7 More Writing Blogs That Want Your Guest Posts

Writing blogs that want your guest posts
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You’re a great writer. You’re writing excellent posts with nuanced arguments and sharing practical advice and personal experience on your own blog. There’s just one problem: only your sister is reading it.

Blogging on your own site helps establish your voice and authority, your little corner of the internet. But attracting readers to your blog can be a challenge — where do you find them, and how do you convince them that you’re worth listening to?

For many bloggers, guest posting is the answer. By sharing your expertise on another blog, you build relationships with other bloggers in your niche and connect with a broader audience — some of whom may be your future readers and customers.

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Danny Iny shared his advice on guest posting back in the early days of TWL, and since the online world changes quickly, we’ve created a new list. Here are seven more blogs to consider pitching when planning your guest posting strategy.

1. Be a Freelance Blogger

Created by Sophie Lizard, Be a Freelance Blogger helps writers earn more money by blogging for hire. Many posts focus on finding clients, figuring out how to set your rates and developing your blogging skills. They’re informative, but also entertaining for readers.

Popular posts include:

Submitting a guest post to Be a Freelance Blogger is a nine-step process, which sounds intimidating but isn’t actually that complicated. Start by getting to know the blog and its community by reading popular posts and sharing your thoughts in the comments. Brainstorm story ideas, then pitch them to Lauren, BAFB’s Community Manager (lauren@beafreelanceblogger.com). Once she gives you the green light, it’s time to write your first draft!

For more information on guest posting on BAFB, check out our Guest Blogging Spotlight.

2. Writer’s Relief

Founded in 1994, Writer’s Relief helps writers submit their work to literary agents and editors. Their blog offers tips on craft, advice on querying and interviews with successful authors, and they accept guest posts on topics ranging from marketing to conferences to writing inspiration.

Your submission must be original and unpublished, and should be a maximum of 600 words. Paste it in the body of an email to info@wrelief.com, include your bio and answer this question: “What major thing will readers learn from your article?”

For more, follow their guidelines and learn from these popular posts:

3. Writing Forward

Calling all fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction writers! Writing Forward wants to share your advice on crafting great writing, and they’re open to submissions whether or not you’ve been published elsewhere.

Popular posts on Writing Forward include:

There’s no compensation for guest posts, but you’re free to include links to your own blog in your post and bio. Note that commercial or spammy backlinks will not be published.

Interested? Check out Writing Forward’s guidelines and send a query in the body of your email to founder and editor Melissa Donovan at melissa@writingforward.com.

4. Live Write Thrive

Novelist and writing coach C.S. Lakin shares advice on storytelling, writing inspiration and promoting your book. She accepts guest posts related to her “Writing for Life” category and specifically looks for posts that will “encourage, help or instruct writers” to better their craft and share their work.

Popular guest posts on LWT include:

Review the guidelines and pitch your ideas through the site’s contact form before writing a post. Note that LWT only runs guest posts once a week and has a long lead time, so you’ll want to get in touch early if you have a specific time frame in mind.

5. Funds For Writers

C. Hope Clark runs Funds For Writers, a site dedicated to helping writers earn more money for their work. Each weekly newsletter features a note from Hope, news and opportunities in the writing world, and you guessed it — a guest post. FFW focuses on paying markets, grants, contests, writing jobs, publishers and agents; this is not the place to submit posts about writing craft or character development.

Guest posts should share your best advice and success stories about building a writing business, breaking into a high-paying niche or unusual ways to earn an income through writing. Recent examples of guest newsletter posts include:

Since guest posts are shared in a newsletter, Hope is looking for tight, concise submissions: 600 words, max. Review the guidelines and send your ideas to Hope at hope@fundsforwriters.com.

6. Writers Helping Writers

Run by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, Writers Helping Writers is a resource for writers interested in craft, publishing and marketing. To be accepted, guest posts need to share fresh, practical information that helps writers develop their writing, connect with audiences and improve their promotion strategies.

Guest posts that have done well include:

Ready to submit your ideas? Check out their guidelines and submit your suggestions through this form.

7. Pen & Muse

Pen & Muse calls itself “a writer’s haven, for writers of all ages and genres.” A team of Muses, led by Kristen Jett and Jolene Haley, shares advice on the world of writing and publishing, including advice on marketing, branding, craft, self-publishing and more.

Popular posts on the blog include:

If you’re interested in submitting to Pen & Muse, make sure your work is original and unpublished. For inspiration, consider adding your voice to one of their featured series: How I Plot, What I learned from [Your Most Recently Published Book] or [Title of Your Last Manuscript], My Favorite Editing Trick, or Adding Depth To Your Characters.

Read the rest of the guidelines, then submit your idea through the contact form on the same page. They’re scheduling up to three months in advance, so be sure to send your idea in early if you have a specific run date in mind.

For more information on sites that accept guest posts, be sure to follow our series of Guest Blogging Spotlights.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get pitching!

Have you submitted a guest post on any of these sites?

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Heather van der Hoop is a senior editor at The Penny Hoarder and was previously assistant editor of The Write Life. Outside of work, she can usually be found playing Jeopardy!, reading about the latest scientific advances and climbing rocks, mountains, and trees.... .

Heather van der Hoop | @heathervdh

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  1. AWESOME information, Heather. I actually submitted a guest-post idea to Live, Write, Thrive this week, so we’ll see. Some of these, I’ve never heard of and can’t wait to check them out. Thank you!

  2. Great list! I have also written similar articles in my blog, mostly websites that pay you for your guest post submissions and allow one to have a backlink or two to their own blog/website.

  3. I also accept guest posts from established writers and bloggers who can prove they have expertise in their topic and show me they have some writing credentials. I have two blogs, http://www.writenonfictionnow.com and http://www.howtoblogabook.com (also takes general blogging posts). Submit with bio, specific info on what makes you qualified to write the post, post title and details of what you will include in the post and how it will benefit my readers. All posts most provide value to my readers, who are either aspiring or published nonfiction writers or writers and entrepreneurs blogging and blogging books. How to posts are super even if they include personal experience. Send to Nina (at) ninaamir (dot) com.

  4. What a great post. Thanks! I also LOVE guest posts, especially by authors with books coming out. Guidelines here: http://www.writenowcoach.com/resources/authors.html

  5. This is such a great list – thank you Heather! I will check these out.
    I too am looking for guest posters on any aspect of fiction, publishing, non-fiction. Writing tips and how to articles are especially welcomed. I am particularly interested in the genre of memoir writing. Please send a brief introduction and what makes you qualified to write for my site, Giving Voice to Your Story – http://www.GivingaVoicetotheVoicelessBook.com. Authentic and real experiences are especially welcomed.
    Please send to sassondorit (at) gmail (dot) com.

  6. Thanks for the list, Heather. Some valuable information. I’d like to add that my music site http://www.Riffraf.net has an ongoing series entitled, “Writers and Music.” In “Writers and Music,” writers discuss the influence music has had on their writing.

  7. Dorit Sasson says:

    I just received responses from the places that were posted here and they are not accepting any more guest posts as their editorial calendar is now full. Wow!

    • Every site listed?? Wow.

      I’ve blogged twice for Be a Freelance Blogger – Sophie and Lauren are fantastic people.

    • Hi Dorit,

      Thanks for the heads up. Can you let me know which sites you’re referring to so I can add a note to the post?

      TWL Assistant Editor

      • Hi, Heather,
        I didn’t click on the “notify me of follow-up comments by email
        option so I didn’t see your response. What I was referring to was for “Writer’s Relief:

        Thanks so much for getting in touch to inquire about writing for our blog. We’re honored by your interest.

        Alas, we’re (quite unexpectedly) inundated with submissions from guest bloggers, so our editorial calendar is quite full.

        Thank you for your patience!

  8. Hi Heather!

    Thank you so much for including Pen & Muse! 🙂

    Love your site.


  9. Tansingh says:

    Dear Heather, thanks for the post i like it. My problem is that At times i write so terrific that the “keys of the board” pop out to save themselves from my atrocities. and sometimes i write great, as the people who matter. tell me. but o dont know how or when i start writing great and that too without knowing. Is there way to convert “art” into “science” how can i rate my work while doing and how i know the performance. yes, language is my limitation but with every access to everu info, it doesnt bother me much. is there any site that can teach us how to ewrite while paying for being published?

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE – thank you!


  11. Hi, we also offer guest post in our tech site. requested you to add our site in your list. http://www.wikifo.com

  12. davidjohn12 says:

    Hi, we also post guest post requested you to add our site in your list. http://www.blogtiz.com

  13. Excellent site you

  14. Great list. We have a product review blog and are happy to accept guest blogs to help out writers.


    Hopefully it makes your next list!

  15. that is super good article about bloging , so good

  16. Thanks for such informative information . We need this kind of information about our web blog kindly check mine blog and suggest if anything we do for it thanks .

  17. Hello,
    I am interested to write guest posts on topics relationships, women, and career. Can you please help me to write guest posts for my blogs?

  18. Nice list. I will start guest posting Asap

    Thanks thewritelife


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