It’s Time to Nominate the Best Writing Websites for 2018!

It’s Time to Nominate the Best Writing Websites for 2018!

Attention, writers! We’d love a minute of your time. Drop your pencils, CTRL-save your latest article or — let’s be honest with ourselves — look up from your next brilliant tweet.

We need your help.

You’ve seen our list of the best websites for writers for the past four years. We love showcasing these amazing resources and sharing the tools you need to become a better writer.

We look forward to continuing the tradition with a new edition of 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2018.

Whether your goal for 2018 is to land a book deal, become a full-time freelancer, up your guest posting game or find a writing buddy, this list has you covered. We want to make sure we include valuable resources for everyone, so we need your input.

What’s your favorite writing website?

Which blogs do you visit for inspiration, information or writing-related entertainment? Which sites have earned space on your bookmarks bar? Who do you want to nominate for our list?

Let us know your favorite sites in the comments. We’re looking forward to sharing the list with you in January!

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