How to Pitch a Guest Post to Editors at 104 Major Publications

How to Pitch a Guest Post to Editors at 104 Major Publications

Often the toughest part of pitching big-name publications is figuring out how to do it. Is anyone actually going to read your brilliant pitch if you send it to

To give your message the best chance at being read, you need to figure out who to contact — maybe the assigning editor, or at a larger publication, the editor of a particular vertical. But how do you get that editor’s email address?

It typically takes a whole lot of detective work or a connection who can help you out. But now, there’s an even simpler solution: The Big Black Book of Rock-Solid Guest Blogging Targets.

Everything you need to pitch big outlets

Created by Jon Morrow and the team at Boost Blog Traffic, The Big Black Book covers 104 big-name blogs and online publications, for Business Insider and Forbes to TechCrunch and Lifehacker. It even has a whole section dedicated to social media and blogging sites.

Each entry includes a short profile of the outlet, along with links to submission guidelines, tips for getting your pitch accepted, and most importantly, the editor’s name and email address.

Yeah, we meant it when we said it was awesome.

How to get your hands on The Big Black Book

The process for getting ahold of this list is a little convoluted, but bear with us — it’s worth it.

STEP 1: First, sign up for the Boost Blog Traffic Free Strategy Guide: A Little-Known Trick for Getting Your Writing Featured on the Huffington Post. This free tool offers a four-step process to help you successfully pitch HuffPo.

STEP 2: Next, check your email for a link to the guide. Give it a read, or save it for later. When you scroll to the bottom of that guide, you’ll see an orange button that reads “Download Our Rolodex of Editors.”

HuffPo Blog Editors

STEP 3: Finally, click that button, and you’ll see the sales page for The Big Black Book. It costs just $7.

If you’ve ever spent more than an hour stalking an editor on Twitter or Googling different combinations of “Fast Company editor email,” you know what a good deal that is — in fact, we can’t believe Morrow and his team aren’t charging more for this information. Go ahead and download it!

Get busy pitching

With this list in hand, you’ll know exactly who to contact and how to do it. So draw up your guest posting target list and get to work!

Did you download The Big Black Book? If so, let us know in the comments whether you found it helpful!


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