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Image: Editing

Google Docs Adds Track Changes for Editing: Here’s How to Use It

Editors rejoice! This editing tool will change your life. Here’s how to use the new Track Changes feature in Google Docs.

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7 Ways to Stand Out in an Editor’s Inbox

Pitching a Guest Post? 7 Ways to Stand Out in an Editor’s Inbox

Want to make sure your pitch stands catches an editor’s attention? Here’s how to stand out from the crowd.

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Add more punch

Writing an Action Scene? 5 Ways to Add More Punch to Your Novel

Pen, paper… action. Writing a good action scene isn’t as easy as it seems. Here’s how to make yours work.

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Image: Andrew Fitzgerald

Andrew Fitzgerald on Adventures in Twitter Fiction: TED Talks for Writers

How does Twitter work as a storytelling platform?

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Image: Happy First Birthday, TWL!

The Write Life Turns One: Thanks for Being Part of Our First Year!

It’s our first birthday! Thanks for being such an awesome community.

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Struggling with Writer’s Block?

Struggling with Writer’s Block? Unleash Your Creativity with This Strategy

Take your writing in a new direction — it might just kickstart your creativity.

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Ready to get published

How a Writer Turned a Rejected Modern Love Pitch into 3 Published Articles

You put everything you had into that pitch, but still got a “no.” Here’s how to turn a not-so-fun rejection into a positive.

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3 Simple Ways to Nail the Company’s Voice

Writing for Clients? 3 Simple Ways to Nail the Company’s Voice

Varying your writing style for different clients is challenging. Here’s how to make sure you do it right, every time.

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6 Things You Shouldn’t Expect From Your Agent

Literary Agent Tells All: 6 Things You Shouldn’t Expect From Your Agent

Don’t hold your breath hoping for this level of support from literary agents. Here’s what’s not part of their job description.

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Boost Blog Traffic

7 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now to Get More Blog Traffic

Struggling to get eyeballs on your writing? Here’s how to attract readers — and keep them.

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