Writing Software Quiz Result: Scrivener

The best writing software for someone with your aspirations is Scrivener!  

The program developed for writers, by writers.  

Not only does it allow you to write without distractions, but it’s also perfect for following an outline thoroughly. In fact, it also has a corkboard feature that allows you to create the entire outline from scratch.  

Another motivating feature that helps is the ability to track your progress.  

I know you have word count goals that seem nearly impossible to miss but when you can visually see your progress, it will help you push through to the last word in order to hit it.


  • Progress tracking
  • Outlining capabilities
  • Plotting features



  • Costs some money
  • Can take some practice to use efficiently


Ready to start? Here’s what to do next:

  1. Check out what Scrivener has to offer and if it’s everything you were looking for.
  2. Sign Up for our free workshop and learn how to go from blank page to published author in 90 days!

Best of luck and remember, taking action is one of the hardest steps toward your writing career!

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