How to Write for The Huffington Post and Earn Money for Your Work

How to Write for The Huffington Post and Earn Money for Your Work

Guest blogging is a long-term strategy. It can help you build your reputation and establish expertise in your niche, as well as lead to new work opportunities.

However, where you guest post has a huge effect on your results. Sharing your thoughts on a blog with a lot of clout in your niche will make a much bigger difference to your reputation and traffic than guest-posting on your brother’s blog that only your parents read.

For many writers, the ultimate guest-posting goal is a mainstream authority publication such as The Huffington Post. It’s not easy to become published on this site, but in my experience it’s certainly worth the effort: Not only did it add to my writing resume, but my first post as a Huffington Post blogger brought in $800 within a few days.

That’s why I want to share with you how to write for The Huffington Post. Here’s a detailed look at my experience, plus advice from other HuffPo bloggers on how to pitch for the best results and how to make the most of your new byline.

How to Write for The Huffington Post

While joining the ranks of Huffington Post bloggers isn’t the easiest task, it is doable. Catherine Alford and others who have succeeded say they did the following:

  • Modeled their post after the style of one of the bloggers in the targeted section
  • Sent a short pitch, emphasizing the most interesting aspects of their idea
  • Sent a complete package, with pitch, author bio and head shot
  • Commented on The Huffington Post Facebook page until invited by an editor to write something
  • Developed a relationship with a current HuffPo blogger by commenting on posts and asked for help submitting a piece to an editor
  • Contacted the editor of the targeted section by email

Huffington Post blogger Lisa Arends advocates reading posts daily in the section you would like to write for, and contributing “well-thought-out responses.” She says, “Keep this up for a while and you may get lucky and have an editor contact you with a blog idea.” If not, at least you’ve built a reputation for smart comments, which may help when you pitch an idea.

If none of the above methods work, simply submit a well-written post using the form on The Huffington Post contact page. It asks for your “final or near-final draft,” which must be less than 1,000 words.

My experience blogging on The Huffington Post

My story is a little bit different; I was lucky enough to have some help. I had just published my book, 101 Weird Ways to Make Money, and my publisher’s publicist arranged for me to create an article and slideshow for The Huffington Post on weird jobs that can become businesses.

In that article, I linked to my website, which had been seeing between 700 and 1,000 page views and earning between $12 and $30 daily through Google AdSense, with an average of $20 per day.

Here’s the traffic and revenue I earned the day the article ran (Monday, August 15, 2011) and the following days:

Huffington Post blog traffic

After Thursday, the numbers resumed their normal range, though my traffic stayed slightly higher, with 1,200 to 1,500 daily page views. But revenue of $531, instead of the $80 I would normally have earned in four days, suggests the traffic from The Huffington Post link was worth at least $450. Not bad for one post!

In addition, my website includes links to several of my other sites, so I’m sure I picked up another $50 worth of indirect traffic for those sites. And I linked to my book in the article and author bio, so I sold quite a few copies that week.

All together, that article and slideshow on The Huffington Post was probably worth $800 in additional income within a few days. In addition, it helped me attract visitors to my sites and promote sales of my book for several months.

It was a (very busy) year before I realized I had not just a post, but my own blog set up on The Huffington Post. I requested my password and started posting occasionally. The results were never as dramatic as that first post, but I did see increased traffic and book sales. And best of all, the editors never objected to my posts containing relevant links to my own websites.

How to Earn Money by Writing for Free

While The Huffington Post does not generally pay its bloggers, as my experience demonstrates, it’s still possible to earn cash by writing for free. Here are the strategies I used:

Include specific, valuable links

To start, be strategic when choosing links to include in your author bio. For example, if you’ve written a book or created a course, link to that. If you’re a freelance writer, you’ll want to link to your writer website or online portfolio. If you’ve monetized a website with affiliate products or pay-per-click advertising, link to it.

In addition, if any of these links are relevant to your post’s content, include them on related anchor text in the body of your post. I’ll reiterate: the links must be relevant. If they’re not, the editors will likely remove them.

Aim for the front page

For these links to be valuable, a lot of people need to see and click them, which means you’ll need a lot of readers. I was a extremely lucky with my first post; it was featured on the front page of the HuffPost Small Business section, which brought in a ton of readers. Later posts never approached that level of traffic.

With these results in mind, it can’t hurt to aim for this special treatment. Look at what’s being shared on your targeted section’s front page. Are the featured articles controversial or fun? Are they short or long? Do they have shocking titles?

Many big names blog on The Huffington Post, so competition for better placement is tough. When former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich’s post is on the front page of the Politics section, yours isn’t likely to push his aside. On the other hand, he doesn’t write every day. If you’re working in a section with fewer big names, you might have an even better chance to get a good post featured. Study your targeted section to learn the famous bloggers in your niche and how often they post.

Share your post as much as possible

Promote your post to your own networks to direct as much traffic to it as possible, as you would with any guest post. Share it with your Facebook and Twitter followers, write a short blurb about it on your blog or email it to your newsletter subscribers.

With a bit of luck, your HuffPo post might even go viral. Blogger Catherine Alford was lucky enough to see her recent post blow up:

[It] went hugely viral with more than 220,000 likes and 43,000+ shares. That viral post also led to me getting interviewed on Huffington Post Live, which led to tons of emails and new readers. There’s no doubt that it’s beneficial to any writing career to be an author there.

Whether or not your post goes viral, you’ll at least point a few new readers toward your site and offerings and add “Huffington Post Blogger” to your resume.

If you’ve been published on The Huffington Post, how did you do it and what results did you see? If you haven’t, would you like see your byline there?

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  • Alicia Rades says:

    Thanks for this info! I’ve always wanted to write for the Huffington Post but have never come up with a good idea that I think would work there.

    • If you don’t have good ideas, you shouldn’t write.

      • Alesya says:

        Andreas, that’s almost like saying, ”if you don’t have strong lungs, you shouldn’t breathe.”

        Alicia, often ideas come once you start writing. The more you write, the more ideas you’ll have. Ideas seem to feed off of each other. 🙂

    • Unfortunately it is difficult to get your article on Huffington Post. You sometimes think you are the only one that has the idea of sending articles, but sometimes you are possible one in thousands of articles sent everyday. But hay, keep trying you’ll never know.

  • Lizzie says:

    I blog for The Huffington Post – usually in the travel section. I simply sent across an idea for a post and they set me up my own account almost immediately – I was actually surprised how easy it was so, anyone who’s debating whether they can do it or not, seriously, do it! I often get new readers from my posts there and of course it’s great to have it on my writing CV, but I need to hone down my strategy more in terms of earning revenue from it… That’s one of my goals for the new year!

    • Misty Griffin says:

      Hello Lizzie
      I do not mean to bother you but i had a question i was hoping maybe you could help me with. I just published my book( Tears of the silenced) and i was wanting to submit an article to huffinton post.
      Not like a book review but as an actual article about sexual abuse among the Amish( I am ex Amish) Of course i would have a link at the very end g0ing to my book but other than that it would be an actual article that details the inner workings of the Amish church and what Amish abuse victims must face on a daily basis.
      I am making my life’s mission to raise awareness about this subject. I was just wondering if you knew what department or anyone in particular that I could contact about publishing such an article.
      I would be so grateful for your help in this matter and appreciate you taking the time to read this.
      Misty Griffin

      • Lizzie says:

        Hi Misty,

        No bother at all!

        I’m not certain from your message if you want to sign up for a blogging account on the HP to publish the article, or whether you want to pitch it to the ‘main news’ part of the site. I have only submitted blogs, so I can only give you my view from that perspective – all bloggers have to submit the same way initially (bear in mind that I write for the UK version so this might be slightly different for US but I’m sure it’ll be pretty similar). At the bottom of every page there is a ‘contact us’ button with an email address for blog pitches (the UK email address is

        Everyone who wants to submit a post has to do it this way – the editors decide which section of the site it fits into best (though you can suggest one in the publishing stages).

        Like I said, I haven’t had experience pitching ‘proper’ news articles with them so can’t really offer any advice on this – though it looks like you have a strong hook and story so a traditional pitch is probably the way forward.

        I’m so sorry I can’t be of any more help, but I hope this answers a few questions you might have!

        • Rebecca says:

          I know this is a while ago but I just sent a submission to the above address. I hope it’s still the right one!

        • Rebecca says:

          WOW! It’s now 5 minutes later and got an acceptance AND log-in details!! Thanks!! People, use this email address to get on HuffPo UK!

          • Julie Igel says:

            Hi Rebecca,

            What were the steps you took? Im excited for you that you had such a quick response. I too am interested in writing articles/blogs for the HP. Trying to narrow down what I want to start with. I have so many ides. I am a homeopath and want to write some articles for healthy living, but at the same time wish to write some satirical articles just about life in general. Thanks Rebecca, or anyone else who can point me in the right direction.

        • George Ngigi says:

          Hello Lizzie, l would wish to be a Huffington Post blogger like you. However, l do not know if the financial rewards if any, are worth the effort. I work full time for a language teaching centre which leaves me with little room for blogging though l have a passion for blogging. Please, if you wish to have my contact, here l am. Your informed advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

    • HI Lizzy,

      So it is two years later, are you writing for pay now? I love the idea of travel writing. I will have to find some of your blogs.

      Writing for the Post is a wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations. Wishing you much more success. Have a fabulous career as a writer and traveler.

      Peace Brenda

    • Emily Massey says:

      How did you send your idea for a blog to the post?

    • Nikhil says:

      Hi Lizzie,
      I am a struggling writer from India. I got into writing by chance and ever since I feel it was a big mistake. I am right now in a stage where I am not getting hired anymore and my age has advanced.
      I would like to post just one blog on HP. Just want to try one last time.
      My doubt is, how do I improve my writing for HP?

      Is there any easy way to write better for native English clients?

      I haven’t found any success in my own country due to the high racism running among the writing circle.

      That’s why I thought perhaps the HP website might be different.

      I have always loved reading the delightful content in the HP website.

      Hoping to read your reply.


      • Charushila says:

        Hey Nikhil,
        I cannot understand why you say that there is racism here in India in the writing circle! And age should not matter at all. I suggest you try writing for websites that have good reputation regarding prompt publishing, high rate of article acceptance, prompt payment, and author recognition.
        Wish you all the best!

  • Marcy McKay says:

    Your timing is perfect, Steve. Just LAST NIGHT, I was reading a Huffington Post article by my friend, Greg Garrett. Afterward, I thought…hmmm, I’d like to write for the HP someday. I should look into how to do it.

    And here you are. Life is both beautiful and bizarro. Great info. Thanks!

  • Great to aim high, but the best to get started somewhere before pitching the Huffington Post.
    I’ve found you can build exposure and experience with a good personal Blog platform and newsletter, then make the most of every opportunity. Be selective, but not too dismissive of less than famous Bloggers. Maybe your brother has a good relevant audience that includes more than Mom!

  • Erica says:

    THANK YOU. Figuring this out has been on my to-do list for far too long.

  • Jacob McMillen says:

    How were you earning $30 a day for 1,000 page views? Is that normal, cause it’s not what I’ve been getting.

    • It varies and has dropped a bit in the years since; last month it was $23 per 1,000, for example. It depends on the niche. Money sites get high-value clicks, while a poetry site I used to have made a tenth as much. Of course, you may have noticed that the rush of traffic was less valuable — a lot of people take a quick look and leave.

      • Is this just from using adsense, or do you have other ad… things that you are using to make that revenue?

        Thank you for the post. I recently started an online magazine and it has been an uphill battle. I’m having to learn every aspect. It’s not primarily a revenue source, but I really need to bring in revenue to build it and try to fulfill the mission statement. Thank you.

    • Nikhil says:

      Hi Jacob McMillen,

      I am struggling writer trying to get a job as a writer. I have a blog from 2004 however, I haven’t made anything from it, not even a cent. It has been only zero earnings. The blog is, could you tell me how you managed to get earnings through blogs?


  • Jamie says:

    I’ve been interested in potentially writing for HuffPo for a while but was not sure how to even go about it. This gives pretty clear advice and I appreciate that! Do I understand correctly that a person would need to have Adsense (or another ad network) already engaged for this venture to be directly financially beneficial?

    • You just need some way to get value from the traffic you get. I sold my books too, but AdSense is an easy way to monetize a website/blog. You could also recommend your favorite products/books using affiliate links to make commissions — and yes you would need to have those ready before you posted on HuffPo.

  • Thank you so much for this information! I started blogging this year and I am learning so much! I will follow your tips and perhaps someday I can blog for the Huffington Post, too.

  • Hi Steve,

    Great post!

    I have been putting off and off submitting an article to Huffington Post, but your post here has inspired me to do so real soon. I have already written for sites like and and I am looking forward to adding Huffington Post to the list of major publications that I have written for.

    Thanks again!

  • Tracy L says:

    This is a great post, thanks for the information. I’ve always been interested in pitching HuffPo but wasn’t exactly sure how it worked. Will add this to my goals for 2015.

  • Ud says:

    Hey, Steve, writing for Huffington is such a great opportunity you have cash. However, I want to know one thing I am having a page views base of 1k-1500k daily for my automobile blog. I’ve not registered for Adsense so far but seeing your revenue generation of $10-12 with more or less same views is no bad at all. But, my website is based out of India, so if I register for it now will my revenue generation be less due to less CPM?

  • Thanks so much for this article Steve. I just had my first post published in the Huffington Post and what you have written inspires me to continue writing and posting there. I write for pleasure and to inspire others however I often thought it was a bit frivolous to write and that I “should” be focusing solely on directly income generating activities. Your article has given me the inspiration I needed to continue.

  • Tanner Moody says:

    I had just clicked away from Catherine Alford’s post when I found this and the two compliment each other nicely. Two very different experiences, though with one ultimate goal. I appreciate the the thought put out regarding those wearing different shoes and I certainly feel a sense of hope for my own future endeavors with HuffPo in mind. Thank you for the insight!

  • Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I’ve been “dying” to get on the Huffington Post and wasn’t sure how to approach it. Great strategies here 🙂

  • Someone on Facebook commented that writers on HP are paid now, and as I have been haranguing them for years, calling them a content farm that doesn’t even always link to real news sources, and is an example of the worst treatment to writers, by never paying, I was intrigued enough to look this up.

    I still don’t have an answer as to whether they pay cash now, like a professional company should, but Steve’s article was interesting anyway, and did give me a new way to look at the business model.

    In my experience writing for group blogs (Psychology Today), revenue for ads has dropped almost 2/3, so I was surprised to see Steve’s numbers of income from traffic. Still he did benefit, so this is encouraging for all.

  • Brittney says:

    Great post! This was very helpful! Much success to you!

  • Aspen Jay says:

    I have been wondering how people went about doing this. Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

  • Eric Miranda says:

    I am the content manager for College Blog News and we are also looking for talented young writers. Feel free to send an email to our staff through our site’s contact page. You may also reach out to me directly at emiranda AT with a sample of your work and/or stories that you’re interested in working on.

    Eric Miranda

  • Waqar Ahmed says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the informative post.
    Is there no way to have email address of the editor at Huffington Post? What if somebody says that he will give me email addresses of the editors for $7. Should I believe him?
    Thanks and best regards,

  • Samantha Stauf says:

    I’ve been blogging for a while now, so I know some aspects of making connections with editors. It was great to see a very thorough account from someone who’s been there. I would have never thought to include the bio and headshot from the outset. Thanks!

  • Hi Steve,

    Very nice piece of writing! I loved the tips. I will try to follow the same.


  • Al Amin says:

    Thanks for share your idea. Now I will have take a chance for guest blog on huffingtonpost. Can I go with any cleaning service topics? hope to reply.

  • Fiona Allen says:

    Love to read your writing rules. I will try to follow your instruction! thankyou..

  • Valamere says:

    Thanks, Steve for sharing!

    You have given simple and strategic ways to blog for the best.

    I’ll give it a try and hoping for the best!

  • Bonny says:

    Hey, I’d also suggest sending through the blog post itself. I wrote a post with HP in mind and then pitched it with the full article attached. They got back to me within a few hours with an invite to join their community of bloggers. I thought they might have liked how I pitched and then had the piece good to go as well!

  • Angela says:

    Will you take a look at my blog and tell me what my niche is and what my target population should be

  • chapatti says:

    i really want to learn how to submit either a link or post an article on Huffington Post. Someone please help

  • Thanks for the great idea. What kind of articles do they accept?

  • Patty says:

    Thank you for the advice Steve and everyone that commented useful tips! I just started looking for ways to make money from home as a new mom. With my hubby’s help I started a blog to get my feet wet and to publicly journal my experience with endometriosis. I will have to add this to one of my 2016 goals! 🙂

  • Denise says:


    I followed Catherine Alford’s advice (apart from modelling my blog of someone else’s, which I’m too lazy to do) and was fortunate enough to get signed up as a contributor straight away.

    Have since been in touch with Catherine and she’s lovely.

  • C.R. says:

    This was a great article, straight forward with actual numbers.

    I quit my job at J.P.Morgan a month back to start traveling and writing. (And to Become a pilot, which would be my main source of income.)

    And didn’t realize how involved and complex this all is. But I will most definitely be referencing this article as I navigate through this confusing period.

    Feel free to check out my work. In the last couple of months I’ve mostly picked up my followers through social media, Instagram and some Facebook. A little over 10k regular followers through there in a very short amount of time. So I it’s worth mentioning how much exposure can be had through them. (Mostly what I am good at.) but I’m very new to everything else and how to convert all that traffic into some income.

    Expect more of me popping in from time to time.


  • ian says:

    Interesting post. I am especially interested in knowing about the long term benefits of posting on the Huffington post. I have read that links from authoritative sites tend to boost your rankings.

    I noticed you said you got a traffic boost ranging from 2-8,000 visitors over 4 days and I am wondering if those links from their site actually did improve your rankings in the long term? Did your general search traffic increase after those links? Do you still get traffic from their site? I’d be curious to know how much. Nice post. Anybody ever tell you that you remmind them of Ted Danson?

  • Jackie Rose says:

    thank you so much for this post, I have been trying to figure out a way to get my blog out there and never really considered submitting to HP…

  • Mushtaq Dean says:

    Dear Mr. Steve Gillman,

    I am glad to contact you, I am a registered member with Huffington Post and my comments have been published here under my name Mushtaq Dean.

    I want to submit a blog on political subject, needing your advice.

  • Dayle says:

    There are times when the clout received, from writing for a big-name publication/blog, may seem like compensation enough, but I still have a problem with the notion that writers are so desperate to be published that they’ll give their work away, especially when the publications are more than able to compensate them for their blood, sweat, and tears. Writing well is hard work, and were it not for writers, publications and blogs like Huffington Post wouldn’t exist. The least they can do is offer their writers something in return, something tangible that can be taken to the bank.

    In my early years of writing, yes, there were times when I wrote for free, and I have written for free in the years following, but only if it’s a reprint and I was compensated for the piece’s original appearance. The way I see it, a writer should be paid for his or her work, just as any other profession in the country.

  • That was really insightful… thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Sarah says:

    Really nice article; thanks for sharing!

  • Will says:

    Excellent article! I am just launching into freelance writing full-time with the help of, and these are some very good points that i have to remember. Thank you!

  • Jen Clauth says:

    I will surely send the request for Guest Post. My topic of interest is Make Money Online. Please let me know the Mail ID.

  • Vivian Lee says:

    Thanks for the tips, Steve! I’ve just sent in a pitch. I hope for the best 🙂

  • rahul says:

    hi steve,

    You are up to the mark brother and I can say that all are actionable strategies.

    Today, I got a new vision to think about HuffPost

    As everyone dreams to get featured on this site and also have the same dream.

    but, don’t know how to pitch them.

    you solved my biggest problem.

    thanks a ton brother



  • Andy says:

    Hey Steve, came across this on Quora – someone seems to have directly copied and pasted your write-up as an answer. Thought I’d give you a heads-up 🙂

    That aside, thanks for an insightful read – will definitely take your tips into account!

  • Amad Arsal says:

    Thank you so much for the great tips about how to write for the huffington post. can you please tell me how can i publish article on Techcrunch

  • Tessie says:

    Thank you for sharing this information Steve. I recently made a post on gifts for Mother’s Day ideas and decided to check out Huffington Post, which led me to your great information.

    Sometimes I wonder how one can manage to find the time post in so many different places at once.

    I work full time, as I’m certain a lot of other people do as well, do you think it’s possible to make it free-lance writing if you are working full time?

  • Dayna Colvin says:

    Thank you so very much for writing this wonderful helpful article. I love the tips and I’m on my way to do a few now. You have a very simple clear easy to understand way with words and I appreciate your knowledge and experience.

  • Matt says:

    This was a great article! I am looking for a contributing editor on huffingtonpost to do some writing for me and I would happily pay them. If I can figure out a way to be an editor myself, I guess I won’t have to 🙂 Until then, I am happy to find someone else to do it.

  • Parvathy says:

    I have been trying to write for Huffington Post. But luck hasn’t been favourable. The biggest problem is we don’t even get an auto response saying its been rejected. So, you never even know if its been read or even if it has been delivered to the right person

  • brilliant post i was looking for similar post

  • Ty says:

    Actually, emailing the editors of a section is not a good strategy. They operate independently of the blog team. So you’re just emailing someone who’s going to delete your email without reading or considering it.

  • Such an wonderful article.
    I am just thinking to start an article on huffington post :).
    But what ever i got from here is really hard to publish .
    Try our best.

  • Lauren says:

    Wow, great post! I just submitted a social media-themed article earlier today and am hoping for the best. I’ll definitely take your advice into consideration for submitting to them in the future. Thanks!

  • nazmu says:

    Amazing ! !

    I’m trying to write an article on huffington post, but don’t understand how to start and contact . Now I get some ideas from your post . I think it will be helpful for me .

    Thanks Steve Gillman

  • Dayna Colvin says:

    Thank you for sharing this helpful insightful thoughtful article. It’s eloquently conveyed and very well written. I appreciate the helpful tips and ideas very much. I’m very thankful to be a Huffington Post Blogger and I am very happy to share my published written content on Twitter and Facebook. Writing is my life’s work and I treasure and cherish and I’m very thankful for it. 🙂

  • Adil Zaman says:

    Its really an amazing and helpful post for us. Thank you Steve for sharing your expert advice with us.

  • Samuel says:

    I am just a young writer…I can help any one who needs an idea on how to be a blogger on huffpost..
    I am a blogger on huffpost and I can show you how.

  • Moin says:

    I think its a challenge to make a relation buildup with HuffPo bloggers, but not difficult. Its may take time but sure it will work. thanks for your nice share its steps help me a lot. good!

  • Really!! I have no idea about how to become a author of Huffinton Post. Thanks for sharing this guide, i’m gonna try this out.

  • barb says:

    Question–say you pitch a topic and they accept it. Is it a one-off thing where they post your story, or do they give you an account? If they give you an account, can you post in different categories?

    Say you have a blog with decent traffic, should you mention that? What if the topic you pitch is not in the same category as your blog?

  • Marc Elles says:

    Great post Steve, fantastic advice in there! I can’t agree more with the point on reading through the content that is already on the site, it is one of the keys for hitting the right tone with your pitch have in my experience! For instance, so many travel pages are going for the ‘list’ type posts these days, some exclusively, so if you’re pitch is a 1500 word feature, they’ll probably just bin it (speaking first hand here!)

    Thanks again!

  • Wow! So much information to take in! Honestly, I want to write for HuffPo myself. Just didn’t find the courage to nod the guys up until now. I guess, I have to give it a try. I have nothing to lose. Who knows? I might be able to get in. 🙂 Thanks for the boat load of information both in the article and in the comments.

  • George Ngigi says:

    I have always thought of trying a hand on blogging for the Huffington Post as a guest blogger. Now the information l have got makes it clearer in my mind as to what the requirements are. Thanks.

  • George Ngigi says:

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  • anurag says:

    sond great.let me try this !!

  • Thank you so much. I realize this article is not new, but it’s still very helpful. I’m not new to writing, but I’m new to blogging, so I really appreciate your insights.

  • dark says:

    This has been an incredibly wonderful article.
    Thank you for supplying this information.

  • please guide me how can i create my personal profile on #Huffington post. i want to update my blogs on HuffingtonPost.. Thanks

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  • sanyukta says:

    Thank you so much, this is very helpful. I am working as a Ghostwriter currently for the money. But I want to write regularly under my name and have been trying to contribute to magazines and other websites as much as possible. but I specifically want to write in pop culture and entertainment.

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  • Nicole says:

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