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20 Inspiring Pinterest Boards for Writers

by | Sep 14, 2019

Pinterest isn’t just a place for jewelry, clothing or landscape images; it can also help inspire and promote your work as a writer.

Check out these Pinterest boards for writers

If you want to spice up your book, find resources on editing or organize your writing space, check out these 20 Pinterest boards for writers.

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1. Elsie Road Magazine’s Writing + Editing board 

With everything from articles and checklists, to writing prompts and enlightening advice, this in-depth resource will help you find all the tips you need to bring the best out of your writing. 

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2. Writers Relief’s Getting Help With Your Writing board

Need help developing your novel’s character? Want to find a writing mentor? This board has everything you need to improve your writing, including ways to spice up your stories.

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3. K.M. Weiland’s Writing Resources board 

One thing (of many) that’s tricky about writing is finding a way to relay your gripping idea to readers. Start here to learn neat ways to hook your readers with words and characters that jump right off the page. 

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4. Book Riot’s Cover Lovin’ board

Create inspiring and eye-catching book covers for your upcoming novel or ebook with this vast collection of book cover designs.

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5. Writers Write’s Writing Prompts board  

 Need some inspiration? Leave the brainstorming to this board filled with daily prompts that will keep your creative juices fueled and flowing. 

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6. Laura Simms’ Home Office Inspiration board

Your office workspace should be a place that’s comfortable and reflects your creativity, but it also needs to inspire your senses. This board is full of beautiful office spaces!

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7. Mandy Wallace’s The Writer’s Sandbox group board 

This board is like a Phillips screwdriver — everyone should have it in their toolbox. This one-stop-shop shares resources for editing, writing and publishing, creating complex characters and so much more. 

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8. Arts and Classy’s Blogging + Content Marketing group board

If you’re looking to publish a book or want to level up your blog, this board has you covered. It includes tips on marketing your blog or book, getting reviews, establishing a platform and more.

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9. Greatist’s Relaxation board

As a writer, it’s important to nourish your body as well as your mind. Sitting all day is not healthy for your muscles or your mind. Use these ideas to relax, recover and renew your imagination.

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10. 1976write’s The Writer’s Guide to Writing board 

This board is different than the others on this list due to its 24 sections, all dedicated to teaching writers how to hone their skills. Its robust catalogue includes memoir writing, grammar and punctuation, writing productivity, self-care tips and more. 

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11. Amelia Hutchins’ Writing board

Myth: Writers are walking thesauruses. When you just can’t get the same five adjectives out of your head, or if too many of your characters have a furrowed brow, rejuvenate your creativity with this board. You’ll learn new vocabulary words, insight on how to describe characters and more. 

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12. Melinda Copp’s Productivity board 

Want to learn how to maximize your creativity and increase your productivity? From office organization ideas, to productivity tips for writing, to creating consistent writing habits, you’ll find something to ensure your writing is a priority. 

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13. Elna Cain’s Work From Home board

Being a parent and trying to be productive while working from home isn’t easy. Thankfully this board shares all the real-world advice you need to be a successful freelancing parent.

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14. The Work at Home Wife’s Work From Home and Get Paid group board

This group board is perfect for freelance writers who are looking for ways to make a full-time living from home. You’ll find information related to being more productive, getting paid and jump starting a successful business.

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15. Writing Forward’s Fiction Writing and Storytelling board 

You’re a writer; you know what you’re doing. But sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded of the little things, and that’s what this board is. Here, you’ll get all sorts of storytelling tips to help you make your work shine.  

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16. Mooness Lindqvist-Ebadi’s Writing board  

For the writing life you’re gonna need the right tools , and this board delivers just that. With ideas for creating fictional cultures and effective ways to add emotion to your  writing, you’ll be sure to find a little bit of everything.

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17. Lady Writer’s Writing Worksheets board

Storybuilding requires keeping track of small details, and without the right organization method, things can get a little messy. Gather your ideas and use a worksheet to guide you in mapping out your story. There’s even a worksheet to help you write pep talks! 

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18. Bound to Writing’s Book board  

With tons of diverse book  r recommendations to choose from on this picturesque board, you’ll never run out of ingenuity or ideas for your writing work.

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19. Gina Horkey’s Freelance Writing board

As a freelance writer it’s important to practice your craft and use samples to land more work. This freelance writing board offers actionable tips and advice for improving your skills.

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20. The Write Life’s Writer’s Toolbox board

We couldn’t complete this list without including our own board, now, could we? Whether you’re looking for practical advice to help you write a book or manage your freelance hustle, our board is packed with expert tips and guides that will take your writing to the next level. 

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Do you have a favorite writing-related Pinterest board? Share it in the comments below!

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