19 Creative and Clever Gifts for Writers

19 Creative and Clever Gifts for Writers

Know a writer? Of course you do.  

You probably already know writers are a unique breed with very specific interests and passions. Buying gifts for the favorite ones in your life isn’t always the easiest.

These 19 gifts for writers, ranging from the ridiculously silly (“Poe-pourri”, anyone?) to the ridiculously useful (a bluetooth keyboard for multi-device writing), should help.

This gift guide is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and plain old “I’m thinking about you” gifts.

1. A great book

You can never go wrong with giving a writer a book, especially when the book is about writing. After all, most of us are self-proclaimed bookworms.

Here are four books every writer should proudly display on their shelf:

2. Moleskin Classic Notebook

We know; it’s a little cliche to give a writer a notebook, but when we asked writers what gifts they’d most like to receive, the answer was overwhelmingly: a Moleskin Classic Notebook.

These popular notebooks are sturdy and reliable and come in plenty of different sizes and colors. Plus, your favorite writer will look super professional and writerly when seen out and about with one of these.

3. A night at a hotel for a DIY writing retreat

Sometimes a change of scenery is all a writer needs to find new creativity and inspiration. Get the writer in your life out of their normal writing routine by gifting them a night at a hotel for a DIY writing retreat.

Last-minute getaway? Hotel Tonight is great for finding last minute deals for tonight, tomorrow night or next week. Planning ahead? Expedia, Hotels.com and Kayak are useful options for research and booking, too.

4. A typewriter

We know…a typewriter? In 2016? Despite our many technological advances, writers still yearn for the old-fashioned romanticism of penning the next great novel on a typewriter.

The Freewrite Smart Typewriter offers the best of both worlds; it “combines the simplicity of a typewriter with all the modern conveniences of 2016.” The typewriter features an electronic-ink screen with frontlight, full-size mechanical keyboard and document cloud sync through WiFi.

The price tag might make you gasp ($499!) but it might be just the tool your favorite writer needs to defy distractions once and for all.

5. Bluetooth keyboard

When inspiration strikes, a bluetooth keyboard like the Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard is the perfect companion for easy penning on a smartphone or tablet while on the go.

Under $40, this gift is perfect for the writer who switches between devices or likes to multitask.

6. Freshbooks

For freelance writers, there’s nothing more annoying than creating and sending invoices and then anxiously waiting for clients to pay up.

Freshbooks cloud accounting software makes it super easy to track time, create simple invoices, send them automatically and collect payment. It also allows writers to track their business expenses, making tax time a breeze.

7. Clever coffee mugs

Keep your writer caffeinated and amused with one of these clever coffee mugs.

We especially love this humorous one: “Please do not annoy the writer, she may put you in a book and kill you.”

Or, if you’d like to inspire your favorite writer, this one may do the trick: “I write. What’s your superpower?”

8. Noise-canceling headphones

Shhhhh! Writer at work! While some writers prefer the energetic buzz of a coffee shop while they write, many writers crave peace and quiet.

Noise canceling headphones like these options from Bose can give the writer in your life the silence (and productivity) they need to put pen to paper.

9. Literary jewelry

Know a stylish writer? They’ll love this jewelry.

A necklace with a Jane Austen quote. A bracelet that says “I cannot live without books.” Oscar Wilde cuff links.

Whether your writer loves Austen, Shakespeare or Poe, the JezebelCharms Etsy shop is filled with literary-inspired jewelry and accessories for the voracious writer — or reader — in your life.

10. A planner

Help your writer get organized and inspired with the Tools4Wisdom Planner.

The Tools4Wisdom planner “has been crafted through question-driven planning and daily schedules that emphasize on the essential.”

With a focus on monthly and yearly goals, this planner is part organizational tool, part life coach on paper.

11. Adult coloring book

The adult coloring trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

Coloring has been proven to reduce anxiety, create focus and help people become more mindful, perfect to help a writer prepare to hone their craft.

There are lots of different coloring books out there, but we’re fans of this one made specifically for writers. The Coloring Book for Writers: An Inspirational Brainstorming Tool includes simple and complex coloring pages, along with writing prompts and quotes.

And, it only costs about $9.

12. The Writer’s Toolbox

Nerdy writerly fun!

The Writer’s Toolbox: Creative Games and Exercises for Inspiring the ‘Write’ Side of Your Brain includes a booklet and exercise sticks to bring out your inner writer.

Created by author Jamie Cat Callan, reviews for this product rave about how the kit helped them develop new plot ideas.

13. Aqua Notes

When do you get your best ideas? For a lot of us writers, the best ideas come to us in the most inopportune places. Case in point? The shower.

Thanks to Aqua Notes, a waterproof 40-sheet mountable pad, writers can now jot down those ideas while singing in the shower.

14. Writer Emergency Pack

If your favorite writer is always calling or texting you with their writer’s block woes, maybe they need this deck of cards to help them out of their rut.

15. A Writer’s Block

Give your writer — one with a sense of humor, for sure — an actual writer’s block to distract them when the writing isn’t coming so easily.

This block also serves as a puzzle, the perfect distraction for when writer’s block strikes. Oh, and once you solve the puzzle? The block turns into a notepad, with pens included.

16. Edgar Allen Poe air freshener

Freshen up your car with some “Poe-pourri.” Get it?

This Edgar Allen Poe air freshener is perfect for a self-proclaimed literary nerd.

(Plus, according to reviews, it smells pretty good.)

17. A high-tech pen

Why use a regular pen when you can have a cool techy pen?

This LED pen is ideal for late night writing in the dark (for when you wake up at 3 a.m. with a great idea). Pick up a spy pen that records audio and video. This Livescribe Smartpen is an investment piece at about $120, but it saves notes and audio recordings directly to your computer.

18. A ClassPass membership.

A lot of writers are guilty of “butt in chair” syndrome, often spending hours sitting at a desk or on a couch, typing away.

Get your writer moving with a ClassPass membership, giving them access to hundreds of fitness classes ranging from yoga to barre to cycling and more.

Bonus: Exercise boosts energy and creativity!

19. A domain name

Does your writer have their own website? If not, they definitely should! These days, writers need to create a strong online platform to share their work, reach new readers and discover opportunities.

Gift your writer with their very own domain name to give them that boost they need to showcase their writing or start blogging.

Try Bluehost — it’s one of our favorites. You can even test out a few domain names right here:

Help us add to this list! As a writer, what gift would you love to receive?

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