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author events

How to Sell More Books and Grow Your Fan Base at Author Events

You may not sell boxes of books at an author event, but you can hook new readers and land more email subscribers.

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freelance clients

3 Workflow Changes That Will Impress Your Freelance Clients

Taking time to streamline your business processes can reduce client stress and cut down on your email time.

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The Smarter Way to Set Freelance Writing Rates

The Smarter Way to Set Freelance Writing Rates: Avoid Hourly Work

Ready to get paid for the true value of your work? This free guide will inspire you to adjust your freelance writing rates.

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Content Marketing for Journalists

The International Freelancer’s Content Marketing for Journalists: Review

Want to add content marketing gigs to your freelance income? This six-week course can help you get started.

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freelance writing career

Does Your Freelance Writing Career Need to Grow Up? 4 Ways to Tell

If you’re doing any of these four things, you might just have some serious growing up to do to get your freelance writing career on track.

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Self-Editing Tips: 6 Ways to Make Your Editor Stop Yelling At You

You poured your heart onto the page. But before sending your work to your editor, check for these six common slip-ups.

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gifts for book lovers

Gifts for Book Lovers: 15 Ways to Share and Enjoy Your Favorite Books

For when you want to wear your love of reading on your sleeve: creative gifts for book lovers — or yourself!

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freelance writing gigs

Ready for More Freelance Writing Gigs? Goodbye Elance, Hello Upwork

If you’ve ever used Elance to get freelance writing gigs, it’s time to transfer your profile to its new platform, Upwork.

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writing techniques

5 Nonfiction Writing Techniques That Will Keep Readers Turning Pages

Nonfiction doesn’t need to be boring or stale. Follow these nonfiction writing tips to leave your readers asking for more.

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non-fiction writing tips

How to Get More Clients: Ignore Your Competition and Own Your Niche

Tired of worrying about your competitors’ success? Think about your writing business from a fresh angle to get more clients.

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