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How One Writer Used Crowdfunding to Raise $12,775 in 30 Days

Considering crowdfunding your next project? Here’s what you can learn from a successful book crowdfunding campaign.

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Dear Sir or Madam

How to Pitch a Story: 9 Insider Tips for Contacting the Right Editor

Avoid the dreaded contact form. Here’s how to pitch a story to the editor who can approve it.

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Writer's conferences

Which Writers’ Conferences are the Best to Attend?

With so many options out there, how should you choose a writers’ conference?

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Quitting Your Job to Freelance Full Time? 3 Tools to Take With You

When you leave your office job behind to become a full-time freelance writer, these tools will help you build your business.

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When to Stop Editing A Book

Writing a Book? How to Know When to Stop Editing and Move On

Here’s what happened when one writer stopped writing a book — and started working on her next one.

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Value-based pricing

Value-Based Pricing: A Smarter Way to Set Freelance Writing Rates

Instead of charging hourly freelance writing rates, try value-based pricing — you’ll likely make more money.

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Recurring revenue

Recurring Revenue: The Key to an Awesome Freelance Writing Career

Struggling to make it as a freelancer? Aim for recurring revenue and you’ll be able to earn more and stress less.

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Digital Online Homepage Web Page Office Working Concept

How to Create a Homepage That Converts Visitors Into Subscribers

Here are three simple homepage tweaks that help turn your readers into fans and clients.

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Self employed woman or student working in a restaurant terrace in the street with an unfocused background

How to Market Yourself as a Freelance Writer: 4 Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing yourself as a freelance writer? Watch out for these common pitfalls.

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email marketing conversion rate

Want to Build an Email List? 7 Newsletter Platforms to Choose From

Not sure how to build an email list? Start by choosing the platform you’ll use to send your messages.

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