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100 best websites for writers
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It seems far off on the calendar, but January is one of our favorite times of the year here at The Write Life. It’s a time for new beginnings and new goals. And we want to help you prepare for one of your best years yet!

That’s where our 100 Best Websites for Writers list comes in.

After compiling fantastic resources in 2014 and 2015, we’re excited to bring you the ultimate list of your favorite writing sites in 2016.

Whether your goal for 2016 is to get more freelance writing clients, finish your ebook (and sell it!), or seeing your byline in a major magazine, we’ve got you covered with this list of websites for writers. We want to make sure we include valuable resources, and to do that, we need your help.

What’s your favorite writing website? Which blogs do you visit for inspiration, information or writing-related entertainment? Which sites have earned bookmark status on your toolbar? Who do you want to nominate for our list?

Let us know your favorite sites in the comments. We’re looking forward to sharing the list with you in January!

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  1. Other than The Write Life (of course!), my favorite website for writing/writers is:

    Always interesting, always relevant, I look to it for encouragement, inspiration, and well-written essays.

  2. The Write Life is among my favorites. My other bests are:

  3. Among my favorites include: Jane Friedman, Susan Wingate, Anne R. Allen’s Blog, Go Teen Writer, Michael Steizner: Social Media Examiner, K.M. Weiland, The Thrill Begins, The Kill Zone, and Writer’s Digest. Sorry, I couldn’t narrow it down to just one.

    • These are all great! I totally get it–it’s hard to narrow it down! Thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂

  4. If you scroll down you can insert a year and get from 10 on up to the top 1000 baby names for that year. Great for characters names to actually fit their year of birth.


    If you scroll down you can insert a year and get from 10 on up to the top 1000 baby names for that year. Great for characters names to actually fit their year of birth.

  6. This is a good idea,
    There are so many writing websites out there and i only visit few. Apart from this site, the other sites i visit from time to time are……

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love:
    The Write Life
    Men with Pens
    Social Media Examiner

  8. Beyond Your Blog is the BEST website for bloggers + writing!

  9. The Write Life,, SITS Girls, Submittable (for their lists of opportunities), and of course my site!

  10. Beyond Your Blog is by far the best website for writers!

  11. Another vote for Beyond Your Blog. The best.

  12. Beyond Your Blog for sure! 🙂

  13. Beyond Your Blog is a wealth of information and opportunities for writers!

  14. Rebecca Beck says:

    Beyond your blog is the best website for bloggers and those wanting to get published online! Wealth of information!

  15. I love and

  16. Prowritingaid is my new favorite! I am currently using it to edit a manuscript and I’ve found it indispensable. I don’t follow all the suggestions but it comes up with some great information on commas, overused words, cliches, etc. I am pretty careful with money, but had no issue paying $35 for it 🙂

  17. I purchased Pro Writing Aid a few days ago and have to say it’s by far the best program I’ve used for writing. I’m beyond satisfied with my purchase. It’s been a lifesaver!

  18. Beyond Your Blog!

  19. Beyond Your Blog is a wonderful resource for those looking to getting articles and essays published. Love it!

  20. Sanam Naseer says:

    ProWritingaid is my current go to site. Time saving, helping me learn, especially brilliant for editing my work, this site has definitely been a great help for so many of us.

    • It is a good tool when you want a quick highlight of grammatical mistakes and typos but in my experience it does a poor job getting sentences right. With that said, Microsoft Word is a better overall tool since it gets both right (grammar and sentence structure).

    • Thanks for sharing, Sanam!

      TWL Team

  21. BYB!! – Fantastic site! My favorite!

  22. – Make a Living Writing
    – Renegade Writer
    – Be a Freelance Blogger
    – The Middle Finger Project
    – Jeff Goins
    – C. Hope Clark’s writer newsletter
    – Copyblogger
    – Boost Blog Traffic

  23. Keir Thomas-Bryant says:

  24. has so many great articles and resources for writers! The topics are excellent, and the information is presented in a very efficient format. Check it out if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed.

  25. Oh and of course you guys! And me! Is that weird? LOL

  26. Sandy Grubb says:

    One of the sites I read every week is:

  27. I love Standout Books. #WriteON!

  28. I love! It offers useful writing advice.

  29. Jim DuLaney says: ~ for articles and resources and presented clearly.

  30. I love The Write Life, Standout Books, and Brainpickings

  31. The information I get from STANDOUTBOOKS ( covers everything an indie writer needs to know, including writing, publishing, and marketing.

  32. Standoutbooks will always be my favourite and most helpful website.

  33. bob moyer says:

    I recommend as one of the candidates

  34. Julie Jones says:
  35. Standoutbooks is really great for how to write specific things, like a good fight scene. They always include an example as well, that really helps!

  36. Standoutbooks have been an important resource for me. Their writings are not overly technical, and their examples are always in line with the points.

  37. I’m getting newly acquainted with a few, but at this point StandoutBooks is definitely one of my favorites for the practical, detailed input they’ve provided. The comments provided above have been very helpful to me for adding to my list; thanks!

  38. I love! It’s a visually clean, no-ad website, and the blog is full of great practical writing/publishing/marketing advice.

  39. I’m currently on email list and I enjoy every helpful article they send. I love their website so much I make sure to share with my followers on twitter. A true value for authors!

  40. While Standoutbooks asked me to submit them, I’m happy to do it. You can check my @walterrosenfeld Twitter account and see that I have tweeted their praises on many occassions. They really are an exceptional site. I look forward to their emails, and I go back to their site often for advice or inspiration.

    Walt Rosenfeld
    Slain in the Spirit: Walt Rosenfeld: 9780988434318: Books

  41. Beyond Your Blog is a fantastic site that features interviews via podcast with publishers and editors, as well as submission opportunities and helpful tips from other writers. It is a must for any blogger, and one you will refer back to often.

  42. I really like

  43. I really enjoy

  44. No doubt, The Write Life is part of my list 🙂 Then there are: and really helpful for fiction writers.

  45. I really like:

    There are others but I must get to writing! It’s NANOWRIMO!!

  46. It’s StandoutBooks for me! Lots of helpful information and resources.

  47. My favorite writers websites are:
    writeon dot Amazon dot com

  48. I think Standoutbooks is an excellent site

  49. I love the free email updates from this site – short, useful articles that busy writers can find instant value from!

  50. Standout Books is a good one.

  51. Personally this site has helped a lot, and I haven’t found others quite like it. This is my favorite site.

  52. Standout Books is my favorite, short articles that are very helpful with specific ways and ideas that apply to your writing.

  53. Milan Bakrania says:

    It has to be Standoutbooks.

  54. I like

  55. My favorite is Standoutbooks! They just give the best advice!

  56. My favorite is Standoutbooks! They just give the best advice!

  57. My favorite is Standoutbooks they are one of those rare websites that actually interacts with writers and all individuals who are would be writers assisting them to perfect their skill.

  58. Daily offerings. Always helpful and interesting.

  59. I nominate:

    Great suggestions above! I can’t wait to see the final list!

  60. I nominate Standoutbooks. They have been very helpful in a number of areas and I appreciate the wealth of information they freely share. Thanks guys!

  61. I’m a Creative Writing lecturer and I’m always trying to encourage my students to build up a portfolio of published work during their time as undergraduates. ‘Don’t say you’ll submit to this magazine or that competition when you’ve graduated,’ I tell them. ‘Do it now.’
    The usual reply is cost – which is where the wonderful Cathy’s Comps and Calls comes in. Award-winning poet and author Cathy Thomas-Bryant publishes a list of online, free to enter publishing opportunities. There are no entry fees, no photocopying costs, no postal charges. I’ve tried making lists of comps and calls for my own and my students’ benefit. It’s hard. It’s brain-numbing. It’s time-consuming. Yet Cathy does this every month, regardless of her own circumstances. And all she asks is that we let her know when we’ve had some success, so that she can celebrate too. What a legend!

  62. StandoutBooks.

  63. Hi Marisol,
    I would highly recommend
    love your work!

  64. Celestial Z says:

    Untamed Writing,

    first and foremost. KILLER content and super cool advice.


    The Middle Finger Project,

    this chick keeps me laughing and helps me keep my head on straight.

  65. My favourite is Vanessa Carnevale ( She shares some great stuff with writers and has a really good podcast for writers too!

  66. Untamed Writing. Karen’s course has opened my eyes to all sorts of new possibilities!

  67. Stephen W says: is an excellent source for contest listings

    and is an excellent source for thoughtful articles

  68. Hey there! I really love Karen’s straight up advice over at Untamed Writing ?


    This girl literally delivered me from 9-5 hell and made me realize I want to write for a living.

    Her content is also actionable. I have no words to describe how grateful I am to her.

  70. Yeah Write ( has three different weekly writing challenges, a monthly poetry slam plus monthly guides for fiction and non-fiction. It’s a supportive community where I’ve learned so much and continue to grow as a writer.

  71. Lorene Albers says:

    I strongly recommend that “Standoutbooks” be included in your “best websites for writers” in 2016.

    I have been receiving their newsletter for quite some time now and actually look forward for them to arrive in my in-box. In fact, I save most of their articles in a special folder and refer back to them if and when needed, sometimes just for the sheer pleasure of re-reading them.

    Not only is the content of Standoutbooks’ articles informative and of high quality, but also useful, well written, and of great value to all writers, novice and accomplished alike, who are passionate about their craft.

    So far as “best websites” go, Standoutbooks should definitely be on top of your list.

    Thank you.
    Lorene Albers
    Author / Copywriter
    Mississauga, ON – Canada

  72. My vote is for Standoutbooks. Their website (and their extremely professional team) played a vital role in helping me craft and publish my first novel.

  73. Standout

    Great website and resources and super newsletters that I have found useful as a first time author!

  74. Rina Caballar says:

    The Write Life has really good advice for writers. I highly recommend Beyond Your Blog for its directory of submission opportunities, blogging tips and podcasts with editors.

  75. I enjoy Standout Books. I read all of their posts, and ave found inspiration and useful information from each of them. I’ve also used their services for book formatting and editing, and have found them to be top-notch.

  76. Karen from Untamedwriting.comis the best… this site offers so much valuable information AND she’s funny… What more is there?

  77. Karen Marston from Untamed Writing absolutely nails it when it comes to teaching how to write for the web. Her sassy style, matched with years of experience makes for motivational reading, where you’re actually learning as your making your way through her blog.

    If you’re serious about starting a career in freelance writing, you must check this girl out!

  78. Untamed Writing!

  79. The Middle Finger Project and Brain Pickings are two of my absolute favorites.

    Recent favorites includes Blots & Plots and She’s Novel.

    And I’ll throw my site in there – Witty Title Here (, a community and resource for emerging writers. 🙂

  80. I find Standoutbooks has many interesting and useful blogs and tips.

  81. Carol Kanthan says:

    I find has very good tips on writing. They run courses too.

  82. For children’s book writers,

  83. Some of my favorites are Be a Freelance Blogger, Little Zots, Freelancer FAQs, and Elna Cain. I also enjoy QuickSprout for marketing tips.

  84. offers over 100 articles on writing and book design, plus video tutorials, archived Periscopes by writers, free enhancements to Indesign flipbooks, Embedded eBooks you can read on the web, and plenty of straight talk about publishing.

  85. and are really good. And

  86.…..LucyVHay….gotta like this!

  87. Rachael Howard says:

    My reference for things writerly is
    Lucy manages to give the information in an entertaining way and there is a mine of useful posts on there.

  88. Sophia Tamaro says:, 100%. This one is for you, Lucy V Hay!

  89. is a fantastic site for screenwriters with excellent articles and amazing insight into the writing process — and the industry as a whole. Hugely recommended – Lucy Hay has created a vastly informative and valuable site.

  90. I;d like to nominate Children’s book writers and illustrators tell me this is a favorite go-to site for information and inspiration. Thank you.

    I’d also like to nominate Harold Underdown’s website, The Purple Crayon — – it’s a fantastic resource for anything related the writing, crafting,and publishing of children’s books.

    Finally,, which is the website for Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators — the 22,000-member strong global organization that offers writing workshops, conferences, resources, and more to authors and artists at all stages of their children’s book careers.

  91. TheKillZone is brilliant and of course the Passive Guy and his PassiveVoice e-mails.

  92. Lynda Kennedy says:

    I am now addicted to – an abundance of fab stuff, updated more or less on a daily basis. There’s also a ‘support group’ on Facebook which helps on the old isolation front – a watering hub for likeminded souls. Bang2write is an absolute must for any writer – regardless of career stage.

  93. Here are my favorites:

    The Write Life
    Jane Friedman
    The Renegade Writer
    Molly Greene

  94. Kadian Thomas says:

    One blog that I like is the Easy Way To Write
    Very helpful and has some great tips.

  95. Fiona Leitch says:

    Gotta spread some more love for! Tons of articles on every writing-related topic under the sun. Lucy knows her stuff and tells it like it is, with a great sense of humour too. Plus if you learn the secret Bang2Write handshake (or ask politely) you can join the friendliest writers’ group on Facebook.

  96. I have a few. (it just debuted in October, but it’s already filled with writing prompts and lessons, and good stuff)

  97. I have to say FanStory ( You get feedback for your writing from authors. And there are a ton of writing contests that you can enter.

  98. Nick Jackson says:

    Hands down, the site I visit the most (and this is daily) is

    There is so much advice on there, the only drawback is spending more time reading the blogs than actually writing my own stuff.

    For all aspiring writers – and professionals – I’d say this is not to be missed.

  99. Yay for the 2016 list! I have a few nominations this year. << amazing resource!

    I also write at Thank you so much for hosting such an amazing list!

  100. Emma Gitani says:

    It’s new, but I really love,

  101. and Prowritingaid!

  102. Freelance Writing Gigs is great ( and I also just recently found out about Blog Mutt! Both have some great opportunities for freelancers!


    And, of course, The Write Life. 🙂

    Thanks for putting together such a great website! Looking forward to seeing your final list!

  104. One of my favorite websites from this year is [Writing] Without Bullshit by Josh Bernoff ( He writes often about not clogging up your words with unnecessary jargon, favoring instead clear and concise content. As an editor, I wish all my clients would read his blog. 🙂

  105. I’m in love with a new one called Our Write Side. I MAY be biased because the editors reached out to me and have made me a featured author, but I think I really feel this way because the site combines writing advice with a welcoming environment.

  106. Predators and Editors This website has saved me from wasting my time on nefarious agents and publishers.

  107. Stephen Brooks says: and you get to swear a lot!

  108. Bang2Write is brilliant. Also great about sharing a lot of links outside itself, too. Good advice and some really good community stuff.

  109. – as of January 2016 there will be a forum open for those looking to write full-time, designed to help writers through every stage of the writing process. – Larry Brooks is a no-nonsense guy that outlines what makes fiction commercially viable, he’ll also help review key areas of your WIP to help you strengthen your story. – is a professional site that has multiple writers, editors, publishers, marketers and more that contribute to the content. They provide a multi-faceted perspective on writing professionally and offer invaluable insights/tips. Plus, it can offer networking opportunities or direct you to service providers that might otherwise get lost in the ether.

  110. I agree, is good so is,

  111. I’ll put up against any other travel writing website or blogsite. It’s designed to help aspiring travel writers get their stories published in print media and online. It’s been highly praised by many travel writers & bloggers.

  112. I also forgot to add Lauren Tharp’s web site Little Zotz ! 😀

  113. I use many of the sites already mentioned, but my favorite new site is

    A valuable resource, especially for character development!

  114. Scott Biddulph and I write encouraging, engaging, and informative articles about the creative process of writing at Two Drops of Ink. Also, we provide a forum for exposure to other writers, so if anyone is looking for a writing site to guest blog, please check us out. That’s poems, personal essays, tips, book reviews and information on publishing.

    Thanks for this self-serving, but perhaps informative comment. She smiles.

  115. May I suggest the free writing tips by Bob Nailor at I’ve found them very useful and easy to understand.

  116. My favorites are K.M. Weiland and Janice Hardy’s blogs. Both are excellent resources that basically teach you how to write. I also like Fiona Quinn’s blog…its specific to Thrill Writing and has tons of great tips. Writers Helping Writers is another good one.

  117. I find to be really interesting and helpful.

  118. Katheryn J. Avila says: is pretty awesome!

  119. Lots of writerlicious sites that I dawdle about on:

    Writer Unboxed
    Funds for Writers
    Make a Living Writing
    The Renegade Writer
    Terrible Minds
    Write to Done
    The Well-Fed Writer
    B2B Launcher
    Copyblogger (Rainmaker)
    Seth Godin (not exactly a writing site, but a good example of impactful writing)

    And of course, The Write Life. Thanks for the list—several here I’ve never seen before.

  120. I love The Write Life!
    And I love Susan Dennard’s site:!

  121. Oh, I forgot, another good one: The International Freelancer, always helpful, practical info on the freelancing life.

  122. Altho im new comer for online writing, But i wanna study hard to become a professional writer of the world.

    For now, my favourite website is THE WRITE LIFE and

  123. Lacy Muircastle says:

    Over and above The Write Life my go to writing advice sites are:

    Writers Digest
    KM Weiland –
    The Better Novel Project –
    She’s Novel –
    Allaboutwriting –
    Chuck Wendig –

  124. Any writing problems I have I turn to Simple.

  125. Some of my favorites (aside from The Write Life) are:

  126. Brilliant website, full of amazing information on every part of structuring a screenplay. I use it every day, thanks to Lucy V Hay!

  127. Cassie Journigan says:

    My favorite website for writers is K. M. Weiland’s

  128. – The Write Life
    – Make a Living Writing
    – Renegade Writer
    – Be a Freelance Blogger
    – C. Hope Clark’s writer newsletter FFW
    – Boost Blog Traffic
    – Bang2write for screenwriting and novel writing
    – Scriptmag for screenwriting

  129. I also need to add:
    Freelance Writing – articles, jobs, resources, markets. Great site.

  130. Jane Friedman is an AMAZING site. There is a wealth of helpful information here for writers. Jane Friedman is a must, in my opinion.

  131. I love Build Book Buzz, at Great book marketing advice for authors. Lots of content.

  132. My favorites are Karen Marston’s Untamed Writing, K.M. Weiland’s Helping Writers Become Authors and The Write Life.

  133. I like the write and they’re great.

  134. My favorites are Blots & Plots, She’s Novel, The Creative Penn, and Ninie Hammon. I’ve learned so many helpful things from all of these talented women!

  135. Truth Story Transformation

    Excellent teacher on using personal story writing as a portal for deeper self-knowledge. Highly recommend.

  136. I don’t know of many, but my favorite, other than this one, is wattpad. I write there all the time and it makes me feel good to see people liking my works.

  137. Oh, I forgot to mention Brian Scott’s , which has an amazing amount of opportunities.

  138. I love Stand Out Books mainly because of the great weekly articles sent to me, always worthy of a read.

  139. The Untamed Writer! I love the irreverent but positive and extremely helpful text! Karen gives though love in the best way.

  140. Putri Zanina says:

    I love by Josh Bernoff. He writes with punch and oh yes, without bullshit

  141. Not exactly writing website but I find the below websites very resourceful for travel writing:

    Inspiration :

  142. I LOVE OUR WRITE SIDE! It is super informative, has little contests on occasion, and the site managers are phenomenal!They are very sweet and really helpful, answering any question you might ever have that pertains to writing!

  143. Thanks so much to Robin for pointing me to this post, and thanks to all who have nominated The Renegade Writer! I’m also excited to see a lot of sites here I haven’t heard of…will be checking them out.

  144. I nominate as one of my favorite websites for writers. I read and share it often.

  145. Thanks for putting together this resource!

    I nominate:

    Thanks again!

    Christine (Better Novel Project)

  146. Faisal Pakkali says:

    I have to recommend

    They have some remarkably insightful articles on writing.

  147. What a great resource everyone’s comments are!

    I’d like to add to the mix. It’s a friendly writing community for writers of all stripes. We host a weekly chat at 8pm Eastern time on Twitter every Thursday night. Join us! 😀

    p.s. I’m @TuiSnider on Twitter, and the #StoryDam hashtag is open for writing discussion 24/7 I invite all of you to swing by and say hi! 🙂

  148. Clinton Siegle says: I like the format – she has a great listing of ideas to write for and about.

  149. I am plugging Hope C Clark’s website and most recently Beyond Your Blog.

    And also mine – “Giving Voice to Your Story” – which features lots of industry related advice for authors on how to succeed with the publishing/writing life. I’ve written everything on crowdfunding, blogging your book and blogging in general, podcasting, experiences looking for an agent, publishing models, memoir writing and more. Here’s a sample blog:

    Thank you for even considering this and thanks in advance for compiling such a list.

  150. I nominate these three favorites:

    Better Novel Project
    She’s Novel
    Blots and Plots

  151. My favorites are
    They offer writer’s tip and prompts as well as a forum and more.
    again writer’s tips and great support. Also a weekly twitter chat on Thursday’s at 8pm EST.

  152. Comps and Calls
    Aerogramme Studios
    Paul McVeigh’s blog

  153. I love
    Cathy’sComps and Calls,
    Brian’s Scott’s Freelance Writing,
    The Write Life,
    and Hope Clark’s Funds for Writers.
    Hooray for you all!

  154. My nominations are:

    Be A Freelance Blogger =
    LittleZotz Writing =
    Copyblogger =
    My Freelance Life =
    Writing Thoughts =
    Untamed Writing =

    Best of luck, Everyone! 🙂

  155. They’ve already been mentioned in the comments, but these sites are so good that I’d like to nominate them too!
    1. Little Zotz
    2. Be a Freelance Blogger
    3. Make a Living Writing
    4. The Renegade Writer
    5. Boost Blog Traffic
    6. Hope Clark’s Newsletter

  156. Littlezotz Writing gets my vote.

  157. Comps and Calls does exactly what it says on the tin. Writing opportunities all updated monthly. Brilliant.

  158. My suggestions: Katie’s (K.M. Weiland) Story Structure database is a great resource. I share almost everything she posts 🙂 Roz Morris is another go to resource for me. I love Chuck Wendig’s irreverent style. I’m a big fan of Donald Maass, Dan Blank, and Lisa Cron, who all post regularly. They have a lot of other great contributors and guest posters.

  159. When I started out freelancing, it seemed like every Google search I made brought me to the perfect blog at Her blog quickly became a staple for me!

    I also like Make A Living Writing and Quick Sprout.

  160. Write to done
    Elna Cain.
    I settled for her course cos it’s tailored for beginning beginners. Lol. She takes you by the hand and shows you the ropes.

  161. I’m a huge fan of Elna Cain over at She has a natural flair for writing clean and logical copy. Her positive and motivating energy is an inspiration for new and seasoned freelance writers, alike! You go, Elna!

  162. Here are two of my recent favourites:

    Both sites provide real and actionable advice for freelance writers. And they both share personal stories and relatable content that is truly helpful and inspirational!

  163. Thanks for comps and calls which I’m finding a useful spur and glad to have been given Cathy’s book for Xmas.

    Just looking at the imminent deadlines, I notice 15th Jan Poetry, prose and more. PAYING is only for USA citizens. That excludes me unfortunately but I’ve got other targets for my literary arrows, thanks to your updates 😉

  164. For those who want to take their writing business global, The Jet-setting Copywriter is definitely one of my favourites! 🙂

  165. Elinor Perry-Smith says:

    I’d have to say
    Whatever my writing problem, I can guarantee that Lucy will have an article or download that deals with it.

  166. Thanks for the suggestion, Elinor!

    TWL Team


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