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Facebook groups for writers

16 Facebook Groups for Writers You Don’t Want to Miss

We polled writers to find out which Facebook groups they couldn’t live without. Here are the amazing results!

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Stress Less & Impress

Leah Kalamakis’ Stress Less & Impress: Review

If your inbox is having a meltdown, it’s time to streamline your client workflow. This self-paced course can help.

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how to be a successful writer

How to Be a Successful Writer: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself to other writers can get in the way of doing your best work.

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hire an editor

Big Writing Project? Why You Might Want to Hire an Editor

Hiring an editor to work on your book or other major project can help you grow as a writer.

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freelance writing jobs

Writing for Corporate Blogs: How to Get Hired as a Freelancer

Great company blogs need great bloggers. Could corporate blogs be a piece of your freelance pie?

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how to start writing a book

Writing Fiction? 10 Common Writing Errors That Make You Look Like a Newbie

Getting wrapped up in your new story? Make sure to avoid these common writing errors.

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how to become a columnist

How to Become a Columnist: The Importance of Persistence and Practice

Dream of being a revered columnist? Writing columns takes practice and experience to master.

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writing your first book

Writing Your First Book: 5 Tasks to Focus on Besides Writing

Ready to finish your first book — and get it published? Do these five things as you polish your manuscript.

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working outside

Take Your Writing Outdoors: 9 Tips for Successfully Working Outside

When the weather is warm, it’s tempting to take your work outside. Read this before you head outdoors.

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book design options for self-publishers

Free Webinar: How to Design Your Self-Published Book With Joel Friedlander

Thinking about self-publishing? This webinar will show you how to design your print or ebook.

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