20 Inspiring Pinterest Boards for Writers

20 Inspiring Pinterest Boards for Writers

Pinterest isn’t just a place for jewelry, clothing or landscape images; it can also help inspire and promote your work as a writer.

If you want to spice up your book, find resources on editing, or organize your writing space, check out these 20 Pinterest boards for writers.

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1. Jody Hedlund’s How to Edit board

With everything from infographics, to quotes, to articles and checklists, this colorful resource will help you find the tips you need to clean up your copy.

2. Writers Relief’s Getting Help With Your Writing board

Need help developing your novel’s character? Want to find a writing mentor? This board has everything you need to improve your writing, including ways to spice up your stories.

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3. Kansas City Public Library’s Book-Inspired Crafts board

Whoever said books are boring never saw a Pinterest board like this! Check out these amazing book-inspired crafts and DIY ideas for any type of book lover.

4. Book Riot’s Cover Lovin’ board

Create inspiring and eye-catching book covers for your upcoming novel or ebook with this vast collection of book cover designs.

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5. NaNoWriMo’s Writerly Inspiration board

Make your creative mark with pins on ways to be more inspired, motivational quotes, writing prompts and more.

6. Laura Simms’ Home Office Inspiration board

Your office workspace should be a place that’s comfortable and reflects your creativity, but it also needs to inspire your senses. This board is full of beautiful office spaces!

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7. Levo League’s Productivity and Organization board

Every writer wants to make their lives easier! From mobile apps, to office organization ideas, to creating weekly checklists, you’ll find something to ensure your writing is a priority.

8. Arts and Classy’s Blogging + Content Marketing group board

If you’re looking to publish a book or want to level up your blog, this board has you covered. It includes tips on marketing your blog or book, getting reviews, establishing a platform and more.

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9. Greatist’s Relax and Recover board

As a writer it’s important to nourish your body as well as your mind. Sitting all day is not healthy for your muscles or your mind. Use these ideas to relax, recover and renew your imagination.

10. The Stacey Harris’ Social Media Tips board

Looking for a new social media marketing strategy? This board has you covered with tons of social media advice and tips from experts covering just about every social media platform you can think of.

11. Grammarly’s The Incredible English Language board

The English language is a funny thing, and it contradicts itself a lot. You’ll get a few laughs from reading these Pins, along with a reminder to always proofread your work!

12. Identity Division’s Laptop Cafes board

This board will help you easily find workspaces and cafes that provide the wifi access you need to be productive, no matter where you are in the world.
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13. Elna Cain’s Work From Home board

Being a parent and trying to be productive while working from home isn’t easy. Thankfully this board shares all the real-world advice you need to be a successful freelancing parent.

14. The Work at Home Wife’s Work From Home and Get Paid group board

This group board is perfect for freelance writers who are looking for ways to make a full-time living from home. You’ll find information related to being more productive, getting paid and jump starting a successful business.
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15. Joanna Penn’s Pens, Ink and Notebooks board

For those of us who enjoy putting pen to paper, this board has it all. With these unique pens and journals, your scribbles will be sure to inspire.

16. K.M. Weiland’s The Write Stuff board

For the writing life you’re gonna need the Write Stuff, and this board delivers just that. With ideas for the perfect writing gift and essential food for writing, you’ll find a little bit of everything.
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17. M. Shannon Hernandez’s Art Journaling board

Journaling and doodling can unleash your innovation and remove that frustrating writer’s block. So go ahead and document your writing in a colorful way!

18. Kait Roth’s Books to Read board

With tons of new reads to choose from and beautiful bookshelf “porn” you’ll never run out of ingenuity or ideas for your writing work.
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19. Gina Horkey’s Freelance Writing board

As a freelance writer it’s important to practice your craft and use samples to land more work. This freelance writing board offers actionable tips and advice for improving your skills.

20. The Write Life’s Writer’s Toolbox board

With tons of new reads to choose from and beautiful bookshelf “porn” you’ll never run out of ingenuity or ideas for your writing work.
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Do you have a favorite writing-related Pinterest board?

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