescina.

25. The Leopardi Writing Conference

When you attend this retreat in the medieval town of Le Marche, Italy, its hosts promise you’ll get a glimpse of “authentic Italian country life.” 

This “immersive program for new and experienced authors” takes place from July 19-25, 2020. It includes workshops and talks on fiction, nonfiction and poetry, as well as opportunities for expert feedback on your writing project. 

The retreat has several reviews on Facebook, including this recent one from Kelly Leonora: “Excellent and personal instruction in a small group setting, surrounded by beauty and inspiration. It exceeded expectations!”

Cost: $975 (does not include accommodation or meals). One poetry scholarship is available.

26. Verse Kraken Writing Retreat

This weeklong retreat in Brittany, France, from May 8-15, 2020, is taught by the authors Claire Trévien and Tori Truslow. (Trévien’s debut poetry collection was the reader’s choice in the Guardian’s first book award.)

They promise you’ll “engage with the environment” by exploring local culture, food and literature — and engage with your words through workshops, tutorials and independent writing time. Writers of all genres are welcome and encouraged. 

“This has been such a wonderfully restorative experience, one that has made me realise how starved of inspiration I’ve been for the last year,” Quen Took wrote on Twitter. “I want to carry this experience with me & use it to make my life a better, more joyous place.”

Cost: £775–£850 (~$993–$1,089 US) per person. £450–£500 (~$576–$641 US) per person without lodging or breakfast.

27. Black Sea Writing Retreat

Pumped to include a getaway in Romania — a lovely country that deserves more visitors! At this seaside retreat from August 31 to September 6, 2020, you’ll receive practical instruction in writing and editing, as well as one-on-one critiques of your work. 

Also included in the cost are Romanian language classes, a food tasting and trips to historical sites in Romania and Bulgaria. The host offers more retreats in Ireland in May (for travel writing), June and September, and Paris in October.

“Having not been to a writing retreat before, I arrived without expectations, yet the week has been amazing,” Barbara Hopper wrote in a testimonial on the site. “The writing integrates with cultural and historical excursions culminating in a memorable experience. All in all, I laughed, wrote, absorbed and learned. I would highly recommend.”

Cost: €1290 per person (~$1,429 US).

28. Iceland Writers Retreat

At this retreat, it seems like you get what you pay for: intimate workshops and panels with famous authors like Ariel Levy and Gretchen Rubin.

You’ll also have dedicated writing time and the opportunity to explore the incredible country of Iceland, with outings led by contemporary Icelandic writers. It runs April 29 to May 3, 2020.

On Facebook, Tenny Priebe wrote: “I am so grateful and blown away by the totality of the retreat. It hit all the right places: high level writer/instructors, accomplished attendees, thorough introduction to the country of Iceland and its current and past literary significance, diverse workshops, international participants, amazing food, comfort and lots of laughs.”

Cost: 198,000 ISK (~$1,586 US) per person (does not include lodging and most meals). Scholarships available.

29. Write Away Europe — Plovdiv

Looking for a place where your “soul and creative spirit will soar”? Travel to the 2019 European “Capital of Culture” — the charming Bulgarian town of Plovdiv — from April 19-25 or July 26 to August 1, 2020. 

Your hosts will be Lisa Howe, a professional editor; Scott Stavrou, a novelist and writing instructor; and George Crane, a published author and writing instructor. You’ll participate in writing workshops, one-on-one mentoring sessions and nightly social hours, all while staying in the heart of a historic city.  

Write Away Europe also hosts retreats in Greece in May, Italy in June and France in September. It has several Facebook reviews, including one from Amy Lynn, who attended the Plovdiv retreat in 2019. “This program is phenomenal,” she wrote. “Every day there is individual attention to each writer’s projects. [They] used their expertise to really help me hone in on my craft—from plot to sentence structure, their attention was extremely valuable and helpful to me… The experience changed me as a writer.”

Cost: $1,650–$1,850 per person (does not include lunch).

30. The Creative Writer’s Workshop: Fiction & Autobiographical Fiction

Learn to tell your story while escaping to the mythical Irish island of Inis Mór from June 12-19 or September 6-12, 2020. 

In addition to writing workshops with host Irene Graham, you’ll enjoy guided walks and tours of the remote island. Graham also hosts two memoir-specific retreats in June and September. 

“This retreat has been one of the most enjoyable times of my life,” Liz Burch wrote on Graham’s site. “The venue was fantastic, the group talented and diverse. I loved the workshop and the structure. It has given me a great boost in my writing confidence.”

Cost: €1,675 ($1,859 US) per person for a private room (does not include all meals).

31. Retreat To the North: A Skagaströnd Saga Writer’s Experience

In the tiny, gorgeous country of Iceland, 1 in 10 residents will someday publish a book. In other words, there’s no better place to indulge your creativity. 

On this retreat from March 21-30, 2020, you’ll escape the crowds and explore the country’s remote northwest corner. In addition to cultural activities, a dinner with a local family and hot tubbing, you’ll attend workshops and masterclasses with the Icelandic authors Einar Kárason and Björg Árnadóttir. 

As this is a new retreat, it doesn’t yet have any reviews or testimonials. The organizer NES Artist Residency, however, does have a handful of positive Google reviews.

Cost: €1850 (~$2,052 US) per person for your own room (does not include lunch). €1,250 (~$1,386) per person if you bring a buddy to share with.

32. Women Reading Aloud — Greece

From June 16-25, 2020, writer and poet Julie Maloney will bring her women’s retreat to the Greek island of Alonnisos for the tenth straight year.

You’ll stay in a family-owned guest house overlooking the Aegean sea. Each morning, you’ll participate in writing workshops, and each afternoon, you’ll have free to explore your surroundings. One night, you’ll also partake in a sunset dinner cruise (swoon!). 

“I have attended the Alonnisos Writing Retreat with [Women Reading Aloud] for three years and each year I come away fuller, richer, and more excited about my writing,” said a testimonial from Lynne Rosenfeld on Maloney’s site. “I have grown so much as a woman and a writer.” 

Cost: $2,425 per person for a private room (includes breakfast and three dinners).

33. Ireland Writing Retreat on the Wild Atlantic Way

From June 21-25, 2020, authors Carolyn Flynn and Jona Kottler invite fiction and creative nonfiction writers to join them at the Delphi Resort near Galway for a “generative and restorative retreat.”  

You’ll receive mentored critique, individual consultations, group talks on topics like story architecture, narrative flow and dialogue — and time to wander the mountains of Connemara. 

“The inspiration from… Ireland is still shining bright,” 2019 participant Cathy Wade wrote in a Facebook post. “The retreat had a profound impact on my writing and my confidence in my writing.”

Cost: $2,295–$2,495 per person if booked before February 1, 2020, after which cost increases $100–$200 (includes breakfast and most dinners).

34. Your Beautiful Writing Life Retreat

Because no one can get enough of Italy: two-time novelist Vanessa Carvale’s retreat will take place from September 20-27, 2020, at a villa a few miles from the historical city of Florence.

It’ll include craft-based and coaching workshops, personalized manuscript feedback and even an onsite pasta-making class. Carvale hosts a retreat in Australia, as well. 

“I came in incredibly blocked and stressed about the project I was working on,” Josephine Moon, author of “The Beekeeper’s Secret,” said in a testimonial on Carvale’s site. “[A]nd I’m leaving with a new project that feels totally right, that I’m excited about.”

Cost: $2,450 per person.

35. Krouna Writing Workshop

Travel with novelist and writing instructor Henriette Lazaridis to her ancestral home in the mountains of northern Greece, where you’ll enjoy group workshops, individual coaching and lots of time to write.

To apply, you must submit a 10-page writing sample. And before attending the retreat from July 26 to August 1, 2020, you’ll need to submit a sample for group critiquing: either 50 pages of a novel manuscript or two short stories.

“Krouna Writing Workshop is an amazing experience led by a brilliant, caring person in one of Greece’s most gorgeous landscapes, and I would attend again in a heartbeat,” Elene Catrakilis wrote in a Facebook review. “I received kind, constructive and incisive feedback, both written and verbal with respect to my manuscript.” 

Cost: $2,500 per person (does not include breakfast or dinner).

36. Get Away to Write — Spain

Murphy Writing of Stockton University will hold its 11th international retreat July 7-14, 2020, in northern Spain.

The retreat, led by award-winning authors Peter E. Murphy, Roberta Clipper and Christine E. Salvatore, is open to fiction writers, memoirists and poets. It includes workshops, feedback sessions, plentiful writing time and an excursion to Barcelona.

In a Facebook review for Murphy Writing, Helen Chibnik said: “In addition to providing reliably gifted, supportive, and working writers as guides, the workshops are well-balanced, productive, and a whole lot of fun – worth every penny.”

Murphy Writing also hosts a March retreat in Florida for $1,500–$1,700 per person.

Cost: $2,500–$2,700 per person (scholarships and early registration discounts available).

37. Hamlet’s Hideaway

This all-inclusive retreat will be held in Denmark from August 2-8, 2020. You’ll stay in the shadow of Fredensborg Palace, a “magical setting to dream and create.” 

Hosts Shawna Kenney, an author, and Anja Klemp Vilgaard, a journalist, will lead you in one-on-one sessions and daily writing workshops. Both new and experienced writers are welcome.

Among the retreat’s five positive Facebook reviews, this one from Karen Halasa stood out: “Hamlets Hideaway was an experience of a lifetime, a crucible of creativity in a luxurious setting of natural beauty. The feedback provided by the organisers and other participants was encouraging and constructive, the place conducive to writing.” 

Cost: $2,700 per person.

38. A Writer Within — Tuscany

Spend a week at a historic villa in Tuscany — complete with your own private chef — at this women-only retreat from May 30 to June 6, June 13–20, October 3–9 or October 11–17, 2020. 

In the mornings, author Kathryn Kay will lead group writing sessions that focus on craft and the creative process. Afternoons will be for writing, one-on-one sessions and group outings to nearby towns and sites. In the evenings, you’ll share your work and reflect on the day (over wine).

Kay has written and video testimonials on her site. A recent review from Nancy Morgan said: “I hoped to begin a new chapter in my writing life and I have. Surrounded by like-minded women who generously share their stories, I feel supported, and guided by Kathryn’s artful management. I am off in a new direction and filled with anticipation.” 

Cost: $2,900–$3,700 per person.

39. GoodWorld Journeys Literary Salons on Patmos, Greece

You’ll get to work with some BIG names at this pair of 10-day literary salons in Greece. 

The first, from May 29 to June 7, 2020, features the poets Kaveh Akbar, Terrance Hayes and Mary Karr, who will guide you through discussions, in-class exercises and informal workshops. During the second, from June 12-21, 2020, Karr is joined by the legendary George Saunders to focus on personal essays, memoirs and short stories. 

“The Salon experience was intimate, and structured in a relaxed and informal way but also enabled me to gain valuable writing knowledge, skills, and affirmation,” Josephine Dempsey said in a testimonial on the retreat site. “Yes, a life changing experience!”

Cost: $3,450–$3,950 per person (includes breakfast and two dinners). Scholarships and early-bird registration discounts available.

40. Stone + Wildflower Writing Retreat

At this (warning: $$$) retreat, founder Malika Ali Harding says, “we’ll gather seaside to make poems from wildflowers, short stories from stone, and reimagine Nordic fairytales by the fire.” It takes place at Norway’s stunning Arctic Hideaway from September 18-21, 2020.

This retreat is more focused on activities — like sunrise yoga, pebble stacking and wildlife viewing — than on coaching or critiquing, but allows time for writing and reflection, too.

“Traveling with Story Rebels allowed me to have the time and space to be creative,” Amanda Ponzio-Mouttaki said in a testimonial on the site. “With all the details sorted, I could relax and focus on writing, surrounded by others with a similar drive.”

Cost: €4290–€4690 (~$4,753–$5,196 US) per person.

Asia, Africa & Middle East

41. Writing Retreat in South Africa

Boy does this sound dreamy! You’ll stay at a farmhouse a few hours from Cape Town, enjoying morning classes and afternoon free writes (and countryside walks).  

In the evening, writing coach and literary agent Sarah Bullen will lead sessions focusing on everything from genre to character development to approaching publishers. It all goes down March 20-25, 2020. Along with the author Kate Emmerson, Bullen also hosts a retreat in Greece in June and Italy in September.

“This was truly the most inspiring and motivating thing I have ever done for myself,” Jillian Aslett wrote in a Facebook review. “Sarah’s guidance is invaluable. Working our way through the writing process with Sarah has left me feeling far more equipped to pursue my dream.”

Cost: 9,800–17,800 South African rand (~$668–$1,214 US) per person. 

42. Write Your Journey — Vietnam

You’ll take a cooking class, boat to an ancient town, practice daily yoga, get a sound bowl massage — and, oh yeah, write — during this retreat at a boutique resort in Hoi An.

From April 10-14 or September 6-13, 2020, former academic and published author Kerstin Pilz will guide you in group and one-on-one writing sessions — all while exploring “authentic Vietnam” to “ignite your creativity.” 

This retreat has an abundance of reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook. Julie B., for example, wrote: “It’s hard for me to explain the magic that happened in the retreat – very much thanks to beautiful and expert facilitation by Kirsten and wonderful service from the team she has in place. Whether you think you are a writer or not, this is definitely the place to find out…it was a truly fantastic and beautiful experience!”

Cost: $990 per person for a private room at the April retreat (includes all meals); $1,650 per person for a private room at the September retreat (does not include all dinners). Prices increase by $200 after December 31, 2019, and March 15, 2020, respectively. 

43. Writer’s Retreat in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel

Want to explore the cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv while sharing stories and making new friends? This women-only, Pink Pangea retreat will be held from May 22-25, 2020. 

In addition to exploring Tel Aviv’s markets and history, you’ll participate in daily writing workshops, get guidance on pitching stories and connect with other women writers. The company also hosts retreats in other countries throughout the year.

According to a testimonial on the Pink Pangea site, Lana Raykin said: “I’d never done a writing retreat before, and I was just expecting to loosen up a bit and get the ball rolling, creatively. But the retreat ended up being so much more – I met a really supportive group of women, I became more open to sharing and expressing myself, and started writing again.” 

Cost: $1,080–$1,280 per person (does not include lunch or dinner).

44. Indian Summer House Writers’ Retreat 

At this luscious boutique hotel in southern India, you can attend a writers retreat from March 8–13 or October 4–9, 2020, or set up your own dates upon request. 

In addition to morning yoga and meditation, “tantalising” meals and cultural activities, you’ll have daily writing workshops, evening reading sessions and abundant writing time. 

In a recent TripAdvisor review, user shonee2018 gave their experience an “excellent” rating. “Time has this lovely pace in India,” they wrote. “It seems to pass even more gently at Indian Summer House during our daily writer’s workshops with Caroline Van De Pol, readings and discussions to reflect and share our work with others or enjoying the outdoor showers, having a drink in the coconut lounge, jumping into the pool two, three times a day or relaxing at the spa.” 

Cost: $2,190–$2,990 AUD (~$1,494–$2,040 US) per person. 

45. Himalayan Writers Retreat

On this 10-day retreat in the Indian Himalayas, maybe you’ll find the solace you need to finish that important project. It has three sessions in 2020: March 17-27 and March 31 to April 10, plus another session in October (dates to be announced). 

Each retreat has a guest leader, plus two resident facilitators: a psychologist and an author. They’ll guide you through everything from discussions to long walks, bonfires, yoga and pottery. Aside from airfare, everything is included in the price — airport transfers, food and even a trip to the Taj Mahal!

This retreat has more than 70 five-star Google reviews. In a recent one, Prachi Sachdev wrote: “Himalayan Writing Boot camp is a writer’s delight. Set amidst the high peak mountains, soaked in nature’s beauty, the ambience boasts of its perfect location. If writing is your passion but you are not sure from where to kick start your writing career, this is definitely the place to be.” 

Cost: $2,800 per person.

46. Writing on Water — Inner Mongolia

Ready for a real adventure? At this retreat from June 17-24, 2020, you’ll stay in a luxury hotel in Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region of northern China.

You’ll participate in creative writing and movement workshops, attend historical and cultural tours, and gain a deeper understanding of this unique part of the world. This year’s guest artist is Rahna Reiko Rizzuto, the award-winning author of two novels and one memoir. The organizers also host retreats in Alaska in July, Australia in September and Croatia in October.   

Although no social media reviews are available, Nicole Reed wrote in a website testimonial: “The week I spent with Writing on Water was a powerful experience. I was able to discover myself as a writer.”

Cost: $2,975–$3,375 per person.

Have you attended any of these writing retreats? Have any others to recommend? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

This is an updated version of a story that was previously published. We update our posts as often as possible to ensure they’re useful for our readers.

Photo via MRProduction / Shutterstock 

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  • Laura Ell says:

    For those of you who are disappointed that they missed the past retreats, there is an amazing writers retreat coming up August 8-15, 2015 at the award-winning Jungle Bay Dominica which has been named among the top retreat properties in the world by Conde Nast Traveler magazine and Huffington Post:

    Unleash Your Creative Power Writing Retreat
    August 8-15
    Jungle Bay Dominica (in the Eastern Caribbean)
    email: retreats@focis.life

  • Liz says:

    Great list 🙂 I missed quite a few of these though (darn it!). Do you happen to have any other recommendations for retreats in Autumn/Winter?

  • Barbara Barnes says:

    I know others have mentioned this, but..the prices of these things! How could struggling writers afford any of them? Seems a total mis-match between what is offered and the people who would need it. Just saying.

    • Barbara,

      You make a good point. I run the Creative Revolution retreat mentioned above, and we do try to make the retreats as affordable as possible. Most of the cost for us covers food, lodging and all the other extras of the retreat itself. It is cheaper than a regular vacation but still costs.

      That said, not all writers are struggling. Many, also, are transitioning from full time jobs to writing, so they have the income to support a retreat but not the experience of writing. For others, a retreat is a good investment for a career. A semester long writing class costs even more.

      But of course, retreats aren’t for everyone, and many writers create their own retreats, too.

    • Barbara,

      It is a big investment, but one well worth planning ahead for. I run the Rainforest Writing Retreat in Australia and I get a lot of writers talk about how much they’d love to do this, but can’t afford it. We’re all in that situation at times and my advice is to plan to give this to yourself one day (we also run ours at cost just to provide a service for other writers, but it is still a big expense). You deserve this. Maybe not this year, but maybe next year or the one after.
      You will make the most amazing connections at a retreat, and you’ll push your career forward. Every retreat would see success stories emerge from that experience.

      I really want to run one on a fancy train one year (a mystery retreat!), but it’s out of my affordability to set it up just yet (all these venues require big deposits), but I’ll work toward it!

    • I will agree and say that these retreats are [mostly] very expensive, as they do not include the cost of missed work, airfare, etc. That said, for most people, one of these retreats is a “special” thing and not a yearly choice. If you choose the right one carefully and do the work, it will sustain you for some time to come.
      I started running workshops this summer, and I’m always stretched between how much it is costing me and how much to charge. I have patrons who can subsidize my costs [sometimes].
      Recently I taught in Paris in a very prestigious location; I was aware that most people who attended did not live in Paris and had to pay for a hotel and flight, so I figured out other creative ways to fund the class.
      But a writing retreat has to make the instructor money too, otherwise they are just giving their work away.

      The best thing, I think, to look at are not testimonials on websites or ads for retreats that make you feel good–but retreats run by writers with accomplishments that you appreciate. Go look at what they have published–do you think they are worth what they are charging? Do you see a published platform and writer who you feel can lead you and teach you, and be worth the money you just saved and spent? If you don’t see the kind of work you’d like to be crafting–or at least enough work of quality to admire–then choose a retreat by someone else.
      This always helps me decide if a conference or other event is worth my time.

      Another alternative is to look at events run thru convents and monasteries or retreat centers. They often have lower rates, and include meals and rooms for 50-75 a night, which over a three day stay is very affordable indeed. Services are not usually mandatory and they have programs for people who cannot pay oftentimes.
      I’ve gone to some of the best classes in convents and retreats–and appreciated the quiet from the world.


      • Leigh says:

        Hey AGA,

        Lovely to see you here! 🙂

        I wanted to add. Yes, retreats like the one I run are more expensive than many other ways of writing. That said, we find some really amazing places, get good prices and choose our locations based on creating a retreat that is affordable. It is also going to be less than if someone went on a vacation to the same area and paid for food and lodging on their own.

        And as far as choosing a retreat. Yes. Choosing a retreat based on writers whose writing you love is a good guide, but it’s also important to remember that not everyone who writes well also teaches well. They’re too very different skills.

        In that sense, it’s important to find a retreat that has a philosophy that fits your needs. For example, our retreat caters specifically to women who want to start writing or step up their writing. Most are in non-writing professions, and many want to travel. We also place a huge focus on self care as a way to support creative energies.

        We’ve found, too, that once people join our webinars and get to know us online, they want to work with us in person. We give a lot of ourselves to the women with whom we work, and we love doing it.

        But every writers wants something different. We’re not right for everyone. But the women who are right do not regret the money they spend on our retreat. We work incredibly hard to make that a reality.

        • Hi Leigh,
          Well it’s certainly true that not everyone who can write well can teach well. I’ve thought a lot about this, having been to a few courses where the instructor was wonderful, but couldn’t help me get my writing plan on course. They are two very different skills, as you say, but personally, why not go for both?

          For myself, if someone asked me for advice, I would tell them their instructor must have a writing track history they appreciate, as well as testimonials of on their manner and friendly approach. That is the perfect pairing, in my view. One without the other means I might feel motivated but not walk out with a skillset I need. I ask myself: is what this teacher done reflect any aspect of my own goals? Can they give me the skillset to reach them? Have they reached their own? I want to get better. I want to walk out shining, which some writing in hand that I love.

          I agree that a retreat or course must also have a philosophy which suits your needs. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a yoga writing retreat if you hate yoga., or a retreat which asks so much of you creatively that you are too tired to create.

          As for my comments on cost, those addressed the comments I read–there were many asking what is less expensive. I’m sure every retreat on this list has done it’s finest to be economical, and they aren’t cheap to run. My suggestions were more directed towards people who cannot afford several thousand dollars to go write, no matter how much they would like to. I have supported your retreat and publicized it in the past, so I’m not addressing your retreat in particular–or really any retreat here in particular..

          Many instructors also provide short courses, or webinars–like yours. I have agreed to teach one workshop in Paris each year for practically nothing–it is such an expensive city; other workshops I teach are quite expensive. I like to provide a little something for free or very cheaply once a year.

          But as I mentioned above, self led retreats at convents, Buddhist centers, monasteries–or asking a few friends to come–also makes for a great retreat. A good friend of mine has a retreat at her house once a month for writers–everyone comes and writes. There are many ways to have a retreat.

          To combine a retreat with a travel experience is a lot of work. My retreats in foreign lands are in the thousands next year. As we both know, the cost of details, food, hotel–it is adds up.

          All the more reason to choose your retreat carefully: a teacher you relate to and admire, who writes beautifully, has successes you can apply to your own plan, and who you can lay your writing life down in front of with confidence that they will gently help you shape with it care….you’ll get where you want to go!


    • Hi Barbara (in case you’re still receiving these responses)

      I hear you, which is why we selected accommodation with a wider range of rooms (and therefore prices) for our retreat in Cambodia this year, which will be our second.

      My writer-photographer husband and I are hosting a 10-day retreat in late May 2016 Siem Reap, gateway to Angkor Wat, including almost all meals, all activities, experiences, tours, transport, guides, plus creative workshops, starting at US$1,200 – and I must say, participants will be staying in absolutely beautiful, intimate boutique hotel properties, eating in Cambodia’s best restaurants, and doing some phenomenal experiences, most of which they couldn’t arrange on their own. Some participants are getting US$700 flights so for US$2,000 it’s a bargain and that’s what we intended.

      We are not only covering writing, however, we’re covering writing opportunities, pitching, and blogging, as my husband and I have not only had a very long and successful career as writers for print (scores of guidebooks, including many first editions, and hundreds of stories for magazines, newspapers etc), we also run a popular blog, do online work (at the moment we’re doing a series of long-form narratives and video clips for the site of an Australian broadcaster) and we’re writing a cookbook. Writers who leave our retreat should be able to make their retreat costs back by publishing a few stories – and we’ll tell them how to do that.

      If you look at it that way, as has been said below, it’s really an investment and if you made the right choice about which retreat to do, and which is right for you, then it should be a good investment that pays off.

  • Fiona says:

    Wonderful list, Heather. I’m late to the party but wanted to let anyone interested know that we still have spaces available for the 2015 IRELAND WRITER TOURS, one tour in August, and one in September. These are unique week-long writers’ conferences facilitated by best-selling authors with private editing sessions, group workshops and classes, combined with guided tours of Ireland. It all comes at a great price that might cover an edit OR a vacation ($1,625 USD). Each tour is limited to 12 participants to ensure personalized attention. Further info on FB, Twitter and our website: http://www.irelandwritertours.com. Thank you.

  • Kai says:

    Great list!

    I’d like to add the Mokulē‘ia Writers Retreat on the North Shore of Hawai‘i, May 3–8, 2015. This annual retreat is led by Constance Hale, author of Sin & Syntax. Lodging and meals are included in the cost.

    “The Mokulē‘ia Writers Retreat is an annual gathering that brings three dozen writers of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essays, and memoir to the North Shore of O‘ahu for a week of intimate workshops and one-on-one coaching. The retreat is high-level and professional — but also low-key and tuned in to the beauty of the surroundings. We foster an exchange in two directions — between islanders and mainlanders, published writers and budding writers, Native Hawaiian artistry and mainland publishing.”

    More details are available on the retreat Web site: http://campmokuleia.com/retreats/writers/

  • Writing in Ancient Ireland – with Irene Graham
    Set on the western shores of Ireland on Inis Mor, one of the Aran Islands, this Fiction and Autobiographical Fiction Writing Workshop and Retreat evokes creativity, the heart of your story…and your sense of self.

    Eat gastronomical delights, stay in high-end accommodation at the foot of Dun Aengus Fort, enjoy walks to ancient sites with a Celtic scholar, and let the raw beauty of this ancient landscape nuture your soul, and your writing.

    Another Retreat, Memoir Writing – is nestled beside The Cliffs of Moher, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean…you can read all about that here…

  • Elizabeth says:

    Here’s another incredible writing retreat:

    “Writing at Sea” – Pangaea Exploration – April 4 – 13, 2015 – Dominican Republic to Florida

    ‘Writing at Sea’ offers the remarkable opportunity to expand your creative writing skills while sailing through some of the most breathtaking parts of the Bahamas. During this 10-day voyage aboard S/V Sea Dragon, you will be provided with a unique space to create new writing that cultivates an awareness of our marine environment and takes into regard the ecological challenges humans place on the oceans.


    This expedition will combine facilitated discussion; hands-on sailing experience; and practical workshops on writing fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and environmental journalism.

    Pangaea Exploration is offering THREE $500 grants to writers to join the “Writing at Sea” expedition

    Writers participating in this voyage will also get the opportunity to submit work to the online blog of Whole Terrain, the award-winning journal of reflective environmental practice. Exceptional pieces of writing may also be chosen to be published in the print journal of Whole Terrain. Writers will also get the opportunity to publish blogs via the Pangaea Exploration website.

    For more information about the writing grants and to apply, please visit: http://panexplore.com/grants/
    Applications are due on February 14th, 2005.

  • Nice retreats for the Elite . Yes they can be valuable and helpful. But most of us are starving artists.

  • Melissa says:

    What about Yoga and Creative Writing in Italy with editor from going OM Melissa Carroll?


  • Suzanne says:

    Ooooh, I love this post!!! Incredible writing retreats. Here’s a great post on how to pick a great writing retreat: gatelesswriting.com/the-truth-about-writing-retreats/
    And I’m partial to the gateless method of doing writing retreats that include bodywork, fabulous organic food and are based on brain science that says in order to make our work soar, we need to learn where we shine, where the strengths are and how to lean into our innate talent. http://suzannekingsbury.net/writing-retreats/
    xxxooo, S.

  • Such a wonderful list and love to see my friends from Wide Open Writing listed here! Yay! Thank you for your consideration – I’d like to share that I’ll also be offering a week-long workshop at Omega in Rhinebeck, NY in May 2015: Yoga & Writing: Creating Fearless Flow. http://www.eomega.org/workshops/yoga-writing#-workshop-description-block

  • Dear Susan, Here’s a link to the video summary of the 2014 French Alps, Exploring the Voice of Your Soul (retreat: http://www.awakeintheworld.com/#!travel-/c146f ). It gives a good idea of the place, the good food, and the diversity of the group.

    I’m open to answering any questions about it — or putting those of you who are interested and want to know more, in touch with some of the 2014 participants. The group bonded so much that we continue to meet by phone once a month.

    Thanks for including it in your 2015 retreats!

    Debra Moffitt

  • Janelle says:

    Just wondering if there is a workshop for poetry writers.

  • Susan, thanks so much for including our “Peru Weaving Words & Women” 2016 retreat! I know that’s more than a year away, but this gives everyone a chance to save a little money every month. My 2015 offerings include the “Literature & Landscape of the Horse” retreat in Wyoming this June, and “On the River of Discovery with Women of Influence” in Utah, September 2015. Couldn’t pass up the chance to mention them. Thanks again, Susan! Page Lambert

  • Are there any writing retreats held in the United Kingdom?

  • eve says:

    Sorry to sound pathetic, but what about those of us who can’t afford to pay a grand or even a few hundred bucks? Are there are any free ones, especially for women who have survived abuse and/or are currently in an extremely …horrible situation? Are there any grants or ‘scholarship’ type programs? Thanks in advance….

    • Hi Eve — we wrote about writing residencies (usually low-cost or free) and grants for writers (money to fund your writing) in separate posts. Let us know what you think, and best of luck with your writing journey!

      TWL Assistant Editor

      • Hi Heather– Yes, retreats are usually pricey, but a good investment in your career. However, when you have to choose between paying your bills and going to a retreat, of course you have to be practical. I’ve put together several retreats that only some can afford. BUT I’m offering FREE attendance to 5 people for my Visual Mindscape Screenwriting Retreat with award-winning screenwriter Bill Boyle. If you’re a screenwriter, TV writer or even a playwright, you may want to enter for a chance to win this fantastic retreat. Here’s the link to enter: http://www.miaterratours.com/enter-to-win.html

    • Debbie says:

      Or suffering from Fibromyalgia or any other chronic pain disease. At least take a percentage off of their choice of retreat. I would love to go to Tuscany, France or Ireland. I just have a book inside of me that wants to come out but I need help getting the beginning down on paper. Or something like that. LOL.

  • Patricia Patterson says:

    I have attended the TLC Writing Retreats and recommend them. I was lucky enough to attend three retreats in different places. I love getting away to write, learn, and experience the uninterrupted peace and beauty. I came away with a renewed confidence in my writing. Tammy Coia is an experienced writer and teacher who shares her love of life and adventure.

  • Carolyn Boyles says:

    The Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum and Educational Center in Piggott, Arkansas (yes, the Ernest Hemingway–he had a house there) holds three writers retreats each year. The instructor varies.

    The website is http://www.hemingway.astate.edu

    Hemingway wrote parts of A Farewell to Arms in his studio in Piggott.

    The cost of the retreat does not include accommodations or food. It’s cheap compared to those listed on this website and you don’t need a passport.

    For those of you who are old movie buffs, the movie that made Andy Griffith famous, A Face In The Crowd, was filmed in Piggott, Arkansas. In the movie, it’s Pickett, Arkansas.

  • Sucks. I can’t afford any of them.

  • Susan!

    Thank you so much for including our Creative Revolution Retreat in this list. I absolutely love the way you describe it.

    For anyone who wants to know more, btw, feel free to ask. Or you can also join some free writing webinars we’re hosting every week in November.

    People can sign up for webinars or listen to past ones here: http://creative-revolution.com/webinar-resources/

    And again, thank you! I am on pins and needles excited for February to arrive.


    • Thanks for sharing, Leigh!

      TWL Assistant Editor

      • Karen says:

        Hi there,
        Cost is a problem with Writing Retreats admittedly! – not just the cost of attending one, but also organising one: the cost of the speakers, their flights, the accommodation (we rented a twelve bedroom house) and the catering (freshly cooked local food to inspire).

        At http://www.achapteraway.com we offer five-days full board and accommodation for £1000 in a manor house in beautiful SW France.

        Novel & Memoir course June 12th – 19th 2016, or Novel & Historical Fiction course, July 6th – 12th.

        HOWEVER, we are running competitions to offer TWO FREE places (inclusive of tutorials, food, accommodation, but not travel costs to France) to writers of talent and merit over the coming year and to start with, on the two courses above.

        The first two candidates of merit to submit work will win.

        There will be a reduction of £100 for any reader of this article.

        Please contact me for details and to submit your work. Don’t let the fact you can’t afford a retreat put you off – we are currently looking for writers of talent to introduce to our literary agents.

        We work with leading UK literary agents including Andrew Lownie and Jonathan Pegg, as well as many UK University professors and published authors of acclaim.

        Look forward to seeing you in France!


      • Mathew Tang says:

        My names are Tang Mathew. Am a certified writer of screen plays and novels. I wish to participate in this conference please what is required of me

    • Another retreat to add is a brand new one coming to the scene in 2016. Writers Who Run (or Walk) Retreat in western North Carolina with a focus on novel writing. 5 days, 4 nights in woodsy setting with morning trail runs (or hikes), 2 morning workshops each day, Daily Mile Markers, 2 hours of writing time, and Roundtable critiques for First Page, First Chapter, and Synopsis. Last day finale is an actual running race on the trails! 6 miles. Non-runners will hike with each other and soak in the beauty of the forest. First year inaugural price is only $950. Includes lodging and all meals and race entry fees. Visit http://www.writerswhorun.com for more info and to register.

    • Hello there,
      I am a lifelong writer and a teacher. I am launching into the world of hosting Writing Retreats at my own home in central France in the lesser-known Creuse area, with its connections to George Sands – including two of her homes in beautiful locations which I will take guests to visit. My husband is in charge of cookeing for both meat-eaters and veggies. We recognise the importance of laying on all meals and refreshments and we think that our affordable pricing will come as a pleasant surprise.
      The website http://lemotjuste.org/

      I will be on hand to do critiquing, and hope that the intimate atmosphere – just four writer guests, each with their own room – might inspire the sharing of support and the giving of feedback on one another’s work.

      Our first Le Mot Juste retreats (with early booking discount) are on the following dates:
      Monday 14th August 2017 – Saturday 19th August 2017

      Monday 4th September 2017 – Saturday 9th September 2017

      Monday 25th September 2017 – Saturday 30th September 2017
      Free pick-up/drop-off service to/from Limoges Airport or Station.
      Each of the above retreats consists of a five-night fully catered stay
      Discounted price £380 if booked before 20th December 2016.

      Looking forward to seeing you in France!


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